Each year we search high and low for some of the greatest thought leaders, mischief makers and digital legends to join us in creating Something Digital for Queensland! And 2021 is no different.

Our headliners will include national talent, who will appear in-person on stage, as well as international guests who will make virtual cameos ... they all share the goal of provoking, pushing boundaries and challenging your thinking around digital innovation.

60+ local and interstate speakers will challenge you to tangibly create a difference in your world - whether you use digital to manage people; are concerned about data and ethics; want to create a more wholistic digital experience; are curious about how to digitise sustainability, are keen to learn about the business of AI and more.


Genevieve Bell
Distinguished Professor and Director of the School of Cybernetics
Australian National University
Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell AO FTSE FAHA is a renowned anthropologist, technologist, and futurist. Genevieve completed her PhD in cultural anthropology at Stanford University in 1998 and is best known for her work at the intersection of cultural practice and technology development.

She is currently the Director of the School of Cybernetics and the 3A Institute (3Ai) at the Australian National University and is also a Vice President and a Senior Fellow at Intel Corporation. 

Session Block: Building a responsible future
Sonja Gittens Ottley
Head of Diversity & Inclusion
Sonja Gittens Ottley is Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Asana, a leading work management platform for teams. She's responsible for crafting and directing Asana's inclusion strategy, creating an environment that allows everyone to thrive.

Prior to her roles in diversity & inclusion at Asana and at Facebook, she was global policy counsel for Yahoo’s Business & Human Rights Program. She is a native of Trinidad & Tobago.

Session Block: Nurturing Your People
Tech Ethicist and Interplanetary Philosopher 
Mathana is a Texas-born, Berlin-based tech ethicist and interplanetary philosopher who works to create a sustainable vision of the future by developing human-centric approaches to emerging technology and inclusive speculative narratives for human space exploration.

As vice-chair for the IEEE’s Global Initiative for Ethical Extended Reality, Mathana helps lead the world’s largest ethics-focused AR/VR initiative, bringing together industry practitioners, technical experts, academic and policy makers. 

Session Block: The future of everything
Tea Uglow
Creative Director
Google Creative Lab 
TL Uglow ('Tea') is Creative Director for Google's Creative Lab in Sydney. She works with cultural and creative organisations around the world exploring the space between technology and the arts and what can happen where they intersect.

Tea has a history in the arts, a love of literature, and a problem with staying focused. She speaks graphics geek, a bit of web‑dev, some Python, a touch of digital strategy, remedial project management, and really bad French. Her likes include physical/digital, pen and ink, and carefully organised chaos doubt.

Session Block: Conquering the Unknown
David A.M. Wallerstein
Chief eXploration Officer + Senior Executive Vice President
David Wallerstein’s career has been defined by a desire to foster the healthy development of human relationships across national borders, and bringing next-gen technologies to market to increase human resilience.

He is Chief eXploration Officer (CXO) and Senior Executive Vice President of Tencent, driving participation in new technologies, business areas, research collaborations and ideas.

David is the author of “Rearchitecting Earth: AI for FEW,” and producer of the documentary film “Day Zero.

Session Block: Digitising Sustainability
Jen Wong
Chief Operating Officer
Jen Wong is Reddit’s Chief Operating Officer, overseeing business strategy and related teams from Reddit’s New York office. Previously, Jen was Chief Operating Officer and President of Digital at Time, Inc., where she led the company’s digital and interactive strategies as well as its operations, consumer marketing, and revenue teams.

Prior to Time, Jen worked as Chief Business Officer for PopSugar and Global Head of Business Operations for AOL. 

Session Block: Digital strategies marketers dream of
Jillian C. York
Director for International Freedom of Expression
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Jillian C. York is a writer and activist whose work examines the impact of technology on our societal and cultural values.

Based in Berlin, she is the Director for International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a fellow at the Center for Internet & Human Rights at the European University Viadrina, a visiting professor at the College of Europe Natolin, and the author of Silicon Values: The Future of Free Speech Under Surveillance Capitalism.

Session Block: The 2021 techlash: Consumers vs Giants


Luke Abercrombie
General Manager, Intelligent Transport Systems
Luke is the General Manager, Intelligent Transport Systems for Transurban. He is responsible for technology across Operational Technology and Intelligent Traffic Systems in the tunnels, on the bridges and roads and the control rooms. He also leads the approach to developing data driven insight through innovation in operations and asset management. Luke has a strong focus on business transformation applying data and innovative technology for safety, efficiency and commercial opportunity. Prior to joining Transurban, he held a number of senior leadership roles across media and publishing, electricity and financial services. 
Dan Barr
Better Cities Group
Dan Barr leads the multi-disciplinary consultancy, Better Cities Group, a market leading advisory service operating at the intersection of design, economics and engagement. He has twenty years experience in City building, project governance and Host City major event delivery. He has held leadership roles in the delivery of the Gold Coast Light Rail project, Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games and Community Renewal program and holds formal qualifications in urban design, public health and project management. 
Stephen Bergin
Head Producer
Stephen has comprehensive experience in location and studio producing as well as directing, writing, editing and camera. During his 19 years in broadcast, he was the series producer of 3 national television programs. Stephen is the consummate storyteller who absolutely loves working with clients to deliver powerful web video solutions that help grow their businesses.
Joel Bowerman
 GM for Strategic Marketing
Joel Bowerman was recently appointed as the GM for Strategic Marketing at Multicap, a non-for-profit that has operated for nearly 60 years in the disability sector. Working in the digital and marcomms field for over 20 years, Joel has founded and exited successful affiliate and brand activation companies.

