The people behind Something Digital.
Something Digital is created and curated by Bright Humans in collaboration with some of Brisbane's greatest digital minds.

At Bright Humans, we design outstanding human-centred experiences which build capabilities, inspire creativity and strengthen ecosystems.

Our superpower is our ability to build something from nothing. We create and curate knowledge-based experiences which brings people together for a little bit of magic ... and a lot of inspiration!

In our digital world today, human connection is at the base of all experiences. We view projects like Something Digital as an opportunity for industry and the general public to come together to listen to mind blowing speakers, play with the newest technology and generate questions on how we are engaging and stimulating the digital economy.
The Bright Humans >>
Nadine Zrinzo. Co-founder.
Nadine has been bringing experiences to life for over 15+ years across Australia, Asia, Europe and the US.

At Bright Humans, Nadine takes on the role of a lead project manager + chief content curator.

With a penchant for “leave no detail spared”, she brings to our events + experiences strong research, business production and project management skills.

Nadine’s superpower? Curating event programs and then pairing these with some of the most outstanding speakers on the planet. All with the goal of delivering a mind-blowing experience for attendees.

Made in Malta. Breathes in Brisbane and Byron Bay. Is a terrible surfer and an avid shopaholic!
Lisa Renneisen. Co-founder.
For almost 20 years, Lisa’s marketing + project management career has seen her work in various roles across Europe and Australia.

At Bright Humans, Lisa is the people, marketing and digital guru.

With a passion for facilitating an environment where humans can build genuine connections, Lisa brings to events + experiences a strong digital marketing, project management and customer experience skills.

Lisa’s superpower? Creating outstanding journeys and experiences for clients, partners, attendees and stakeholders - particularly through the adoption of new digital tools and channels.

Made in Adelaide. Moved to Brisbane via London. Good cook. Terrible at karaoke.