Something Digital Presents: Emergency Digital.
Leveraging the Something Digital community and knowledge to create solutions to large-scale emergencies.
There is no where left to run. Australia’s new reality is embedded with large-scale disasters that will change the way we live, consume, create and care for one another.

As a knowledge economy, part of our strength is our ability to leverage technologies to manage & respond to emergency or disaster management. From crowdsourcing intelligence to donation coordination or drone technology for aid relief, digital solutions are within our reach.

Sometimes all we need is an opportunity to collaborate within our community to identify the 'easy wins' that will significantly impact emergency management moving forward.

Something Digital is inviting Brisbane’s digital community to come together develop ideas, centralise existing resources & collaborate with others to create solutions to large-scale emergencies.

We might not have all the answers upfront, but we have the ability to open up the space and bring the right people together to create purposeful solutions that will make the next disaster less painful for our communities & wildlife.

Join us on February 4 as we explore the question 'How might we leverage digital innovation to better respond, manage and recover from emergency situations?'

This is an inclusive event - everyone is welcome.
Details at a glance.
Date: Tuesday February 4, 2020
Time: 8.30am to 12pm (Registration from 8.30am. Session starts at 9am)

Cost: Free
Location: Level 2, The Capital, 155 Queen Street, Brisbane
Questions: Drop us a line on
About the session.
The session will be facilitated by Brisbane's Chief Digital Officer, Cat Matson, who will guide attendees through a collaborative design thinking workshop focusing on the question:

How might we leverage digital innovation to better respond, manage and recover from emergency situations?

By bringing together the amazing talent in our digital community, we believe that the combined skills, knowledge and ideas will amplify and generate solutions that otherwise may feel impossible.

In terms of outputs and 'what happens next' ... the short answer is we don't know ... that will largely be determined by what happens at the session. 

If you have any thoughts, ideas or resources that you would like to contribute prior to the event please get in touch.
Note: Due to time constraints and to ensure that we keep a degree of focus, we will not be looking at climate solutions at this session. The focus will be kept on digital solutions for emergency management and recovery.