Past Events.

2022 Festival

In 2022 Something Digital turned 5 and expanded into Something Fest to deliver Australia’s largest digital innovation event.


Designed around the theme of Reality Bites, the focus of Something Digital was to shine a light on some of our globe’s complex problems with the view to leverage digital technology and innovation to move the needle forward.


We’ve been good friends and mutual admirers for a long time, and in 2022 we made it official. 


Something Digital partnered with Networx to deliver their series of events for digital marketers featuring networking opportunities + a panel that will deep dive into the complex world of modern marketing.

The Digital Social

In 2021 and 2022, The Digital Social ran three times a year, creating an opportunity for Brisbane’s digital ecosystem to come together in a casual environment – to catch up with old friends and make many new ones.


And whilst the collaboration officially ended in 2022, in 2023 the social gatherings continue with our newly coined … Something Brewed.

2021 Festival

For the second year in a row, Something Digital ran as a 4-day hybrid festival in the midst of a pandemic, bringing together over 1,000 people who participated in 28 different activations at 15 venues across Brisbane and online.

A feat we are incredibly proud of – especially considering the challenges 2021 has thrown us.

2021 Night Nomads

Our current reality reads like science fiction. We are characters in a dystopian novel, waiting for a hero to bring us back to our normal lives. Fiction has become reality.

The 2021 Night Nomads series dared to discuss moving away from our dystopian reality towards a utopian digital future. And the consequences attached.

2020 Festival

Designed from the ground up as a hybrid festival, Something Digital 2020 ran both In-Person and Online.

The In-Person activations ran in multiple venues across Brisbane, enabling our digital community to meet, engage and collaborate whilst the Online experience ran via our dedicated virtual hub.

2020 Riff Sessions

Covid-19 caused chaos around the world … yet one of the inherent benefits of living in a digitally progressive society. We’re not socially distant – we’re digitally close and making the best of it.

The Riff Sessions were a series of 7 online sessions that examined our digital future in a post pandemic world. Where do the opportunities lie? How should we bridge the now and then? How will digital as we know it, change? 

2020 Night Nomads

The internet is a reflection of our humanity. It magnifies our ability to do good, to build communities, to create, to save lives; along with our dark side, the hate, fear, anger & frustrations of being human.

The 2020 Night Nomad Series celebrated the internet whilst exploring the relationship between our real selves and our online personas. 

2019 Emergency Digital

After a disastrous summer of bushfires, Something Digital invited Brisbane’s digital community to come together develop ideas, centralise existing resources & collaborate with others to create solutions to large-scale emergencies. The morning was focussed on the question ‘How might we leverage digital innovation to better respond, manage and recover from emergency situations?’

2019 Festival

Digital is the electricity that powers our organisations and ultimately our lives. We are constantly looking for ways to do things better, bigger and faster and whether we like it or not, digital innovation is essential. In 2019 the Something Digital festival ran over 3 and included 13 separate activations involving almost 1000 participants. 

2019 Night Nomads

Something Digital’s inaugural Night Nomad series facilitated three frank and confronting conversations around the way in which digital technology is interfering with our lives. From data weaponisation to intimacy and our new robot servants, we asked tough questions found answers in all the dark places.   

2018 Festival

The inaugural event ran on November 1st 2018, bringing together participants from all corners of the digital economy including startups, small business and established organisations … specifically in digital roles which foster thought leadership, tech and marketing.