CX powered by data. 
When: Thursday 22nd Oct, 11.30am to 1pm
Where: The Capital + Streamed Online
Stream: Growth
Block Moderator: Cat Matson, Digital Legend

International speaker | Joining virtually >> Let’s talk about individuals. Not averages. 

Most customer strategies start with the ideal customer. The average ideal customer. But that's a mistake. It's time to start designing for the individual not a mystical average. 
  • Join us to build the world’s first* 1:1 marketing program at scale.
  • Get a hold of how you can implement hyper personalisation using ML & data through platforms like Instagram
  • Also, why averages and AB tests are leading you astray!
(*) We believe this to be true but cannot confirm

Chris Dowsett, Head of Decision Science & Analytics, Instagram (US)

Presentation >> How to tell a story using data.

Data is everywhere but it’s what we do with that data that matters, especially when we are using it to tell a story, or sell a product. After all numbers have an important story to tell.

So how do we merge data analysis and marketing to create a powerful tool?
  • Understanding data storytelling
  • Learning to curate data
  • How to convert numbers into content your audience will care about
  • Going beyond visualisation - using words
  • Data and the power of persuasion
Speaker to be confirmed.

Conversation >> Predicting customer behaviours in an age of uncertainty.

We used to operate in a world with certain expectations. You could predict how consumers would behave (as a whole) and designed products or campaigns accordingly.

However the ground has shifted and what used to be certain is now non-existent. What are some of the behavioural trends emerging today and how will these likely change over the next six months to a year?

Whether its purpose, hyper-personalisation, authenticity, sustainability - what do consumers want? 
Nathan Bush, Founder, 12High
Lauren Duffy, Marketing Solutions Architect, Jumbo Interactive
Further panellists to be confirmed