Deep Geek.
When: Wed 21st Oct, 11.30am to 1pm 
Where: The Capital + Streamed Online
Stream: Deep Geek
Block Moderator: Justine Lacey, Director, Responsible Innovation Future Science Platform, CSIRO

Conversation >> Securing Australia’s future through science, technology & innovation. 

2020 has exposed the broader public to the challenges of keeping a nation secure, not in terms of defence but from the implications of weakened health, food and environmental conditions. As a nation of thinkers, researchers and innovators, we have the responsibility to leverage emerging science and technology to solve our real problems (and maybe even the world’s). So what’s stopping us? 
  • Where are our vulnerabilities & how do we build resilience to them?
  • How can we coordinate responses to a crisis through data and innovation?
  • What are some of the examples of how we are securing our nation's future?
James Pateras, Managing Director, Modular Farms Australia
Jane Hunter, CEO, Tritium
Natasha Rawlings, Investment Manager, Uniseed
Mehdi Khalili, Head of Software Development, Telstra Purple  

Presentation >> When science & technology collide: Transformational bioinformatics.

Gone are the days when Scientists hid in labs surrounded by microscopes and beakers. Today, Science moves at the speed of technology, leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, ultra high dimensional data and cloud solutions to scale-up world class research.

Join us as we learn how the CSIRO transformational bioinformatics team are not only cloud-native but able to drive innovation in our health system, including the fight against Covid-19.
Denis Bauer, Head of Cloud Computing Bioinformatics, CSIRO

Presentation >> Quantum supremacy is here. But when will we gain a quantum advantage?

After 30 plus years, it seems as though a ‘quantum revolution’ is nearly at our doorstep. We all know that quantum computing is coming and that it is going to revolutionise everything from the mundane to the significant. But what does it all, really mean?
  • What other quantum technologies are on their way?
  • And when we will see its impact on our lives? How?
  • How does unhackable encryption work and how is it going to change security?
  • What is the general-purpose quantum computer?
  • What are some of the possible risks and unintended consequences of quantum computing?
Sally Shrapnel, Research Fellow, University of Queensland