Deep Geek: Trust + Surveillance. 
When: Thursday 22nd Oct, 11.30am to 1pm 
Where: The Precinct
Stream: Deep Geek
Block Moderator: Simon Fielke, Research Scientist, CSIRO

Presentation >> How do we design trustworthy AI? 

Data, algorithms and decisions are all questionable. We rarely have a clear picture of the ingredients or elements that are forming the backbone of critical decision making in organisations big and small. Trust is quickly becoming the pinnacle of all transactions both in a consumer, public or private setting. 
  • How do we build trust through explainability?
  • What are the key responsible AI practices we should be including in every AI strategy?
  • How do we determine what bias to reduce and how do we reduce it?
Elliot Smith, Founder, Maxwell Plus  
Georgina Ibarra,
Product & Design Lead, CSIRO's Data61
Melissa Witheriff, Head of Digital Innovation, CUA 

Conversation >> Technology in a surveillance state. Who can we trust?

Two innovation legends will take to the stage, to showcase their wares. Think of it like a soap box. But for innovation. This will be followed by a quick Q&A session with the moderator.
  • Is there a grey line that divides the erosion of privacy around data points in Google vs controlling a public health disaster?
  • Is surveillance used as a technological fix for social problems?
  • Are we aware of the uneven burden of surveillance where the poor and marginalised and surveilled more than the wealthy and privileged?
  • Is health and public safety the one tried and true way to introduce and gain widespread acceptance of surveillance? Can it ever be a one time deal or is surveillance data kept forever?
Audrey Courty, Lecturer, School of Humanities, Languages & Social Sciences Griffith University
Philip Green, Privacy Commissioner, Office of the Information Commissioner  
Sue Keay, CEO, Queensland AI Hub