2019: Rising above the dark side of digital

Our lives have seen vast improvements since Tim Berners-Lee invented the world wide web in 1990. Perhaps we were always warned about its negative implications, however, the past 18 months have marked a big shift in our digital ecosystem - a realisation that trust is fragile and tech responsibility is critical. 

The darker side of digital is here, whether we like it or not.

Something Digital’s Night Nomad series will facilitate three frank and confronting conversations around the way in which digital technology is interfering with our lives. From data weaponisation to intimacy and our new robot servants, we will be asking the tough questions and looking for answers in all the dark places.  

Events at a glance

Nomad 1: The ethics of robot servants.
Panel Discussion.

Robots are here to serve us. Whether they are vacuuming our carpets, acting as companions, working in our offices or carrying out other tasks, we are the ones barking orders. For now anyway. Is this our version of modern servitude? Should robots have rights?
Nomad 2: Exploring the tech behind intimacy.
Panel Discussion.

It's not all about sex robots and porn. Tech is enabling people to be more intimate, create deeper connections, learn more about themselves, reduce loneliness and also benefit those that face sexual challenges.  
Nomad 3: The simplicity of data weaponisation.
International Keynote Event.

Data is one of the biggest threats to our generation. The democratisation of technology is enabling bad actors to manipulate data and corrupt individuals, from politicians (think Trump) to foreign fighters (think ISIS).


International Keynote
Davey Gibian 
White House Presidential Innovation Fellow, Presidential Innovation Fellow at The Pentagon and Founder, Calypso AI
Marley Brown
CEO and Co-founder

Dr Marianne de Pierres
Sci-fi Author
Dr Paula Dootson
Senior Research Fellow
QUT Chair in Digital Economy
Dr Judith Glover
Design Researcher, Industrial Design Program
RMIT University
Ben Johnston

Sue Keay
Research Director, Cyber-physical Systems
CSIRO's Data61
Prof Marek Kowalkiewicz
Chair in Digital Economy
Cat Matson
GM Innovation and Brisbane's Chief Digital Officer
Brisbane Marketing
Madison Missina
Sexologist + Sex Educator
Eva Sheliukhin

Professor Toby Walsh
Scientia Professor of Artificial Intelligence, University of NSW 

What our attendees had to say

The entire concept of diving into the unspoken dark corners of the digital world is inspired. Event 1 was challenging and fascinating in equal measures, the panel answered a mass of questions and created so many more. I can't wait for event 2. Well done.
Rob Hudson
The Simplicity of Data Weaponization for Night Nomads was fantastic. It was such a refreshing level of big picture content that left my mind mulling it over long after the event was finished. Davey was an exceptionally engaging speaker. Well done on a cracking event!
Amy Cook
With a panel of absolute cybernetic superstars in dialog with a fully engaged audience of the best and brightest, this event was the highlight of my tech-event year so far.
Christopher Briggs