Content Curation Committee.
It takes a tribe to build a truly extraordinary event! For Something Digital, a key part of this tribe is our content curation committee.

Bringing together some of Brisbane's most brilliant digital minds, the 
content curation committee are working closely with the team at Bright Humans to create a program which will not only challenges your thinking but help build capability within our organisations. 
Davey Gibian 
Founding Team Calypso AI + Former White House Presidential Innovation Fellow

I am a founding team member at Calypso AI - building the tools for trusted AI.

Throughout my career, I have straddled national security and technology. I worked for the US government (Pentagon/DoD, White House, USDOT) at the intersection of AI, cybersecurity, and national security.

Prior to government, I was the CEO of OMG, an applied artificial intelligence firm specializing in unstructured data analysis. I also worked at Palantir Technologies on US Gov’t efforts and, at the beginning of my career, I spent 6 years as a quantitative analyst and investment banker. 
Llew Jury
Founder + Managing Director
Sprint Ventures
Llew is an experienced digital business and marketing leader that's founded, managed and exited global digital marketing and consulting businesses over the past two decades. He is the Founder & Managing Director at Sprint Ventures - growing, mentoring and investing in the very best early-stage ideas and most importantly, their founders

He is a director of, a Saas platform on a mission to help business owners, CEOs and managers get HR confident.

He is also the Founder & Chair of Reload Business Group, one of Australia's leading digital marketing groups.
Leanne Kemp
Queensland's Chief Entrepreneur + Founder and CEO

Using her extensive background in emerging technologies, business, jewellery and insurance, through Everledger Leanne is pushing boundaries to address real-world challenges.

Using blockchain technology, Everledger is driving transparency and trust along global supply chains to ensure the provenance of valuable assets.

With a rich history in innovation, Leanne previously founded three Australian startups including Absoft Queensland, Fastcards Pty Ltd. and the Great Australian Survey Company.
Prof. Marek Kowalkiewicz
Founding Director
QUT Centre for the Digital Economy

With a passion for exploring bleeding edge technologies and using them to create opportunities and solve problems, Marek has extensive industry based innovation implementation experience together with a strong academic background.

His role of Senior Director, Products and Innovation with SAP, Silicon Valley saw him successfully lead teams of researchers and developers in many innovative projects. He drove the set up of a brand new SAP Research centre in Singapore and SAP’s newest, flagship series of developer events, d-kom.
Dr. Justine Lacey
Director, Responsible Innovation Future Science Platform

Dr Justine Lacey leads CSIRO’s Responsible Innovation Future Science Platform; a research program that assesses the potential risks, benefits and uncertainties of future science and technology and ensures socially responsible science and technology is designed and delivered for all Australians.

The program also examines significant policy, regulatory and ethical challenges presented by novel and disruptive innovations and technologies, which if left unresolved, could hinder progress and innovation needed for future science to deliver benefits to society and future generations.
Cat Matson
Manager, Economic & Community Development
Ipswich City Council 

Cat Matson is one of Queensland’s most popular MCs and moderators, known for her straight-talking style and extracting the best from her panellists. Cat is the founder and lead facilitator of Impactful Presenters, an online program that teaches change-makers and professionals how to present with confidence.

As Brisbane’s former chief digital officer, Cat has a strong reputation in Australia’s innovation ecosystems and was recognised in 2018 at the IDC Digital Transformation Awards as Australia’s Digital Experience (DX) Leader. Cat has led the way in open innovation programs for civic improvement with the design and development of Brisbane Innovate, believed to be one of the largest open innovation programs in the world. 
Nadine Zrinzo
Bright Humans
Nadine has been bringing experiences to life for almost 20 years across Australia, Asia, Europe and the US. At Bright Humans, Nadine takes on the role of a lead project manager + chief content curator.

With a penchant for “leave no detail spared”, she brings to our events + experiences strong research, business production and project management skills.

Nadine’s superpower? Curating event programs and then pairing these with some of the most outstanding speakers on the planet. All with the goal of delivering a mind-blowing experience for attendees.