Real skills for a digital world. 
When: Tue 20 Oct, 2pm to 4pm
Where: The Precinct
Stream: Digital Humanity
Block Moderator: Scott Millar, Chief Trouble Maker, BOP Industries

Presentation >> Finding calm in a sea of screens.

Life is challenging at the best of times. Between general work stress, managing multiple commitments, being ‘on’ almost 24/7, keeping up with our instagram persona and more - we’re already struggling. Throw in a pandemic and our anxiety levels have gone way beyond what is acceptable.

Mental health needs to be a priority.

This session will help us understand the key to brain health; the cognitive exercises to keep us sharp as well as tips that will empower us to find calm in our current environment. 
Sheryl Batchelor, Founder & Director, Yiliyapinya Indigenous Corporation

Presentation >>  Daily innovation showcase special.

Two innovation legends will take to the stage, to showcase their wares. Think of it like a soap box. But for innovation. This will be followed by a quick Q&A session with the moderator. 
Speakers to be confirmed.

Presentation >> Become a ninja at the virtual work life combo: Communication & collaboration tools. 

Online meetings and collaboration are here to stay, but the boom of Zoom has well and truly turned into the Doom of Zoom! How do we break through all this screen fatigue to do meaningful work with our colleagues and partners?

Join digital facilitator Ben Crothers as he shares some tips on the best comms and collaboration apps to use, and the best ways to use them.
Ben Crothers, Principal Facilitator, Bright Pilots

Presentation >> Redefining leadership. New skills for a new economy.

The new economy presents us with a need for redefined leadership skills that not only enable us to successfully engage remote teams but helps to steer organisations through the economic downturn and onto a thriving and adaptive operation.
  • Getting comfortable with uncertainty.
  • Emotional intelligence through a screen.
  • Taking advantage of diversity.
Louise Mercer, Chief Experience Officer, Everledger