Joel has recently moved into managing corporate brand and comms teams in the finance, healthcare and disability sectors.
Laura Campbell
Deloitte Digital
Laura leads the Queensland practice of Deloitte Digital, combining her 20+ years experience leading digital and marketing transformation with her passion for driving results through inclusive leadership. Industry agnostic (but with plenty of scar tissue gained over the years) she is most passionate about ensuring channel of choice for customers. 

She uses her powers for good too, ensuring she spends at least a third of her annual effort on leading transformation in the profit-for-purpose sector. Her side-hustle is raising a 3-year old feminist, with another on the way.
Josh Callaghan
Little Hinges
Josh has been transforming businesses using technology for the past 20 years including designing and launching the worlds first bank account with both variable and fixed interest, creating Australia's first straight-through online bank account opening process, building Australia's biggest online financial comparison site and launching the worlds first digital tenancy agreement executed as a smart contract on the blockchain.

Currently, Josh and his team at Little Hinges are leveraging virtual tours, data analytics and machine learning to digitise the property-purchase process.
Jess Caire
Queensland Executive Director
Property Council of Australia
With a background in property conveyancing, Jess is passionate about building valuable industry partnerships, creating innovative solutions to meet business and technological challenges, effectively leading teams to achieve organisational outcomes through efficiency and collaboration. Highly skilled in managing large-scale projects from concept to completion, Jess was previously Executive Manager, Stakeholder Engagement (QLD) at PEXA, leading transformational change in the legal industry to widely adopt a digital platform to settle properties, in an otherwise traditional paper led sector.  
Catherine Caruana-McManus
Co-Founder and Director
As a global leader in smart sustainable cities and digital transformation, Catherine has been awarded prestigious industry awards including the IoT Ambassador Award and Smart Cities Industry Leader by Smart Cities Council.

Prior to Meshed, Catherine was the Director of Smart Cities and Industries for IBM and has held other Executive positions for KPMG, MC2 Consulting, Telstra and PMP Communications. 
Tim Cochrane
Head of Experience & Marketing
Goodstart Early Learning
Tim Cochrane is Goodstart Early Learning’s Head of Experience & Marketing. Goodstart is Australia’s largest Early Learning Provider with 665 centres across the country, employing over 15 500 educators and supporting over 71 000 children.

Tim’s role at Goodstart includes leading the co-design of Goodstart’s national, state and local offers to people, families and children as well as the brand, marketing, digital and consumer insight functions.
Cassandra Diamond
A/Executive Manager – Business and Operations
Education and Outreach and Founder
Young Indigenous Women’s STEM Academy
Cassandra is a Torres Strait Islander woman who grew up in Millmerran on the Darling Downs in Southern QLD. She has worked in a range of sectors including: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs, community development and engagement, Indigenous housing, child protection, youth and education.

Cassandra designed and implemented the Young Indigenous Women’s STEM Academy in CSIRO which is currently supporting over 200 young Indigenous women across Australia to further their STEM education and careers.
Jo Dillon
Chief Creative Office
Screen Queensland
In addition to being SQ's Chief Creative Officer, Jo Dillon is co-chair of the Screen Diversity and Inclusion Network (SDIN) alongside Benjamin Law.

Jo has worked in Development & Production, overseeing investment in Australian and co-produced fiction and factual screen stories for all platforms, and the development of projects and creative talent. She has developed screen stories in Australia and the UK for more than ten years, most recently as a Development Executive for Screen Australia. 
Kate Drews
Market Director - Urban Communities
SMEC Australia
Kate Drews is the Market Director, Urban Communities for SMEC, leading a diverse, talented team of over 200 specialists across the country. She is Director on the Board of Consult Australia and a Director on the Board of SMEC Australia.

Kate commenced her career in the Australian Regular Army and rose to the rank of Major before transferring to the Army Reserve. After 12 years’ full-time service she became a management consultant and has since held senior leadership roles at a number of professional services firms. Kate successfully leads programs of significant organisational change both for clients and previous employers.
Randall Fernando
Data Scientist, Innovation and Ventures
Randall Fernando is a Data Scientist working in BHP's Innovation and Ventures Team.

He has a background in behavioural psychology, social statistics and IT and has a strong interest in Data Science and innovative technologies having previously worked at the Suncorp Innovation Lab, the Australian Institute Of Bioengineering And Nanotechnology as well as BHP's Maintenance and Engineering Centre of Excellence. 
Eloise Gillespie
Head of Personalisation
Eloise is currently the Head of Personalisation at Entain, encompassing multiple online bookmaking brands within the highly competitive Australian wagering market. Eloise’s role focuses on building scalable processes to enable customer-led solutions and achieve true personalisation of the customer journey. With a background in Direct Marketing, Eloise has implemented thousands of end-to-end campaigns across Hospitality, Travel & Wagering, pushing the bounds of Marketing Technology & data to drive engagement.
Michael Gillespie
Chief Digital and Experience Officer
Michael Gillespie is the Group Chief Digital and Technology Officer for Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited (DPE), overseeing the Digital, Information Technology, Strategy and Insights, and Operation Technology Innovation teams across DPE’s nine markets.

