Core to any Something Digital experience is the content. Our speakers and sessions are our heroes.
The curated program is designed together with our Tribe of Digital Legends as well as many other industry experts.

This year's program will centre around the theme Reality Bites. Whilst the topics changes from year to year as the world evolves, our focus remains on; strengthening digital capabilities; fostering thought leadership; and showcasing the great digital innovations found right here in our backyard!
  • The Curated Program runs over two days (25-26 Oct) with 10 blocks spread across 2 stages.
  • Each block will contains 3-4 sessions including presentations, conversations and riffs.
  • In 2022 we are adding a brand new Well-beings stream which will run in parallel to the main program.
  • Masterclasses also run in parallel offering attendees a chance to dive deeper into a selection of digital topics.
The full program will be available in August.
This year we will have 3 types of sessions running at Something Digital:
  • Presentations: A single speaker will present on a designated topic
  • Riffs: Two speakers will take to the stage to have a free flowing discussion about the topic at hand (no moderator)
  • Conversations: Consisting of of 3-4 panellists + a moderator, these will offer an opportunity for the audience to engage with the conversation