Call for Speakers.
In 2020 we are doubling down on our commitment to strengthen our region’s digital ecosystem by significantly increasing the content at Something Digital.

This will give us the opportunity to dive deeper into those aspects of digital innovation that are helping to strengthen our organisations, despite the ongoing chaos in the world. 

Under the theme, a BRAVE new world we will focus on building digital capabilities in areas such as work, workforce & workplace; responsible innovation; the future of living; supply chains; digital transformation; organisational efficiencies; automation; digital marketing; human centred design; critical skills; emerging technologies and more.

Many more sessions means many more speakers!
  • We're on the hunt for thought leaders, mischief makers and digital legends like yourself, to join us in creating Something Digital for Queensland!
  • More info can be found below. Questions are always welcome, so if you are unsure of anything please email Nad at
  • If speaking is not your thing but you want to nominate someone amazing for consideration, we have a form for that right here.
Note: Although applications closes on July 21st, we are leaving the form live as we continue to review and find suitable speakers for the sessions. If you wish to apply, please do so and we will be in touch if there is a fit for you on the program.

Taking a program first approach

Something Digital was created to build capabilities, bring our entire digital ecosystem together and showcase the great innovations happening right here in our backyard.

In a year hampered by constant external disruptions, digital innovation is undoubtedly the key to economic recovery. Digital is the electricity that powers all aspects of our lives, from the mundane to the significant.

Through our program first approach, we work with our Content Curation Committee to design sessions which help organisations leverage digital innovation whilst encouraging us to think deeper about the implications of the technology at hand.

We have already built a draft program, so are looking for both specific sessions as well as additional ideas & topics which can provoke, challenge and inspire QLD's digital community.

What we are looking for

Speakers who take the stage are genuine thought leaders, there to share their wisdom and educate the audience.

Designed as a hybrid festival, Something Digital will welcome two audiences: one in real life and the other through a virtual hub.

Speakers will be required to deliver sessions on a Brisbane Stage (we will be running sessions out of The Capital and The Precinct and potentially other spaces too).

The content is divided across three streams:
  1. Organisational Growth: Leveraging digital innovation to enable organisations to gain operational efficiencies, increase ROI and improve customer experiences.
  2. Deep Geek: Navigating the power and implications of the technologies powering our digital world.
  3. Digital Humanity: Strengthening the human element driving all our digital innovations - starting with ourselves, our employees, our customers and our communities.
Apply to Speak.

A few important notes

  • The audience is experienced in digital innovation, tools and tech, so please no 101s on creating social media strategies.
  • We attract people from a variety of industries, company types and roles (we do what it says on the box - we bring the entire digital ecosystem together). Some sessions are more generic and suitable for everyone, others are more specific. That’s completely fine.
  • If you would like to suggest a panel discussion - please also recommend 2-3 other panellists to join you.
  • In no situation should you sell. The audience is here to learn and be educated.
  • If you are clearly a vendor you will need to take out a sponsorship package to join us on the program. This includes but is not limited to consultancies, telcos, cloud & software providers, training providers etc.
  • If you are selected as a speaker you are expected to show up on the day (unless you have the sniffles).
  • We welcome participants from intra or interstate - however please note that you will need to cover your own flights.
  • It’s 2020. We are nothing if not flexible. Please keep October 20-22 free for the main program or Oct 23 free for Open Studios. The sessions and program will move a bit between now and October.
  • As a speaker you will be able to attend the rest of the festival for free (of course), however you will be required to book into the various session blocks (we are asking all attendees to do this).
  • We do not remunerate speakers. We are a small privately run business and the budget just does not stretch this far.
  • You will need to adhere to whatever Covid safe plans are in place at the time, including social distancing and covid tracing requirements.
  • Applications close Tuesday 21st July.

Application Form

This application form is made up of two parts:
  • Part one - About you: Your details, bio and two quick questions
  • Part two - Session selections: You are welcome to pick one or more of the five options available

Part one – About you

Your Bio
What about your role or digital innovation in general is exciting you at the moment?
What is your unique thought leadership angle?

Part two – Session selections

Note: You only need to fill in the sections which you would like to be considered for. You are welcome to choose as many or as few as you like.

1. Specific Sessions

  • We are after speaker who can talk to one of these sessions.
  • All are solo sessions for 25 minutes, aside from the panel which is a bit longer.
  • Which of the below sessions would you like to be considered for:


What would you like to talk about related to this topic?

2. Showcase Sessions

  • This is an opportunity to show off a case study, piece of tech, digital innovation or process in a strict 5 min talk.
  • The idea is NOT to sell but to educate.
  • Showcase sessions will also include a panel/discussion component with other participants and the audience.
  • With this in mind, what would you like to showcase?

3. Anything Goes

If you have a different session you would like to propose, please briefly outline your idea including outcomes for the audience

4. Sponsored Sessions

  • There are a few session spots that are earmarked for sponsors and partners.
  • These will come with more bells and whistles and of course guaranteed participation.
  • If you would like more information about sponsor opportunities please let us know below.

5. Open Studios

  • Run on the 23rd October, Open Studios provide local businesses the opportunity to run their own small digital event within their offices.
  • This will give you the opportunity to show off your diggs and thought leadership – to both your community and ours.
  • There is a small fee to participate in Open Studios, particularly as we want to make sure that the hosts are committed to running a stellar event.
  • If you would like more information about Open Studios please let us know below.