With more than 20 years’ experience across online marketing, digital strategy, IT strategy, data strategy and applying machine learning in a commercial way, Michael continues to adopt a forward-thinking approach, with extensive knowledge of the online space, to ultimately build sales momentum.
Katherine Grace
Digital Optimisation Manager
QSuper Group
Katherine has a passion for using data and insights to drive outcomes in the digital channel. Her 14 year career extends client side and ad agency across digital, brand, advertising and marketing with a financial services focus. Not a stranger to change, she is excited to embrace the new opportunities and challenges that the evolving digital landscape is currently presenting.
Jeff Greenhill

Manager, Private Sector Partnerships, Innovation Division
Queensland Government  
Jeff Greenhill’s substantive role is a senior leadership position within the Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) - one of Australia's leading high performance sport organisations. Jeff has been with QAS for 14 years and during that time established QAS’s Sport Performance Innovation & Knowledge Excellence area, known as SPIKE, which seeks to develop strong relationships with research groups and innovation industry from around the world. Jeff is currently on secondment working in the Queensland Government’s Innovation Division, Managing Private Sector Partnerships as part of the Advance Queensland initiative.
Nigel Greenwood
The MachineGenes Group
Leader of Team MachineGenes, one of ten semi-finalists worldwide in the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE (the global race 2016-2021 to use artificial intelligence to address some of humanity's most pressing problems, with an end-prize larger than the Nobel).

Nigel has invented novel forms of evolutionary Machine Learning and adversarial AI, with applications in medicine and engineering.

In the AI XPRIZE he demonstrated that his forms of AI can be used in real-world applications, building a machine-intelligent artificial pancreas for the most unstable forms of type-1 diabetes. 
Andy Hill
Planet Price
Andy Hill is a technology and sustainability entrepreneur and the Founder of Planet Price - a “for influence” business with a mission to help large organisations reduce the impact of their supply chains on People and the Planet by "calculating the real cost of everything".

Previously, Andy was Co-founder and CEO of Oniqua – a Brisbane start-up that grew to become a global supply chain analytics business which was ultimately acquired by IBM Watson. Outside of Planet Price, Andy is an investor and board member for a number of start-ups and represents a US-based tech M&A firm.
Jessie Hughes
Creative Technologist
Jessie Hughes is an internationally-recognised Australian creative technologist and new media artist, her works having exhibited most notably at Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, Tate Modern, and Cannes Film Market.

Hughes has been named one of Australia’s Future Changers for her commitment to using digital innovation for positive social impact, and has recently been awarded the 2020 title of a John Monash Scholar. Hughes has designed and implemented solutions for tech-giants such as Oculus, Facebook, and Adobe, and has been featured in over 80+ media articles in radio, newspaper and TV.
Norm Jefferies
Managing Director
Norm Jefferies is the Managing Director of Truis. His strong belief that we must do things today to ensure tomorrow is better than yesterday is fundamentally what led Norm to pursue a career in technology. Over time, Norm has been able to apply this influence and see this practice implemented at Truis. The results have been happier staff, customers & partners, efficiency gains and revenue growth. Norm has been recognised in the industry for his success in this area and is often asked to speak about the lessons learnt on business and digital transformation. 
Zach Johnson
Executive Producer
In 2016, after 20 years of experience around the world in digital and interactive technology, Zach launched Xandra, an award-winning interactive production studio. At the forefront of design-led conversational interfaces, Xandra creates AI-powered experiences – bringing together a diverse team of writers, actors, visual and sound designers, and cutting-edge technologists to conceive of and produce some of the most compelling and engaging interactive experiences in the market today.

Zach has recently merged Xandra with Queensland-based motion design studio Breeder.
Ben Johnston
Group CEO
Ben’s spent more than a decade developing businesses, consulting on digital strategy, identifying market gaps and future trends. He’s founded many successful companies, including design studio and venture lab Josephmark, motion design company Breeder, indigenous creative agency Gilimbaa and trending music platform We Are Hunted, which was acquired by Twitter in 2012.

As JM’s CEO, he’s become an influential figure within Australia’s creative and business communities, and is known for his fearlessness in pushing the envelope.
Anne Kovachevich
Australasian Foresight + Innovation Leader
Anne is an experienced sustainable buildings consultant who now leads the Arup Foresight and Innovation offering in Australasia. Anne's innovative approach to design and sustainability is internationally recognized with invited and keynote presentations including the Singapore Government, the Green Building Council and NASA Langley. Anne specialises in the area of education with experience on many education projects including the net zero designed Global Change Institute at the University of QLD  and the Science and Technology Building at QUT.
Andrew Kolb
Head of Strategy
Andrew is an award-winning strategist with broad experience working with top tier clients across brand strategy, communications strategy, digital strategy, and business strategy. Andrew has also worked extensively on a number of Federal and State Government campaigns helping make an impact on key social issues and creating innovative solutions for campaigns and programs to support the Qld and the Australian economy. He has a keen focus on understanding audiences, how they think and what drives them to act, spending hours having pertinent conversations to gain a deeper appreciation of the human psyche. 
Ben Kraal
Director, Experience Design
Dr Ben Kraal is a Director of Experience Design for Symplicit, a customer led innovation consultancy. He works at the intersection of design and business, helping organisations find new ways to deliver value to their customers. With Symplicit, Ben has worked on digital transformation strategies for Australian sport, designed new ways to understand insurance claims and researched how Queenslanders will understand digital driver licences.
Dominique Lamb
National Retail Association
CEO of the National Retail Association and Director of NRA Legal, Dominique Lamb has extensive experience providing industrial relations and employment law advice to a range of small, medium and large businesses across a range of industries. Dominique is also a Chair on the Retail Doctor Group Advisory Board, and Board Member on the Bleu Australia Advisory Board.

