Something Digital 2020.
Something Digital will run at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on October 22, 2020.

Run as a one day multi-stream conference. the day is designed to celebrate our digital ecosystem and help organisations strengthen their digital capabilities across various business areas including marketing, business analytics, technology, leadership, customer design and operations. 

Built as a collaborative initiative, the content is curated to challenge and support the entire digital ecosystem from startups and small businesses to government & enterprise.  

Full details about the event will be available at the end of May. To be the first to know about the latest event happenings, sign up to our eNews

2020 Theme. The decade of redemption.
With 2020 hindsight, how do we create the digital future that we need, deserve & want?

As we enter the roaring 20s and marvel at humanity’s accomplishments, we can’t help wonder when it will all come crashing down. From an escalating climate emergency to self-serving politicians, bad actors and endless moral conundrums, our time on this planet is running out.

Can digital innovation save the world? Should it? How can we use our collective power to create a positive digital future for the next generation? How can each one of us leverage digital to impact the lives of our customers, employees, families, communities & society in general?

Time is running out. Positive action starts today.