The Future of Living.
When: Thursday 22nd Oct, 9am to 10.30am
Where: The Precinct
Stream: Digital Humanity
Block Moderator: Isaac Coonan, Senior Industry Development Manager, Technology, Brisbane EDA

Conversation >> Using tech and data to build resilience within our cities and regions.

Our cities need to keep moving forward in the face of natural disasters, pandemics, terrorism, freak weather events or other emergencies. Queensland is no stranger to natural disasters, however their frequency and strength is increasing. Couple that with the odd pandemic and it's clear that we need to build more intelligence into our environment, not for convenience but for survival. 
  • How can we leverage technology to minimise downtimes, provide rapid response to emergencies and save lives, whilst keeping our cities and regions moving?
  • What are some of the technology and data governance policy opportunities emerging from Covid?
  • How can advanced IoT and 5G help in maximising outdoor spaces for social distancing?
Juliette Murphy, CEO & Co-Founder, Floodmapp
Antonia Mercorella, CEO, The REIQ
Michael Webb, Director Design, Urbis

Presentation >> Daily innovation showcase special.

Two innovation legends will take to the stage, to showcase their wares. Think of it like a soap box, but for innovation. This will be followed by a quick Q&A session with the moderator.

Speakers to be confirmed.

Presentation >> Re-thinking the flow of people, goods & vehicles in a post pandemic city. 

At the height of the physical restrictions, our outdoor spaces were reclaimed by pedestrians. Foot traffic increased in the name of exercise and vehicular transport dropped by 90% (no one was going anywhere)! As Queenslanders our lifestyle is geared to the outdoors. However most of our outdoor space is taken up by roads creating congestion on footpaths, boardwalks and parks. Is this the perfect opportunity for us to re-think the mobility of our cities & towns? 
  • Why isn’t data better at predicting the flow of goods, people and vehicles?
  • What would it take to create bigger & wider pedestrian networks (that puts people first).
  • The rise of the internet of vehicles - the future of transportation.
Brett Dale, Group Chief Executive, Motor Traders Association of Queensland
Anne Kovachevich, Australian Foresight & Innovation Leader, Arup