Dominique plays an integral role with the National Retail Association by liaising and advocating on behalf of retailers at a Federal and State Government level on all areas of policy which affect retail.
Brett Leavy
Creative Director
Visual Songlines
Brett Leavy is a First Nations, Digital Aboriginal and descends from the Kooma people whose traditional country is bordered by St George in the east, Cunnamulla in the west, north by the town of Mitchell and south to the QLD/NSW border. Brett’s dedicated his working life to cultural knowledge recording and the industry of communications. His digital work seeks to represent the arts, cultural stories, heritage, traditional knowledge and histories of First Nation people using new, immersive and interactive technologies.
John Lee
Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport
In his role as the Director-General, Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport, John is leading the government’s objectives to drive growth and support jobs through the state’s tourism and innovation, as well as promoting sport and active recreation.

John leads the government’s work and support in rebuilding Queensland’s tourism industry and the wider visitor economy.

In terms of innovation, John has the opportunity in his role to engage with some of the state’s most entrepreneurial and brightest thinkers, encouraging new industries, new technology, skills and ideas to support Queenslanders. 
Ruth Luscombe
Mathematician, Quantal AI
Ruth is a mathematician and data scientist. Currently running a software team on the Sunshine Coast delivering an early fire detection system using cameras, satellites and machine learning.

She has worked across multiple different industries where different levels of data privacy are observed for different reasons. She cares about data privacy but understands the power of statistics and decision support systems that are reliant on that data.
Darryl Lyons
Indigenous EIR
James Cook University
Darryl is a driven, positive, passionate entrepreneur who has co-founded a number of startups since 2015. He is also co-founder of Escavox a scaling agtech company giving fresh food a voice in supply chain.

Darryl is a proud Maiawali man based in Cairns, he is the Indigneous Entrepreneur in Residence at JCU Cairns and the Agtech EIR for Farmers2Founders a national incubator program. He is passionate about entrepreneurship in the regions and excited about the opportunities in Northern Australia especially around Indigenous communities and agriculture.
Lee Mathers
General Manager
With a background in law (and a mother who still can't understand why he never became a lawyer), Lee has worked in and built startups for over 15 years. Addicted to the teachings of Seth Godin and consequently having a keen interest in exploring life and business from as many different angles as possible, Lee loves new tech and has a deep admiration of people who work hard to build something from nothing.

As General Manager of TalkVia, Lee is tasked with taking this Brisbane and Sunshine Coast based startup to the rest of the world, helping evangelise "interactive voice" and all of the things that digital assistants can do to make our lives easier and better. 
Gullara McInnes
CSIRO Indigenous Women's STEM Academy
Gullara McInnes is an Indigenous University student undertaking her first year at James Cook University and is studying a bachelor of science, bachelor of law, double degree. She is a passionate drone and weather research enthusiast, hailing from the Wallara clan of the Koko-Muluridji in Mareeba.
Louise Mercer
Chief Experience Officer
Louise’s superpower is to absorb a lot of wide-ranging information and make sense of it to inform action. This makes her particularly adaptive to change and able to move through uncertainty.

As Everledger’s Chief Experience Officer, she is responsible for integrating and aligning our Employee experiences with our Customer experiences to create the best outcomes for all. Practically this includes customer success and feedback, marketing, people & culture functions – or anything across the business that needs collaboration.
Nick Murray
Data Scientist

Nick is an experienced Data Scientist with more than eight years in the field. Formerly of the Brisbane Lions, he holds a PhD in Applied Sport Science from the Australian Catholic University and is currently completing a Master of Data Science at James Cook University. An expert at transforming complex data into simple insights, Nick helps VALD with its data management, data visualisation and reporting needs.  
Crighton Nichols
 Research Impact Nexus Manager,
Global Change Institute, University of Queensland
Crighton is a creative and social entrepreneur, engineer, researcher, investor, and technologist with a PhD in cross-cultural design and innovation.

He is passionate about harnessing the creative potential of diverse stakeholders when collaborating on inspirational challenges that benefit society at a systemic level. He leverages his deep understanding of agile, (complex) systems, computational, and design thinking when doing so, and is inspired by Indigenous ways of knowing, doing, and being. 
Sarah Pearson
Main Sequence Ventures
Dr Sarah Pearson FTSE, has extensive global executive leadership experience spanning FTSE 100 multinationals, international C-suite roles in the public and private sector, leading brands such as McKinsey & Co and Cadbury, CEO roles, startups and Venture Capital. She has led innovation ecosystems nationally and internationally, been an entrepreneur and intrapreneur, Board Director and Advisor for numerous innovative organisations, and Chief Scientist for DFAT. 
Andrea Peters
Chief Growth Officer
LGIA Super
Andrea Peters was appointed Chief Growth Officer at LGIAsuper in October 2018.

She is responsible for implementing LGIAsuper’s growth strategy and overseeing the fund’s Marketing and Sales functions, focusing on member experience and best outcomes for members.

Andrea has more than 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry. Her previous leadership roles were at JPMorgan Chase, Citibank, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, Equifax and Vodafone. 
Jarrod Price
Head of Brand & Product Marketing
Jarrod has over 17 years experience in the marketing and digital media industry and worked on well known brands like QUT, the Brisbane Lions and RACQ. He is passionate about digital marketing, content, leveraging data and behavioural economics opportunities for marketing. An advocate for customer centricity, Jarrod believes having a deep understand of the customer and the drivers of their behaviours allows businesses to create positive customer experiences at every stage of the customer journey. 
Anna Raunik
Executive Director, Content and Client Services
State Library of Queensland 
Anna Raunik is the Executive Director, Content and Client Services at the State Library of Queensland. 

