Manufacturing + Supply Chain.
When: Wed 21st Oct, 2pm to 4pm
Where: The Precinct
Stream: Growth
Block Moderator: Leanne Kemp, Founder, Everledger

Presentation >> Robots don’t mind doing your dirty work. Should we be employing more of them? 

From fruit picking to navigating underground mines, to repetitive factory sorting, robots are the solution to make of our industrial challenges. Taking care of our dirty, dangerous, dull and distant tasks - robotics are the tools that workers never give back.
  • What kinds of jobs do robots do now?
  • How do robots create more jobs, whilst making workplaces safer and work more satisfying?
  • Where can I go to get started on my Robotics journey?
Cori Stewart, CEO, ARM Hub

Presentation >> Daily innovation showcase special.

Two innovation legends will take to the stage, to showcase their wares. Think of it like a soap box, but for innovation. This will be followed by a quick Q&A session with the moderator.
Speakers to be confirmed. 

Presentation >> Makers as the new manufacturers.

When supply of personal protection equipment fell short during the Covid crisis, government makers from all over the country, got to work to save the day. We saw 3D printers and other technologies put to good use to shore out medical supplies. As an industry, manufacturing has been struggling due to competitiveness, resulting in very few goods actually made in Australia. Our sovereign capability is being challenged by industry advantage. 
  • Will this change now that governments are more aware of the volatility of our situation?
  • Are we investing enough in innovation to generate competitive advantage?
  • How should R&D funds be invested to help improve value and outcomes?
  • What are some of the advancements in AI which would make manufacturing productivity flourish?
Victor Vicario, CEO, Arc Hardware Incubator/Accelerator 
Further speakers to be confirmed.

Presentation >> Digital innovation within our supply chains.

From blockchain to IoT, supply chains have seen significant changes throughout the past decade. Couple it with big data & automation and you have a very slick operation, albeit with many challenges. What does the future hold, for:
  • Building resilience for the future.
  • Bringing suppliers closer to home.
  • How should R&D funds be invested to help improve value and outcomes?
  • Role of government to help quantify and offset risks.
  • Near-shoring, anchoring, automation & software based management.
Conor Hagan, Co-Founder, Explorate