A BRAVE new world

If we are truly going to survive in this brave new world – digital is key, collaboration is a must and we’re all going to have to find the courage to be a little bit rebellious.

When we first dreamt up the idea of running a hybrid festival in the midst of a pandemic, we we not quite sure if the plan was brave, or crazy. Perhaps it was a little of both ... but we can now proudly claim the title of Australis’s first in- person innovation event in the Covid era!

2020 was our third Something Digital festival, and despite the madness in the world around us, it was our biggest undertaking yet.

3 days, 8 venues, 400+ attendees, 99 speakers, masterclasses, networking events, side activations and a virtual hub. We had our minds blown through the content. We finally reconnected with friends and peers we hadn’t seen all year. And we did it all whilst embracing a hybrid experience - seamlessly moving from in person to online elements.

With a central theme of a BRAVE new world this year’s festival was focussed on thriving in the new normal. For in adversity lies opportunity - opportunities to do things that we might have not necessarily done in a ’normal’ world. To take risks. To grow in ways we never thought possible.

Event at a glance

Something Digital 2020 may have been a different festival from the one we had originally planned. Good different. Pivotal even, paving the way for a different style of festival with broader reach, critical content and an exciting approach to collaboration within our beautiful State.

The 2020 festival featured: 

  • 3 days of curated content including masterclasses and side activations
  • 99 Speakers (85% of them from Queensland)
  • 26 Partners (including 1 collaborative partner, 17 sponsors and 8 community partners)
  • 400+ attendees including over 200 in-person attendees
  • 8 venues
  • Creation of a virtual hub allowing participants from around Australia to be a part of Something Digital

Missed the action? Check out the highlights

  • Reminisce on your favourite digital event of the year with these curated keepsakes:

And what some of our attendees had to say ...

SD2020 came at a really critical time for my role in our organisation as we are kicking off a platform build, piloting app engagement with our customer base and evaluating SaaS models - whilst the technical skills are really key, the human dimension is what shone through in the speaker’s content as being the most important factor - as always, businesses of any kind are people businesses. Will be back in 2021. Christopher Hogarty, NTI Ltd
Thanks Something Digital. Your approach to Hybrid conferencing in a challenging environment was inspiring and creative as well as awesome!
Phil Green, Office of the Information commissioner
Something Digital is a must attend for those inside and outside SE Queensland. The digital community in Brisbane is both unique and vibrant. I am never disappointed by the caliber of speakers and I always walk away with an intense spark for inventiveness.
Deana Scott, Vmore 
Something Digital is incredibly inspiring. 2020 was a particularly challenging year and the team put on a fantastic event both in person and virtually. Thank you. Until next year!!
Nicola Steel, JPP Talent Solutions