A significant component of Anna’s career at the State Library has focused on the introduction and exploitation of technology to enable service delivery improvements and greater statewide reach. Key outcomes have included coordination of national initiatives including National edeposit project and leading the development and delivery of State Library’s Digital Strategy, Q ANZAC 100 Memories for a new Generation, World War I state-wide commemoration activities and the State Library’s new role at Anzac Square.
Cathy Robinson
Principal Research Scientist
Dr Cathy Robinson is a Principal Research Scientist at CSIRO who co-leads the Healthy Country AI program of work with Indigenous groups who are caring for country across Northern Australia. This collaboration is supported by the National Environment Science Program and Telstra Foundation, technology and software experts from Microsoft, and Indigenous rangers from Kakadu, Arnhem Land and Cape York. Responsible innovation and digital inclusion are core pillars of this growing program of work that relies on Indigenous-led research that uses technology and Indigenous knowledge to tackle complex sustainability issues
Andrew Robinson
(Earth Guardians Pty Ltd)
Andrew Robinson is the co-founder of the Eureka Prize winning outdoor gaming platform, QuestaGame - the largest nature conservation mobile game (think Pokemon GO meets David Attenborough). The company is headquartered in Cairns, Queensland, and has participants all around the world -- of all ages and skill levels. The biodiversity data it collects is creating an accurate map of every species on Earth for scientific research and conservation.

Andrew was born in San Francisco and is an early pioneer in the design of Artificial Collective Super-Intelligence platforms, with 7 US patents in the field going back to 1999.
Sue Robson
Chief Operating Officer
Fusion Sport
Sue joined Fusion in 2014 after 6 years as head of Physiology at the Scottish Institute of Sport (SIS), where she was the primary driver and architect of The Institute’s National Data Management System (built using Smartabase). Sue’s particular interests are Neurophysiology and Female Athlete Physiology but brings with her a tremendous amount of experience in all areas of Sport Science. Over the last 6 years at Fusion Sport she has worked closely with many of our larger clients especially with multi-sport organizations such as Institutes, Academies and National Sporting Organizations.
Rahul Roy
Manager Digital Experience and Creations, RACQ
Rahul leads the digital experience and creations team at RACQ. A strong belief in making things better fuels Rahul’s passion to bring innovative digital transformations to life that invariably improves user experience across the board.

Rahul’s experience in diverse geographies such as India, Sultanate of Oman, US and now in Australia gives him an ability to bring everyone to the party and do some real value good digital work.
Chris Rozic
Co-Founder and CEO
Xpon Technologies
Chris is a driven, passionate, self-starting entrepreneur, who has co-founded and architected multiple tech businesses. As the co-catalyst for the founding of Datisan and CEO, Chris is a key anchor point and agent of change for martech and analytics within the Xpon Technologies group.

Chris' deep-rooted experience in designing insightful, yet sustainable marketing and business tools forms the foundation of Datisan's core experience. As a huge proponent of cloud for marketing, Chris has been an early adopter and champion of the digital marketing maturity framework in Australia. 
Kshira Saagar
Chief Data Officer
Latitude Financial Services
Kshira Saagar (the K is silent like in a Knight) is currently the Chief Data Officer of Latitude Financial Services and has spent 24.7% of his life helping key decision-makers and CxOs make smarter decisions using data, and strongly believes that every organisation can become truly data-driven.

At every place he has worked, working and will work - he likes to go back to the fundamentals, asking people to ask more questions of data and being a tough taskmaster on getting actionable outcomes from data, on all possible occasions. 
Carla Scott
CEO & Co-founder
Populace Threads
I am passionate about sustainability and limiting the negative impact fashion has on the environment by empowering people to extend the life of their once-loved garments.

I have a strong background as a transformation executive with an extensive background of positions and advisory roles in areas of Business Transformation, Innovation, Strategy and Management Consulting.

It is through these experiences that I gained a deep understanding and interest in Circular Economy and Shared Economy business models. 
Tom Sowerby
Head of Strategy
Xpon Technologies
Tom uses his 10+ years experience to understand how data, technology, process and people come together to drive profitable growth and deliver seamless customer journeys. He has a particular knack for identifying challenges that prevent large organisations from effectively executing their digital marketing strategies.

As Datisan's Head of Strategy, Tom is focused on the intersection of privacy, first party data and how personalisation and customer experience will look in the future. 
Morgan Strong
Digital Transformation Manager
Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art
Morgan Strong is the Digital Transformation Manager at the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art. Morgan has been working with technology in the Gallery, Museum, Archive and Museum (GLAM) sector for over 10 years and collaborating with institutes across Australia. Morgan's work focuses leveraging technology to create meaning from Collection data, and improve the way museums can embrace digital to improve the way they do their work.
Malcolm Thatcher
Chief Technology Officer
Australian Digital Health Agency
Dr Malcolm Thatcher is the CTO at the Australian Digital Health Agency, a role he commenced in February 2021.

Dr Thatcher is responsible for managing the Agency's end-to-end technology operations of national digital health solutions including My Health Record. Dr Thatcher is also responsible for cyber security, core systems testing services and internal IT services.

Dr Thatcher completed his doctoral degree (PhD) at QUT with a focus on digital health risk and governance. He also holds an Honours Degree in Computer Science from the University of Queensland, a Masters’ Degree in Applied Computer Science from QUT.
Nicholas Therkelsen-Terry
CEO & Co-founder
Max Kelsen
CEO Nicholas Therkelsen co-founded Max Kelsen in 2015 to provide big data and machine learning services to clients large and small. In his position as CEO, Nicholas is responsible for designing and executing strategic vision, project design and management, fiscal and legal governance, and team building.

