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Something Digital is a collaborative festival, built from the ground up together with our city’s talent. To showcase the awesome local talent that we worked with this year, we asked our epic partners to share with us their digital knowledge and innovations that they are championing! 

Take your time engaging with content below as you learn a little bit more about our Partners for Something Digital.
>> The impact real-time data can have on government operations.
Real-time analytics is the analysis of data as soon as it becomes available ... it allows businesses to be instantly informed, react without delay and make decisions to get ahead of the curve. #PowerToThePeople

Josh James, CEO & Founder of our Guru Partner, Domo, sat down with Victor Dominello, the NSW Minister for Finance, Services and Property, as he shared his experience on how real-time data is helping to transform public services. Click through the image on your right to watch the full video.
Presented by Domo
>> Welcome to the day goggle met amazing lex.
Going digital can lead to highly stressful environments within organisations, as they try to enable communication via omni-channel experiences, whilst competing with disruptive organisations. 

Our Thought Leader Partner, have used digital automation and AI technologies to deliver the ability for organisations to manage this without offshoring assistants or call agents overseas. 

Last year, Google presented the personal assistant that can book your hair dressing appointments. This year, BB allows organisations to fight back, with the ability to manage this virtually. Click on the image to your right to watch the day goggle met amazing lex.
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>> Defamation and online business reviews - should you go 'legal' or turn the other cheek? 
In this article our Thought Leader Partner HopgoodGanim dives into the intersection of defamation and online business reviews from a legal perspective. 

In the age of social media sharing and quick and easy methods to voice an opinion, it's hard to find a business who hasn't been on the receiving end of a bad online review. In many cases, these reviews may be fake and just plain false. 

But can we do anything about it, especially when defamation laws may come into play?

This short article will help assist you to better understand the options available to you.
Presented by HopgoodGanim