People & Smart Things.
When: Tue 20 Oct, 11.30am to 1pm
Where: The Precinct
Stream: Digital Humanity
Block ModeratorLeanne Kemp, Founder, Everledger

Conversation >> How Space Technology is enabling digital innovation.

We talk a lot about Space these days. Some of it focuses on the potential of living on Mars or SpaceX’s Starship rocket. However, the orbital economy is extremely alive and thriving in Australia.

Whether it is discovering new planets, launching small satellites to space, or designing the next gen of spacesuits - the commercial space revolution is literally limitless.

But what does it all mean for corporate Australia. How is Space Technology enabling digital innovation on the ground?
Anthony Murfett, Deputy Head, Australian Space Agency 

Presentation >> Sustainability through a different lens: The world of IoT, data and AI

One of the advantages of making things smarter is that we tend to make better use of them, often for longer periods and with decreased carbon footprints. This not only reduces waste, but saves funds and potentially reduces health place risk. 
  • How can we use combine sensors, AI & data to make the life of maintenance, reliability & operations teams easier?
  • How are we using these technologies to extend the life of assets and reduce their carbon footprints?
  • How is the future of connectedness opening up opportunities for enterprise and startups?
  • What does the future of IoT look like?
Brad Parsons, CEO, Movus

Presentation >> How to increase efficiency with a human-machine approach

Improved customer experiences; operational efficiencies; a stronger workforce; higher ROIs are all outcomes of highly automated organisations. So what make for a successful automated campaign or process? Join us to hear two speakers run through: 
  • Which process elements are right for automation.
  • Their take on when human checks are critical.
  • How to build a successful human-machine process
  • Their most unusual learnings around automation
Speaker to be confirmed.