Staying Covid-Safe
We're living in a BRAVE new world ... and for live events that means that things need to be a little bit different to ensure that we are all kept as covid-safe as possible.

The team at Something Digital have been working tirelessly on our Covid-Safe plan, ensuring we are meeting the industry frameworks. The plan is an ongoing work in progress and we are also continually refining to maintain compliance with government requirements.

Below you will find some of the extra measures we are taking for this year's festival, but if you need more specifics or even a copy of our plan to be able to attend, please drop us a line on and we will be happy to help you out.

Multiple Days

We've taken a one day conference and turned it into a 3 day festival.

Arguably crazy on our part, but once again, by spreading the content out, we spread the people out. 

We can still have an amazing big Something Digital, without being crammed into a room.

Multiple Venues

Key to the design of Something Digital this year is the use of multiple venues. 

This allows us to still have lots of people participate in concurrent sessions but they are spread across venues to keep the audiences small.

Reduced Audience Sizes

We've spread the venues, we've spread the days and we've reduced our audience sizes. 

This means the sessions you attend will not be over crowded and you will be able to maintain appropriate social distancing.

Shorter Session Blocks

We have also very intentionally kept session blocks to a 90 min average (max 120 mins).

This means you are not confined in room for extended periods of time and have a chance to get out and into the fresh air between blocks.

Contact Tracing

We will also require attendees to register for specific block attendance so we will know exactly who is in the room at any given time for detailed contact tracing.

Extra Hygiene

By designing the festival to run in shorter blocks with prolonged breaks in between, we have time for additional cleaning and hygiene practices.