Prior to this, Nick was consulting for companies across a range of industries to assist with their technology requirements. Nick holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Economics from the University of Queensland. 
Rachel Thomas
 Co-Founder, Fast.ai
Professor of Practice, QUT

Dr. Rachel Thomas is co-founder of fast.ai, which has been featured in The Economist, MIT Tech Review, and Forbes. She is a professor of practice at the Queensland University of Technology Centre for Data Science.

Previously, Dr. Thomas was the founding director of the University of San Francisco Center for Applied Data Ethics.

She was selected by Forbes as one of 20 Incredible Women in AI. She earned her PhD in mathematics at Duke University and was an early engineer at Uber. 
Lynne Walker
Chief Orchestration Officer
Goodstart Early Learning
Lynne Walker is Goodstart Early Learning’s Chief Orchestration Officer. Goodstart is Australia’s largest Early Learning Provider with 665 centres across the country, employing over 15 500 educators and supporting over 71 000 children.

This role was created to ensure that our leadership effort is aligned and our resources are allocated in a way that optimises our ability to deliver on both our in-year goals and targets and our longer term ambition for 2025.
Marielle Wallin
Director, Marketin
TAFE Queensland
Marielle is a data-driven marketing strategist who specialises in integrated marketing communications that get results.

Marielle’s international business and marketing experience spans over a decade working in digital and traditional B2C/B marketing for multimillion dollar brands across tertiary, information and communications technology and consumer goods industries. She knows how to use automation to drive conversions and uses her strengths in research and data analysis to keep the businesses she works with ahead of the game (and their competitors). 
 Chief Digital Officer
Local Government Association Queensland
Tracy is a digital specialist with over 20 years-experience in creating customer-centric digital roadmaps and building high-performing, award-winning teams.

She has led digital and social media for some of the largest events in Australia over the last decade, including the Brisbane floods, G20 and the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

She is now the first Chief Digital Officer in 125 years at the Local Government Association of Queensland, with a state-wide remit to improve data and digital maturity for all 77 QLD councils. 
Blake Wills
Founding CEO
Microba Life Science
Blake is a proven company executive with experience in the finance, life sciences and education sectors. Previously the COO of an ASX-listed company, Mr Wills has brought substantial operational, financial and governance experience to Microba as the founding CEO.

His financial background combined with his extensive operational expertise has driven Microba forward as a thriving company with more than 50 full-time employees. 
Lily Woodhouse
Deloitte Digital
Lily leads the content strategy capability for Deloitte Digital Queensland. With 5+ years of consulting for national and international clients under her belt, there are few industries she hasn't touched. Lily goes to sleep each night repeating the mantra - content leads design, design leads technology and technology delivers both. Her favourite challenges meet at the intersection of martech investment and content strategy. Above anything, Lily is a people person, a collaborator, and a creator. 
Ides Wong
COVID-19 Data Strategy Lead
Queensland Health
Dr Ides Wong started her career in the intersection of mobility, health and active aging. Having worked at UQ, QUT, World Health Organisation, and now QLD Health, advising on health policies and services, she is currently the COVID-19 Data Strategy Lead at Queensland Health.

Her current focus includes driving a contemporary data access governance landscape for the health system to enable co-partnership and networked governance with research partners; ultimately, fostering direct translation of research to drive better health outcomes. 
Dalene Wray
Managing Director
OBE Organic
OBE Organic® produces the world’s best organic beef. OBE Organic began in the 1990s as Australia’s first and only premium meat exporter 100% dedicated to the production of organic beef. Dalene Wray’s visionary leadership has seen OBE Organic emerge as a progressive exemplar for innovation in the organic beef industry and broader red meat industry. She is a major force for improving the sustainability of the Australian beef industry by driving change, innovation and digital adoption at OBE Organic & acts as a role model for the rest of her industry.
Waveney Yasso
Acknowledgement of Country
Waveney is a Brisbane based singer/songwriter & a proud South Sea & Birri Gubba descendant. Music is her full time job currently travelling the world with international sensation Pub Choir.

Thought Bombs

Angela Bassa
Senior Director of the Data Science and Analytics Centre of Excellence
Angela Bassa is an expert in building and leading data teams. An MIT-trained and Edelman-award-winning mathematician, she has over 15 years of experience across industries—spanning finance, life sciences, agriculture, marketing, energy, and software. Angela leads the Data Science & Analytics Center of Excellence at iRobot, where she helps bring intelligence to a fleet of millions of consumer robots. She is also a renowned keynote speaker and author, with credits including the Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review.
Davey Gibian
Vice President - Intelligence Innovation
Data geek, business builder, and inventor.

VP of Intelligence Innovation at Janes, building the world’s most sophisticated open-source intelligence organization. Frequent university and public lecturer on technology, cyber, and security; author of the book ‘Hacking AI’.

Previously, I built solutions as: a 2x NatSec technology cofounder (CalypsoAI (active) and OMG (exited)), at Palantir, and as a US Government staffer and US Air Force airman. Early career spent in quantitative finance; patents in machine learning.
Tim Hwang
Researcher & Author 'Subprime Attention Crisis'
Tim Hwang is a researcher and author of Subprime Attention Crisis, a book about the bubble of online advertising. He is the former director of the Harvard-MIT Ethics and Governance of AI Initiative, and previously served as the global public policy lead for artificial intelligence and machine learning at Google. His work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Wired, The Atlantic, and The Wall Street Journal, among other publications.  
Matt Wallaert
Head of Behavioral Science
For almost 20 years, Matt Wallaert has been applying behavioral science to practical problems. After leaving academia, his career as an executive lead from startups to the Fortune 500 and back again, before joining frog (a Capgemini company) as the Head of Behavioral Science, where he focuses on helping organizations build their own applied behavioral science capabilities while building projects with the frog team.


