2021 Program Structure

The Something Digital program is designed together with our content curation committee, our tribe of digital legends as well as many other industry experts.

Whilst the topics changes from year to year as the world evolves, our focus remains on; strengthening digital capabilities; fostering thought leadership and showcasing the great digital innovations found right here in our backyard!
  • The 2021 Curated Program will run over two days with content broken into 10 blocks that will run across two stages.
  • Within each block will be 3-4 sessions.
  • Masterclasses will also run in parallel offering attendees a chance to dive deeper into a selection of digital topics.
  • On this page you can see a draft overview of the program including a sneak peek at the block titles.
The full program will be released at the beginning of August and we will be releasing sneak peeks in the lead up to this. Sign up to our eNews to be the first to hear when details as they are released.


Each year we search high and low for some of the greatest thought leaders, mischief makers and digital legends to join us in creating Something Digital for Queensland! And 2021 will be no different.

Our international guests will make virtual cameos, charged with the goal of provoking, pushing boundaries and challenging your thinking around digital innovation.

60+ thought local and interstate speakers will take to the stage (in real life) challenging you to tangibly create a difference in your world whether you use digital to manage people; are concerned about data and ethics; want to create a more wholistic x digital experience; are curious about how to digitise sustainability, are keen to learn about the business of AI and more.
We will begin announcing speakers from July onwards. Sign up to our eNews to be the first to hear when details as they are released.

2021 Theme: Conquering the Unknown

As we navigate through an increasingly unpredictable and uncontrollable life, we are constantly looking to the horizon to guide us.

This is just as true for our personal lives as our business and professional.

Part of the haze comes from the speed at which we are innovating - we never have time to breathe and adjust. Unintended consequences cause us to question the impact of what we are creating and our digital lives are disconnecting us from nature, reality and each other.

Then of course, there is crisis after crisis - climate change, covid, homelessness, racial disparity, financial inequality, the list goes on.

In 2021 Something Digital is going to jump straight into the deep end by exploring the elements of digital innovation that not only strengthen our organisations, but help to boost life, yield great benefits to humanity and contribute to a future we are proud to leave behind.

The unknown might be daunting, but we can conquer it together!

Other Activations

Beyond the curated program mentioned above, the final day of the festival will see us run Open Studios and the Something School. You can learn more about these activations via the buttons below.