Each year we search high and low for some of the greatest thought leaders, mischief makers and digital legends to join us in creating Something Digital for Queensland! And 2021 is no different.

Our headliners will include national talent, who will appear in-person on stage, as well as international guests who will make virtual cameos ... they all share the goal of provoking, pushing boundaries and challenging your thinking around digital innovation.

60+ local and interstate speakers will challenge you to tangibly create a difference in your world - whether you use digital to manage people; are concerned about data and ethics; want to create a more wholistic digital experience; are curious about how to digitise sustainability, are keen to learn about the business of AI and more.


Genevieve Bell
Distinguished Professor and Director of the School of Cybernetics
Australian National University
Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell AO FTSE FAHA is a renowned anthropologist, technologist, and futurist. Genevieve completed her PhD in cultural anthropology at Stanford University in 1998 and is best known for her work at the intersection of cultural practice and technology development.

She is currently the Director of the School of Cybernetics and the 3A Institute (3Ai) at the Australian National University and is also a Vice President and a Senior Fellow at Intel Corporation. 

Session Block: Building a responsible future
Sonja Gittens Ottley
Head of Diversity & Inclusion
Sonja Gittens Ottley is Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Asana, a leading work management platform for teams. She's responsible for crafting and directing Asana's inclusion strategy, creating an environment that allows everyone to thrive.

Prior to her roles in diversity & inclusion at Asana and at Facebook, she was global policy counsel for Yahoo’s Business & Human Rights Program. She is a native of Trinidad & Tobago.

Session Block: Nurturing Your People
Tech Ethicist and Interplanetary Philosopher 
Mathana is a Texas-born, Berlin-based tech ethicist and interplanetary philosopher who works to create a sustainable vision of the future by developing human-centric approaches to emerging technology and inclusive speculative narratives for human space exploration.

As vice-chair for the IEEE’s Global Initiative for Ethical Extended Reality, Mathana helps lead the world’s largest ethics-focused AR/VR initiative, bringing together industry practitioners, technical experts, academic and policy makers. 

Session Block: The future of everything
Tea Uglow
Creative Director
Google Creative Lab 
TL Uglow ('Tea') is Creative Director for Google's Creative Lab in Sydney. She works with cultural and creative organisations around the world exploring the space between technology and the arts and what can happen where they intersect.

Tea has a history in the arts, a love of literature, and a problem with staying focused. She speaks graphics geek, a bit of web‑dev, some Python, a touch of digital strategy, remedial project management, and really bad French. Her likes include physical/digital, pen and ink, and carefully organised chaos doubt.

Session Block: Conquering the Unknown
David A.M. Wallerstein
Chief eXploration Officer + Senior Executive Vice President
David Wallerstein’s career has been defined by a desire to foster the healthy development of human relationships across national borders, and bringing next-gen technologies to market to increase human resilience.

He is Chief eXploration Officer (CXO) and Senior Executive Vice President of Tencent, driving participation in new technologies, business areas, research collaborations and ideas.

David is the author of “Rearchitecting Earth: AI for FEW,” and producer of the documentary film “Day Zero.

Session Block: Digitising Sustainability
Jen Wong
Chief Operating Officer
Jen Wong is Reddit’s Chief Operating Officer, overseeing business strategy and related teams from Reddit’s New York office. Previously, Jen was Chief Operating Officer and President of Digital at Time, Inc., where she led the company’s digital and interactive strategies as well as its operations, consumer marketing, and revenue teams.

Prior to Time, Jen worked as Chief Business Officer for PopSugar and Global Head of Business Operations for AOL. 

Session Block: Digital strategies marketers dream of
Jillian C. York
Director for International Freedom of Expression
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Jillian C. York is a writer and activist whose work examines the impact of technology on our societal and cultural values.

Based in Berlin, she is the Director for International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a fellow at the Center for Internet & Human Rights at the European University Viadrina, a visiting professor at the College of Europe Natolin, and the author of Silicon Values: The Future of Free Speech Under Surveillance Capitalism.

Session Block: The 2021 techlash: Consumers vs Giants

Digital legends set to take to the stage

Sheryl Batchelor
Founder & Director
Indigenous Corporation
Sheryl is the Founder and Director at Yiliyapinya Indigenous Corporation, a not-for profit corporation using scientifically validated neuroplasticity programs to help vulnerable children, youth, adults and seniors to improve their lives.

 Yiliyapinya Indigenous Corporation's mission is to train, coach and educate people to improve their memory, attention, brain speed and social skills.

She has extensive experience in education at Early Years Centres, Primary, Middle, Secondary Schools in a variety of different positions.
Josh Callaghan
Little Hinges
Josh has been transforming businesses using technology for the past 20 years including designing and launching the worlds first bank account with both variable and fixed interest, creating Australia's first straight-through online bank account opening process, building Australia's biggest online financial comparison site and launching the worlds first digital tenancy agreement executed as a smart contract on the blockchain.

