Work, Workplace + Workforce.
When: Thursday 22nd Oct, 9am to 10.30am
Where: The Capital + Streamed Online
Stream: Digital Humanity
Block Moderator: Nathan Bush, Founder, 12High

Presentation >> Unexpected benefits of flexible working menus in the digital age.

Inflexible flexible working arrangements have been completely disrupted by the onslaught of 2020. They have shown to be too rigid and not useful for the current working at home environment.

A new idea has arisen, that of the flexible working menu which is empowering the digital age. Combined with digital measurement systems, employers are discovering how to give their employees the flexibility they want and know that such systems are being applied and used well. Learn about:
  • The acceptance of remote working and its impact on traditional organisations
  • The re-shaping of culture to support digital enablement
  • Flexible work (finally) as a common element and not a perk
Ella Shellshear, Senior Consultant, Diversity & Inclusion, Metro South Health 

Presentation >> Canva’s approach to people growth.

True growth is only possible when backed with a strong people strategy. Over the past few years we have seen seismic shifts in the way we work and the value we are placing on our workforce. Between digital acceleration, flexible work and a stronger move towards wellbeing, our people have become partners in growth. Join us to hear how tech unicorn Canva has: 
  • Approached their people strategy both pre-Covid and through the health crisis
  • Scaled their team through empowerment
  • And taken advantage of a global remote workforce
David Burson, General Manager / Head of Product & Growth, Canva 

Presentation >> Harnessing digital natives to stay ahead in the innovation economy.

We often talk about the future of work, what jobs of the future might look like and how we need to encourage STEAM participation. But what happens if we flip the debate and look at ways to engage young people, not only for what they might offer 20 years down the line, but for what they know today.

How can corporates, government and startups better connect with education to create a win all round?
Scott Millar, Chief Trouble Maker, BOP Industries