How to elevate your videos for impact!

The following article comes courtesy of Vmation, our ‘Screen Queen’ partner at Something Digital 2020.

Video is a powerful tool – it takes only 10 seconds to engage the viewer and visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text – but you already know that. In fact, 90% of us digital marketers are already adopting video in our strategy. Knowing how to create a great video, however, is another story… and it requires a bit more than a point and shoot camera.

The first step in creating a compelling video is (predictably) creating a solid brief. Similar to all other mediums that you use you need to what the key points of the story are, what the messaging needs to be, who you are talking to and what are your objectives.  Once you’ve got all this down pat, this will help inform what type of video style is best for you:  Do you want to make a high-end corporate production? An animation? Or a DIY style video? Story boarding your ideas from the brief can be really helpful here.

After you’ve settled on concept and brief you’re happy with, then comes in the more technical part… and we understand not everyone is a video connoisseur but that’s okay! To help you get started, here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. Always (we really mean this – always) use a microphone – sound quality makes a big difference to the overall product in your video
  2. Make sure your subject is well lit – more light in front of the subject than behind, avoid harsh backlight as this can make your subject under exposed
  3. Your background matters – When doing a piece-to-camera your background can enhance or detract from our video, so picking it wisely can help to elevate your video
  4. Match your animation style to your message. The types of animation vary widely – there are character animations, motion graphics, whiteboard animations and more! Choosing the right type, will help you get your intended message across in the most impactful way.

There’s a lot of points that make up a great video, we know… and reading all about it on a screen can be exhaustive and matter-of-fact quite boring, so that’s why we’ve partnered up with our mates at Something Digital to bring you two interactive masterclasses.

So, if you want to hit the ground running with video and fill your brain with tips on DIY filming and knowledge on what makes a great animation, be sure to come along!

How to use animation to enhance your brand – 20th October – 1pm-1.45pm
Video like a pro. How to master DIY Video – 22nd October – 7.30am-8.15am

Love video and want to know more? We have a bunch of articles and resources that cover all thing video, over on our website!

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