Currently, Josh and his team at Little Hinges are leveraging virtual tours, data analytics and machine learning to digitise the property-purchase process.
Laura Campbell
Deloitte Digital
Laura leads the Queensland practice of Deloitte Digital, combining her 20+ years experience leading digital and marketing transformation with her passion for driving results through inclusive leadership. Industry agnostic (but with plenty of scar tissue gained over the years) she is most passionate about ensuring channel of choice for customers. 

She uses her powers for good too, ensuring she spends at least a third of her annual effort on leading transformation in the profit-for-purpose sector. Her side-hustle is raising a 3-year old feminist, with another on the way.
Kate Drews
Market Director - Urban Communities
SMEC Australia
Kate Drews is the Market Director, Urban Communities for SMEC, leading a diverse, talented team of over 200 specialists across the country. She is Director on the Board of Consult Australia and a Director on the Board of SMEC Australia.

Kate commenced her career in the Australian Regular Army and rose to the rank of Major before transferring to the Army Reserve. After 12 years’ full-time service she became a management consultant and has since held senior leadership roles at a number of professional services firms. Kate successfully leads programs of significant organisational change both for clients and previous employers.
Matt Granfield
Head of Marketing
Economic Development Queensland 
Head of marketing for Economic Development Queensland, and a former head of marketing and digital for the city of Brisbane and Australia's largest hotel group, Matt is a digital professional with more than 20 years' experience.

As an agency head of digital he founded a successful social media monitoring startup, and, after finishing his MBA at UQ and Harvard Business School, is now completing a research thesis on using social data as measurement tool for tourism and placemaking. 
Rob Hudson
Managing Director
Rob has over 26 years in the advertising and digital industries. He is a former director of Greenfield and Icon in London and Y&R and Clemenger here in Australia.

In 2019, Rob launched SpoutLogic; a consultancy focused on the practical application of human-centred design and emerging technology for business, academia and governments, delivering digital innovation and marketing advantage.

Rob sits on the boards of Mindshift, Artisan and the Brisbane Portrait Prize. He is a consulting lecturer to QUT on marketing technology, brand strategy and behaviour change. 
Jessie Hughes
Creative Technologist
Jessie Hughes is an internationally-recognised Australian creative technologist and new media artist, her works having exhibited most notably at Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, Tate Modern, and Cannes Film Market.

Hughes has been named one of Australia’s Future Changers for her commitment to using digital innovation for positive social impact, and has recently been awarded the 2020 title of a John Monash Scholar. Hughes has designed and implemented solutions for tech-giants such as Oculus, Facebook, and Adobe, and has been featured in over 80+ media articles in radio, newspaper and TV.
Ben Hutchinson
Responsible AI Researcher
Ben Hutchinson is a Senior Researcher in Google's Research Centre for Responsible Artificial Intelligence. His research areas cover artificial intelligence, data practices, fairness and bias, accountability and transparency, and system reliability and safety.

His varied approaches to research include learning from social sciences and from best practices in diverse technical fields to inform the responsible development of AI systems. Prior to joining Google Research, he spent ten years as a software engineer building Google products, and he uses this background to communicate across research and engineering disciplines.
Llew Jury
Founder + Managing Director
Sprint Ventures
Llew is an experienced digital business and marketing leader that's founded, managed and exited global digital marketing and consulting businesses over the past two decades.

He is the Founder & Managing Director at Sprint Ventures - growing, mentoring and investing in the very best early-stage ideas and most importantly, their founders.  He is also a director of Advancer.ai, a Saas platform on a mission to help business owners, CEOs and managers get HR confident. He is also the Founder & Chair of Reload Business Group.
Cat Matson
Manager, Economic & Community Development
Ipswich City Council 
Cat Matson is a popular MC and moderator, known for her straight-talking style. An established local government leader, Cat is the manager, economic and community development at Ipswich City Council, leading key revitalisation and development programs in South East Qld’s fastest growing region.

As Brisbane’s former CDO, Cat has a strong reputation in Australia’s innovation ecosystems.

Cat is also founder and lead facilitator of Impactful Presenters, an online program that teaches change-makers and professionals how to speak with confidence.
Anna Raunik
Executive Director, Content and Client Services
State Library of Queensland 
Anna Raunik is the Executive Director, Content and Client Services at the State Library of Queensland. 

A significant component of Anna’s career at the State Library has focused on the introduction and exploitation of technology to enable service delivery improvements and greater statewide reach. Key outcomes have included coordination of national initiatives including National edeposit project and leading the development and delivery of State Library’s Digital Strategy, Q ANZAC 100 Memories for a new Generation, World War I state-wide commemoration activities and the State Library’s new role at Anzac Square.
Cathy Robinson
Principal Research Scientist
Dr Cathy Robinson is a Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO who co-leads the Healthy Country AI research work that includes research scientists, technology and software experts from Microsoft, and Indigenous rangers from Kakadu, Arnhem Land and Cape York. Responsible innovation and digital inclusion are core pillars of this growing program of work that relies on Indigenous-led research that uses technology and Indigenous knowledge to tackle complex sustainability issues
Andrew Robinson
(Earth Guardians Pty Ltd)
Andrew Robinson is the co-founder of the Eureka Prize winning outdoor gaming platform, QuestaGame - the largest nature conservation mobile game (think Pokemon GO meets David Attenborough). The company is headquartered in Cairns, Queensland, and has participants all around the world -- of all ages and skill levels. The biodiversity data it collects is creating an accurate map of every species on Earth for scientific research and conservation.

