Core to the 2021 Something Digital experience is our virtual hub. Whether you are attending online only, or also in-person, all attendees will have access to the virtual hub - making it the place where our entire digital ecosystem can connect.

We believe that the virtual component of an event should be so much more than a video stream on a web page. Which is why are using a platform that helps attendees engage in the virtual environment.

Features of the virtual hub include:
>> Networking with other attendees (including the ability to direct message attendees)
>> Session Re-runs (videos will remain in the hub until November 30, 2021)
>> Opportunity to engage with speakers and ask questions which will be relayed live on stage
>> A virtual goodie bag
>> And much much more.

On the content front, we will be streaming all content that runs on the main stage at The Tivoli. Through our virtual hub you will have the opportunity to directly experience 2 days of curated content featuring 6 content blocks containing 22 sessions presented by 46 speakers. 

Featured Speakers

Genevieve Bell
Distinguished Professor and Director of the School of Cybernetics
Australian National University

Natalie Cook
Executive Director
Queensland Academy of Sport 

John Lee
Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport 

Kshira Saagar
Chief Data Officer
Latitude Financial

Rachel Thomas
Co-Founder, + Professor of Practice, QUT  

Tea Uglow Creative Director
Google Creative Lab

Live streamed Content

Day 1
Opening - Conquering the unknown

The theme for Something Digital 2021 focuses on the solution. On us, as creators and consumers in the digital economy taking a stand. To deliver profit with purpose, strengthen our organisations and build a better tomorrow! 
  • Opening: Welcome to Something Digital
  • Keynote: Supernormal - How to thrive when we get back to normal
  • Panel: Re-writing the rules to conquer the unknown

Day 1
People, data & ethics
[Powered by CSIRO]

 Any digital or innovation role involves the ethics of information. Irrespective of whether you are the founder, a marketer, data scientist, policy maker or developer there are many micro ethical decisions which impact the data of your customers, the content you publish and the future of information.
  • Presentation: How has the pandemic shaped our relationship with data?
  • Presentation: How to avoid data bias through diversity
  • Conversation: Data determinism - When do we stop making decisions, leaving the data to drive our behaviour?
  • Presentation: Combining science, Indigenous knowledge, AI & ethical data

Day 1
The 2021 techlash: Consumers vs Giants 

Between the death of the cookie; social media dilemmas; platform polarisation; and the erosion of trust - the future of the web and our relationship with it is in jeopardy. How can we, as creators of digital goodness navigate through the challenges created by the tech giants and their enemies?
  • Keynote: Politics, surveillance capitalism & the internet
  • Presentation: Navigating the future media landscape - what will advertising look like within the next decade?
  • Thought Bomb: Online advertising and it's influence on culture and creators
  • Conversation: How to survive in a cookie-less future

Day 2
Queensland's 10 year innovation journey to the Olympics
[Powered by Advance Queensland]

With the 2032 Olympics in clear sight, Brisbane, South East Queensland and the rest of our state is gearing up for a show-stopping, awe-inspiring and thrilling journey. Whilst the athletes are the stars, there is a significant tech and digital thread woven through all the competitions, infrastructure and experiences. Digital innovation is the key to creating exceptional interactive and immersive games.
  • Queensland’s innovation roadmap to 2032
  • Fireside chat: Tech influence in the lead to the golden moment
  • Conversation: How do we morph our city infrastructure to deliver a truly innovative and immersive Games?

Day 2
Nurturing your people

Finding and nurturing great talent is a constant challenge for even the most gifted of leaders. When you throw in realities like remote working, automation, the current pace of change, the search for purpose and an increased focus on wellbeing; you have no choice but to recognise that successful people strategies require more complex solutions.
  • Keynote: Authenticity starts with inclusion
  • Riff: Building & maintaining a strong culture across countless locations
  • Presentation: Leading in difficult times: How to take efficient & confident decisions

Day 2
Building a responsible future
[Powered by CSIRO]

As we move forward into the unknown we must fundamentally understand that all innovation needs to be responsible. The time for debate is over. Each and every one of us has a part to play. What are you doing today to ensure that the technology you are creating is contributing to a sustainable, respectful and healthy future?
  • Conversation: Combining the old and the new: Indigenous knowledge informing responsible technology
  • Presentation: How to embed ‘responsibility' in your work
  • Conversation: How responsible innovation should be creating value beyond the bottom line
  • Keynote: Collaborative intelligence - Humans X Machines