We live in an upside down world. COVID-19 Update.

To the Something Digital tribe.

What an upside down world we live in.

No doubt you are all sick of the COVID-19 messages (we are too) … but the reality is that we currently face a rapidly changing world, so we wanted to take a moment to update you on what that means for #SomethingDigital

  • Firstly. The October Festival. At this stage our plan is to press ahead and make the event more spectacular than ever. If the 6 month diagnosis is correct we should be in the clear and we believe the festival will be a huge opportunity to bring our ecosystem back together to start healing and reviving itself.
  • But we are also realists facing an uncertain world. Anyone who knows us knows that we ALWAYS have a backup plan. At the moment we are working with about 13 backup plans for all the different scenarios we can think of. If the current restrictions extend into October, we are still committed delivering ‘something’ that will help support, nurture and grow our ecosystem (Working title: The plague edition)
  • In the lead up we will also be coming up with creative ways to engage and bring everyone together. Whilst we may not be able to hold our normal warmup events, we can still find ways to blow your mind. #watchthisspace
  • You will also notice that our social will probably take a bit of a different spin. We’re still making that up too … but we will probably be a bit quieter on this front whilst we all face very noisy COVID-19 social feeds.
  • And finally, earlier this week we launched a Something Digital slack channel to allow digital closeness whilst social distancing. A channel for our community to share info, reduce cabin fever and support each other. More info and links to join here: www.somethingdigital.com.au/slack-channel.

Meanwhile. We hope you are all well and safe and coping during these stressful times.

Lis and Nad

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