Night Nomads 2020.

2020: The internet and its humanity

‘When you grow up you have to accept responsibility’ says the father of the internet, Tim Berners-Lee. 

As a fully fledged 30 year old, the internet has grown bigger and faster, however it hasn’t matured or evolved as much as it’s years would indicate. In one corner we often hear about how the internet is broken, with challenges around privacy breaches, data exploitation, threats to democracy, bad actors.  

On the other hand we are hopeful about the possibilities which lie before us – the internet of everything, collaboration and community, increased affordability & availability of technology…

… likely a digital future we unable to comprehend.

The internet is a reflection of our humanity. It magnifies our ability to do good, to build communities, to create, to save lives; along with our dark side, the hate, fear, anger & frustrations of being human. 

The 2020 Night Nomad Series will celebrate the internet and explore the relationship between our real selves and our online personas. We will examine the good, the bad and the ugly that has inadvertently altered the course of humanity. 

Events at a glance

Nomad 1: The end of truth. Life in a post truth era.

If millions of people say something is true, then is it? What are the repercussions of the end of truth on trust, democracy, free speech and the way we engage with our ecosystems? Are disruptive technologies to blame?

Nomad 2: The disintegration of the digital/physical divide.

What will our lives look like when we are always ‘on’ communicating, two ways, with the internet? When we are plugged into a virtual world, amplifying our abilities through cyborg modifications, or using micro chips embedded into our arms for tracking & convenience? 

Nomad 3: Visions of the internet in 2070.


We might be forgiven for feeling gloomy about the state of the internet. Between data leaks, privacy erosions, ethical dilemmas and unintended consequences, we can easily fall into the trap of questioning the benefits of the world wide web and our behaviours in the digital realm. However the beauty of the internet is also unfathomable. 


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