The Virtual Experience.
Core to the 2020 Something Digital experience is our virtual hub. 

Whether you are attending online only, or also in-person, all attendees will have access to the virtual hub - making it the place where our entire digital ecosystem can connect.

We believe that the virtual component of an event should be so much more than a video stream on a web page. Which is why are using a platform that helps attendees engage in the virtual environment.

Through our virtual hub you will have the opportunity to directly experience: 
Other exciting virtual features include:

Networking Tools

At every step of the experience you will also have networking tools to help you connect with attendees online.

Whether mingling in channels, posting on the activity stream, browsing attendee profiles or viewing a session, networking is always a click away.  

Interactive Sessions

During sessions you will be able to see who else is watching in real time, chat with other viewers and also participate in polls throughout the session. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers (well if there is time)!

Or if that is not your thing, make the video full screen and pour all your focus into watching the session.

Sessions Re-Runs

Can't make one of the live streams? Or perhaps you are attending a session or masterclass on another stage. No sweat. We have you covered.

Recordings of the sessions from The Capital will remain available for you to watch at your convenience until the end of November 2020.

Direct Messaging

Our virtual hub not only allows you to see a full list of attendees who are part of the app, but, you can also direct message individuals, creating more meaningful one on one conversations.

Attendee Perks

We will have a number of exclusive attendee perks and offers, bought to you by our amazing partners.

These will all be found in a central place in the hub, ready for you to seize and enjoy.