Andrew was born in San Francisco and is an early pioneer in the design of Artificial Collective Super-Intelligence platforms, with 7 US patents in the field going back to 1999.
Chris Rozic
Co-Founder and CEO
Chris is a driven, passionate, self-starting entrepreneur, who has co-founded and architected multiple tech businesses. As the co-catalyst for the founding of Datisan and CEO, Chris is a key anchor point and agent of change for martech and analytics within the Xpon Technologies group.

Chris' deep-rooted experience in designing insightful, yet sustainable marketing and business tools forms the foundation of Datisan's core experience. As a huge proponent of cloud for marketing, Chris has been an early adopter and champion of the digital marketing maturity framework in Australia. 
Kshira Saagar
Chief Data Officer
Latitude Financial Services
Kshira Saagar (the K is silent like in a Knight) is currently the Chief Data Officer of Latitude Financial Services and has spent 24.7% of his life helping key decision-makers and CxOs make smarter decisions using data, and strongly believes that every organisation can become truly data-driven.

At every place he has worked, working and will work - he likes to go back to the fundamentals, asking people to ask more questions of data and being a tough taskmaster on getting actionable outcomes from data, on all possible occasions. 
Cara Stitzlein
Cognitive Engineer, User Experience Researcher
CSIRO’s Data61
Cara Stitzlein’s fascination with ‘Systems’ has led to a career investigating aspects of human behaviour affected by technological change within different work environments. She believes that by leveraging a range of research disciplines and perspectives, we are better placed to design solutions for the futures we want to support.

Working in Digital Agriculture, Cara’s current research interests include the valuation of environmental assets and using human centred design to promote interdisciplinary (science) collaboration.
Dalene Wray
Managing Director
OBE Organic
OBE Organic® produces the world’s best organic beef. OBE Organic began in the 1990s as Australia’s first and only premium meat exporter 100% dedicated to the production of organic beef. 

Dalene Wray’s visionary leadership has seen OBE Organic emerge as a progressive exemplar for innovation in the organic beef industry and broader red meat industry. She is a major force for improving the sustainability of the Australian beef industry by driving change, innovation and digital adoption at OBE Organic & acts as a role model for the rest of her industry.
Bernadette Stone
Chief Technology Officer
Bernadette joined RACQ in February 2021 as the Chief Technology Officer responsible for setting RACQ’s technology strategic direction and delivering solutions to staff and members across Assistance, Insurance and Banking.

Bernadette has more than 20 years’ experience in large scale business and technology transformation working across a range of industries.

Bernadette is one of those rare technology leaders who comfortably bridges business and technology with the ability to set clear vision and manage all the complexity that comes with leading a technology organisation. 
Nigel Greenwood
The MachineGenes Group
Leader of Team MachineGenes, one of ten semi-finalists worldwide in the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE (the global race 2016-2021 to use artificial intelligence to address some of humanity's most pressing problems, with an end-prize larger than the Nobel).

Nigel has invented novel forms of evolutionary Machine Learning and adversarial AI, with applications in medicine and engineering.

In the AI XPRIZE he demonstrated that his forms of AI can be used in real-world applications, building a machine-intelligent artificial pancreas for the most unstable forms of type-1 diabetes. 
Marek Kowalkiewicz
Founding Director
QUT Centre for the Digital Economy
With a passion for exploring bleeding edge technologies and using them to create opportunities and solve problems, Marek has extensive industry based innovation implementation experience together with a strong academic background.

His role of Senior Director, Products and Innovation with SAP, Silicon Valley saw him successfully lead teams of researchers and developers in many innovative projects. He drove the set up of a brand new SAP Research centre in Singapore and SAP’s newest, flagship series of developer events, d-kom.
Luke Abercrombie
General Manager, Intelligent Transport Systems
Luke is the General Manager, Intelligent Transport Systems for Transurban. He is responsible for technology across Operational Technology and Intelligent Traffic Systems in the tunnels, on the bridges and roads and the control rooms. He also leads the approach to developing data driven insight through innovation in operations and asset management. Luke has a strong focus on business transformation applying data and innovative technology for safety, efficiency and commercial opportunity. Prior to joining Transurban, he held a number of senior leadership roles across media and publishing, electricity and financial services. 
Louise Mercer
Chief Experience Officer
Louise’s superpower is to absorb a lot of wide-ranging information and make sense of it to inform action. This makes her particularly adaptive to change and able to move through uncertainty.

As Everledger’s Chief Experience Officer, she is responsible for integrating and aligning our Employee experiences with our Customer experiences to create the best outcomes for all. Practically this includes customer success and feedback, marketing, people & culture functions – or anything across the business that needs collaboration.
Genevieve Alder
Andrea Peters