Masterclasses run in parallel to the two main stages, offering attendees a chance to dive deeper into a selection of digital topics. Each masterclass runs for 45 minutes and will have a limited number of attendees.

All masterclasses run at The Precinct. 

19 Oct. 11 - 11.45am

Developing a strategic intent: How to create consistency of messaging across all your content.  

Content is no longer the sole responsibility of Marketing or Comms teams. Any interaction with your customer contributes to the way they think, feel and act.

Irrespective of whether you’re a 1-person band, or an international conglomerate, there is opportunity to make sure the content you’re developing across channels and touch points is consistent.

A strategic intent helps us create content that is aligned to a higher purpose. It improves consistency of message across all the touchpoints your customers have with you - digitally and non-digitally.

In this masterclass you will develop a tool to assess and test existing content across your digital channels. It will be used as a guide to set an intent for all future content development – from Facebook ads to FAQs.
Lily Woodhouse, Manager, Deloitte Digital

19 Oct. 12.15 - 1pm

How to transform complex data into simple insights (in real-time)

Sports tech is an interesting space. Beyond ordinary data challenges, you are also dealing with human performance and training.

Training that needs to change instantly to ensure that athletes are improving each and every day.

Nick brings all these key elements to the table - real time data converted into actionable insights, not only for sports tech but for all industries. 
  • What we measure and why - data in sport
  • How to synthesise information asap
  • Creating and monitoring meaningful dashboards
  • The lead into the golden moment
Nick Murray, Data Scientist, VALD

19 Oct. 1.30 - 2.15pm

How to embrace ambiguity and conquer the unknown: The uncertainty mindset.

When faced with a Big Scary Problem, it’s easy to freeze up rather than move forward, especially in the current state of the world. However both humans and organisations are stronger when they embrace ambiguity.

The question is how? And the answer - design.

This masterclass will help you design your way through an uncertainty mindset to embrace ambiguity and approach any big scary (digital) projects you might encounter. Bring your best self, creativity and passion for post-its!
 Ben Kraal, Director, Experience Design

19 Oct. 2.45 - 3.30pm

How to quickly build an interactive voice experience to wow customers and clients.

There is nothing more satisfying than talking to a device, it understands what you want and then does whatever you asked of it. 

Whether it be for convenience, safety or necessity, voice control is becoming an increasingly common way of interacting with our devices.

Yet the concept of designing voice control into our own platforms can be daunting and overwhelming.

In this masterclass, TalkVia's GM, Lee Mathers, will take you on a journey from a good meeting in the morning to a working voice app in the afternoon which wows customers and clients.
Lee Mathers, General Manager, TalkVia

20 Oct. 11 - 11.45am

How to market in a privacy-first world.

In a world where privacy-first is the future, how you collect, connect and use data in marketing is changing.

Not only this but the changes in privacy by default on the tools we use every day means that how marketers measure success and leverage insights to create better experiences for customers is under immense pressure.

Datisan's Tom Sowerby will share his learnings and expertise to show you how to arm yourself and your marketing to take action on the critical technical and data changes that are (or will) impact your customers' experience.
  • Saying goodbye to third party cookies
  • What does first party data look like in a privacy first future
  • How to build technology and marketing roadmaps that will future proof your business
  • Why digital marketing maturity matters - Customer Data Platforms: Own and use your data
Tom Sowerby, Head of Cloud and Martech, Xpon Technologies

20 Oct. 12.15 - 1pm

Video like a pro. How to master DIY Video.

Once upon a time, producing a great video required expensive equipment and advanced skills. Today, all you really need is a phone, the right microphone and a little know-how.

Join us for this masterclass as Vmation’s Head Producer, Stephen Bergin, teaches you how to create professional DIY videos including: 
  • Why you can (and should) self-film!
  • The equipment you need and how to prepare it
  • Creating your plan: Storyboarding, framing, focus and exposure
  • Many more tips around sound, using the gimbal, planning your shoot, post-production and more.
Stephen Bergin, Head Producer, Vmation