Sheryl Batchelor
Founder & Director
Indigenous Corporation
Sheryl is the Founder and Director at Yiliyapinya Indigenous Corporation, a not-for profit corporation using scientifically validated neuroplasticity programs to help vulnerable children, youth, adults and seniors to improve their lives.

 Yiliyapinya Indigenous Corporation's mission is to train, coach and educate people to improve their memory, attention, brain speed and social skills.

She has extensive experience in education at Early Years Centres, Primary, Middle, Secondary Schools in a variety of different positions.
Scott Brown
Director, Research and Advice
Queensland Council of Social Service
Scott is the Director, Research and Advice at the Queensland Council of Social Service. He holds a Master of Public Health and is passionate about producing research that supports improved social determinants of health for marginalised populations. Scott recently worked with the McKell Institute to author a report titled ‘Bridging Queensland’s Digital Divide’, which explored how people in Queensland are impacted as a result of digital exclusion.
Louise Denoon
Executive Director, Public Libraries and Engagement
State Library of Queensland
The Public Libraries and Engagement portfolio delivers a bold and lively program of exhibitions, events, workshops and learning. The portfolio is inspired by the collection, the community and Queensland’s rich stories and culture. The portfolio works with Local Government to ensure all Queenslanders have access to a contemporary public library service. The Public Libraries and Engagement portfolio supports Queensland’s public libraries through advocacy, training, advice and financial support. 
Bernadette Hyland-Wood
UQ Global Change Scholar
University of Queensland
Bernadette Hyland-Wood is a public interest technologist and serial tech founder with professional experience in the United States, Japan and Australia. She is a STEM policy advisor on open scientific data sharing and data sovereignty.

Bernadette pioneered data sharing platforms for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Government Publishing Office, and was a technical advisor to Health and Human Services and U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization. Bernadette is also the co-founder of Queensland’s largest professional network, Women in Technology (WIT).
Kim Osman
Senior Research Associate
Digital Media Research Centre, QUT
Kim is a Senior Research Associate with the Digital Media Research Centre at the Queensland University of Technology. She explores the complex relationship between digital and social inclusion focusing on the role of social infrastructure and informal education in improving digital literacies and wellbeing. Kim is currently researching how low-income families access and use technology for education and parenting as part of their everyday lives. Kim’s background is in communications and policy for the voluntary sector in the UK and Australia.
Stakeholder and Community Manager - State Corporate Affairs
With over 25+ years experience as a Stakeholder Manager with experience at all levels of Government for major infrastructure project approvals and delivery, Council Administration and Protocol during the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Marcello brings a measured and data driven approach to relationship management.

As a Nationally Accredited Mediator and experienced negotiator, these skills have enabled Marcello seek for fair and just outcomes for business and community alike. 
Sophie Walker
Executive Manager Community and Stakeholder Engagement, Qld
For more than two decades Sophie has designed and delivered successful communication and engagement strategies and programs that contribute to better business decisions and meaningful engagement with stakeholders and communities. With a background in community engagement for infrastructure projects, more recently she has worked in the water sector and joined NBN Co in March 2021 to lead the Community and Stakeholder Engagement function for the metropolitan areas of South East Queensland.
Leesa Watego
Managing Director Iscariot Media
Leesa is the Managing Director of Iscariot Media. Leesa's passion for digital media started back in 2007 when she realised the power of social media to bring together non-mainstream voices to build and strengthen communities.

Leesa created Deadly Bloggers, the first directory of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander bloggers, and has been working in the space of advocating for the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples online ever since. 

Something School

Katharine Gelber
Head of School School of Political Science and International Studies
University of Queensland
Katharine Gelber is Head of the School of Political Science and International Studies, and Professor of Politics and Public Policy. Her research is in the field of freedom of speech, and the regulation of public discourse. She has been awarded several ARC, and other, competitive research grants. In November-December 2017, she was a Visiting Scholar at the Global Freedom of Expression Project, Columbia University, New York. In Dec 2017, she jointly hosted, with Prof Susan Brison, a workshop at the Princeton University Center for Human Values on, 'Free Speech and its Discontents'.
Nic Gomez
Lead Game Designer
Deloitte Digital
Nic is Deloitte’s lead game designer and is an expert in UX for high interactivity experiences. Nic has designed games and experiences for mobile, web, AR/VR and large scale interactive installations. Nic’s passion is ensuring that experiences are engaging for all types of players across all demographics, letting them interact and explore new ideas or concepts. Having designed for a wide array of interactive projects including Training simulations, brand activations, games for change and learning tools, Nic has a vast toolbox to work with to bring ideas to life. 
Scott Millar
BOP Industries
Scott Millar is a young entrepreneur taking the world by storm. Compared to a young Steve Jobs after turning a year nine business project into a thriving business, Scott has deferred university to run BOP Industries full time, now with a growing presence around the world.

