Digital Marketing.
When: Wed 21st Oct, 2pm to 4pm
Where: The Capital + Streamed Online
Stream: Growth
Block ModeratorLlew Jury, Director, Advancer

Presentation >> How to build a cult following through digital channels. 

We all have organisations we are devoutly dedicated to. Ones we constantly follow, read about, buy products from and are emotionally involved with. But how does one reach cult status?
  • What are some of the steps to amass a following of loyal fans?
  • Where do purpose, storytelling and love fit in the value chain?
  • Is purpose, authenticity and profit the trifecta we are all striving for?
Lisa Summer-Hayes, Head of Marketing, Queensland Ballet  

Presentation >> Daily innovation showcase special.

Two innovation legends will take to the stage, to showcase their wares. Think of it like a soap box, but for innovation. This will be followed by a quick Q&A session with the moderator.
Kurt Sanders, Director of Strategy, The Content Division
Ally Tutkaluk, Digital Marketing Specialist, Leukaemia Foundation  

Presentation >> The dos & don'ts of digital marketing post pandemic.

As our customers get used to a new normal, so do we. Shifts in spending patterns, content consumption, priorities, digital usage and expectations are impacting all of our strategies.

For the first time in a while, we need to re-think everything. Where is the starting point? And what should you be doing (and not doing) to help build your audience and strengthen your organisation?
Renee Davidson, General Manager Marketing and Digital, RACQ

Presentation >> Augmenting human creativity via AI.

Gone are the days when we mulled over the fate of our creative genius. Today, brands are able to use data for inspiration; automation for efficiency and deep learning to discover the unexpected.

The question that begs is whether AI can ever be truly creative or whether it is a tool which amplifies human creativity?

What can humans do that AI can’t? How can the interplay between the two truly lead to creative genius?
Evan Shellshear, Head of Analytics, Biarri