Digital Projects.
When: Wed 21st Oct, 11.30am to 1pm
Where: The Precinct
Stream: Growth
Block ModeratorBen Johnston, CEO, Josephmark

Conversation >> Leveraging digital innovation to future proof your organisation.

Whichever way you look at 2020, digital innovation was king, queen and country! It was a lifeline for many businesses which were forced to shut down; individuals and families to stay sane and governments to keep our cities, states and country moving.

Which begs the question - how do we keep our investment in digital innovation & technology flowing in the new normal?

How do we prove that investing in emerging technology & new digital products are good for business? How do we adapt, build resilience, reduce financial overstretch and future proof your organisation through digital innovation? And how do we sell this to those who aren't so digitally inclined? 
Mervin Chiang, Head of Market Development, Procensol
Peta Ellis, QUT Entrepreneurship 
Erin Musk, Manager Digital, Integrated Gas, Origin

Presentation >> Creating an environment for successful product management.

It takes a culture of empowerment and commitment to data driven decision making to build a serious global market company. However data is not always understood, particularly the power it holds in product development.

Join Jase to look under Clipchamp’s hood and uncover the ways they are handling data, treating it as the start and end of everything they do.

Learn how to propagate a better understanding of the product management frameworks to manage innovation, collaboration and strategic thinking in your team.

Jase Clamp, Senior Product Manager, Clipchamp

Presentation >> Your digital projects - I think you’re planning to fail!

Your project plan is a work of fiction. You know that, your team knows that, as does your board, steering committee and investors. But you all sign off on it anyway.

Why do we have this shared psychosis? We are wasting a lot of money.

Join Peter as he shows us how to bring a bit of rational pragmatism to our digital projects. And how we can deal with project risks in a reasonable and realistic way.
Peter Laurie, Director, Junta