2024 Theme.

Each year, the Something Digital theme acts as a central pillar for the program, unifying sessions across blocks and stages.

Starting with our inaugural theme Power to the People in 2019, through to A Brave New World (the Covid edition) and Interconnections last year, the theme consistently mirrors the evolving world around us.

In 2024 this continues as we explore how we can use digital innovation to Empower Every Human.

Empower Every Human.

Every individual has the power to participate in and shape the future of digital technology.

We need to break down barriers, foster diversity in tech spaces and nurture a culture where every human is equipped to innovate, create, and contribute to the technological tapestry of this era.

All organisations have the responsibility to leverage digital innovation to amplify the voices and enrich the lives of the beautiful people within their community.

It is by democratising technology that we will ensure that the benefits of digital advancement are accessible to all. Humans at the forefront of every digital breakthrough.

People over pixels. Empathy before algorithms. Heart over hardware.