Night Nomad 3 Wrap Up: The simplicity of data weaponisation.

We warned you that we saved the best for last, and if there is one thing we can say about our final Night Nomads event “The simplicity of data weaponisation”, is that it was the perfect way to go out with a BANG for this series.
The session featured International Keynote Davey Gibian, whose past and present experiences were the perfect combination for the topic. To give Davey (and our audience) the stellar discussion they deserved, Cat Matson, Brisbane’s Chief Digital officer, facilitated the conversation, which focussed on all things data + privacy + security.
We’re still buzzing from the epicness of the evening and all the digital golden nuggets that came out of it. For those of you who wish to re-visit the night, or if you missed out, we were note-taking like crazy during the session and have collected the outstanding moments from the night for you below.
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>> On the ‘dark side of digital’

We kicked off with Davey covering our Night Nomads theme … which is ‘Rising above the darker side of digital’. While Davey pointed out that the most important resource in the world is no longer oil – it’s data – he also added:
  • The dark side of data itself isn’t about the data itself. It’s about the human element.
  • As we move rapidly in our digital advancements, we’re not effectively considering the risks and we’re not putting ourselves in the shoes of an adversary.

>> On the rapid development of AI + risks

When it comes to our rapid advancement of AI, we are making ourselves more vulnerable to a cyberattack and are posing risks to our digital systems as we leave them unprotected:
  • As AI comes online, this is only increasing the risk [of a cyberattack], because you’re providing hackers with a data-rich environment.
  • We know that software is eating the world, and now AI is eating data.
  • AI is increasingly learning and taking on new functions, but it is also introducing new risks into every digital system. Eg. Data Bias, Adversarial Attacks, Performance Risks and Explainability Risks.

>> On a ‘trust revolution’

Davey introduced the term ‘trust revolution’ to the discussion, and stated that as we move into the artificial stage of our technology, we need a new type of trust that goes beyond cybersecurity alone.

  • I believe trust will be a strong pillar of our new coming [digital] age .. we need to move from cybersecurity to cybertrust. In a way that doesn’t create a robot dystopian future.

>> On the accountability of our tech

When it comes to tech and the intersection of data, privacy and security, we are still very much in a grey area Davey pointed out:

  • What matters more to me isn’t just what happens in Brisbane or in NY. What matters is what happens when the tech is taken out of our hands and applied in places where it’s not just our quarterly outcomes but where it’s life and death.
  • As our systems become more and more autonomous, they are becoming less and less unaccountable for their outcomes.
  • When it comes to AI we need to focus the research – for an agency to use AI, they also need to have accountability of it.

>> On the use of our data

We’re all aware that our data is being used by XYZ, but we are not taking as much action as we could be to protect it and to limit the use of it by companies.

  • We are still waking up to how much we explicitly trust corporations with our data. We think that the government should have less, but we’re willing to give companies more.
  • We can just ignore the facts that our data is being productised and therefore we are being productised.
  • According to companies, you’ve read their terms and conditions [for the use of your data] … I don’t think people really understand how much info they’re giving out or how it’s being used.


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And that’s a wrap on our 3rd and final Night Nomads event! Thank you to our International Keynote speaker Davey Gibian and Cat Matson, for bringing this rare and unique conversation to life, in Brisbane. A huge thank you to KJR who is our Superhero partner for our Night Nomads series and Brisbane Marketing who hosted The simplicity of data weaponisation.
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