BOP Industries is a Brisbane based EdTech company on a mission to inspire the next generation of digital creators. Scott and his team work with teachers, students, parents and industry around the world to provide opportunities and experiences to primary and high school students around the pillars of STEM, entrepreneurship, innovation and the future of work.
Russ Vine
Executive Director for Marketing & Communications
Cross River Rail Delivery Authority
Russ was one of the first team members to be appointed by CEO Graeme Newton when Cross River Rail first moved into delivery back in May 2017.

Prior to that Russ was MD of integrated communications agency Ogilvy Brisbane.

Currently a member of the Delivery Authority’s Executive Leadership Team, Russ is passionate about telling the Cross River Rail story and in particular, using digital technology to ensure that people have every opportunity to better understand why Cross River Rail is being built, what it entails and what it means for the future of transport in South East Queensland


Natalie Cook
President of the Queensland Olympic Council
Executive Director of Elite Success and Partnerships
Queensland Academy of Sport 
Natalie Cook has become the first Australian woman to compete at five Olympic Games: from 1996 Atlanta, to 2012 London Games. Few athletes can boast of even coming close to this incredible achievement. Her proudest moment of course winning Gold on Bondi in 2000!

Since retiring, Natalie has written a book, become a proud mum and wife. She was also part of the successful team who lobbied to get Beach Volleyball into the 2018 Commonwealth Games and most recently a part of team Brisbane 2032! 
Isaac Coonan
Proptech BNE.
Isaac has extensive global experience in building innovative technology clusters aiming to solve some of the world’s largest issues. Over the past five years, he has focused on building the Australian, Southeast Asian property technology cluster, working for global venture capital firms to leading accelerator programs designed to be the conduit between the emerging technology cluster and industry.

Most recently, Isaac developed and delivered Australia’s only “City Lead” proptech initiative on behalf of Brisbane City Council, working as the Industry Development Manager for Technology at the Brisbane Economic Development Agency. 
Simon Fielke
Research Scientist
Simon conducts applied human geographical research into the implications of the digitalisation of agricultural innovation systems. The domain of digital agtech is also helping us build on conceptualisations of 'Responsible Innovation' and what they mean for the practice of research and development into the future.

Simon's work has always focused on the future of agricultural land use, particularly in regard to the governance of agri-food systems, within Australasia and more broadly.
Rob Hudson
Managing Director
Rob has over 26 years in the advertising and digital industries. He is a former director of Greenfield and Icon in London and Y&R and Clemenger here in Australia.

In 2019, Rob launched SpoutLogic; a consultancy focused on the practical application of human-centred design and emerging technology for business, academia and governments, delivering digital innovation and marketing advantage.

Rob sits on the boards of Mindshift, Artisan and the Brisbane Portrait Prize. He is a consulting lecturer to QUT on marketing technology, brand strategy and behaviour change. 
Llew Jury
Founder + Managing Director
Sprint Ventures
Llew is an experienced digital business and marketing leader that's founded, managed and exited global digital marketing and consulting businesses over the past two decades.

He is the Founder & Managing Director at Sprint Ventures - growing, mentoring and investing in the very best early-stage ideas and most importantly, their founders.  He is also a director of Advancer.ai, a Saas platform on a mission to help business owners, CEOs and managers get HR confident. He is also the Founder & Chair of Reload Business Group.
Marek Kowalkiewicz
Founding Director
QUT Centre for the Digital Economy
With a passion for exploring bleeding edge technologies and using them to create opportunities and solve problems, Marek has extensive industry based innovation implementation experience together with a strong academic background.

His role of Senior Director, Products and Innovation with SAP, Silicon Valley saw him successfully lead teams of researchers and developers in many innovative projects. He drove the set up of a brand new SAP Research centre in Singapore and SAP’s newest, flagship series of developer events, d-kom.
Cat Matson
Manager, Economic & Community Development
Ipswich City Council 
Cat Matson is a popular MC and moderator, known for her straight-talking style. An established local government leader, Cat is the manager, economic and community development at Ipswich City Council, leading key revitalisation and development programs in South East Qld’s fastest growing region.

As Brisbane’s former CDO, Cat has a strong reputation in Australia’s innovation ecosystems.

Cat is also founder and lead facilitator of Impactful Presenters, an online program that teaches change-makers and professionals how to speak with confidence.
Lisa Renneisen
Something Digital
For almost 20 years, Lisa’s marketing + project management career has seen her work in various roles across Europe and Australia.

At Something Digital, Lisa is the people, marketing and digital guru. With a passion for facilitating an environment where humans can build genuine connections, Lisa brings to events + experiences a strong digital marketing, project management and customer experience skills.

Lisa’s superpower? Creating outstanding journeys and experiences for clients, partners, attendees and stakeholders - particularly through the adoption of new digital tools and channels.
Jason Titman
Executive Director & Founder
integr8 Group
Jason is a SaaS tech investor and C-Level Executive, focusing on scaling up tech companies. He usually takes an active role in the companies he invests in, as a Board Advisor and ‘fractional’ C-Level Executive.

His multi-sector, entrepreneurial portfolio career traverses startups & global corporations, with channel partnership and go2market experience across the US, Asia, EU & other markets. Dominated by building successful companies & exiting them at strategic points in time.
Nadine Zrinzo
Something Digital
Nadine has been bringing experiences to life almost 20 years across Australia, Asia, Europe and the US.

At Something Digital, Nadine takes on the role of a lead project manager + chief content curator. With a penchant for “leave no detail spared”, she brings to our events + experiences strong research, business production and project management skills.

Nadine’s superpower? Curating event programs and then pairing these with some of the most outstanding speakers on the planet. All with the goal of delivering a mind-blowing experience for attendees.