We've searched high and low for some of the greatest thought leaders, mischief makers and digital legends to join us in creating Something Digital for Queensland! 

This year's Rebel Edition will welcome more speakers than ever before - expanding our curated content from one day to three. We believe that it’s extremely important to take a deeper dive into those aspects of digital innovation that are not only strengthening our organisations but making them more resilient to external disruptions.

From organisational growth to deep geek to digital humanity - the three program streams will enable you to leverage digital innovation across various industries, roles and priorities.

Most of our international speakers will beam in via extended sessions which will be part presentation, part fireside chat and part Q&A ... giving you an opportunity to make the most of their virtual presence.

Whilst our local legends will challenge you to tangibly create a difference in your world whether you use digital to manage people; are concerned about surveillance tech; want to improve your customer experience; are curious about the future of living; keen to learn about the latest AI and more.

International Speakers

Bryony Cole
Future of Sex
About Bryony >> As the world’s leading authority on sextech, Bryony Cole is fascinated by the way technology permeates every corner of our lives, even the most intimate ones. Bryony has been awarded places in the Google-Walkely Media Incubator for Innovation in Journalism and Australian Advance Queensland HotDesQ accelerator. 

Why we love Bryony >> Her incredible body of research, global sextech hackathons and annual Future of Sex report are considered the pinnacle of industry insights and innovation. 
Chris Dowsett
Head of Decision Science & Analytics

About Chris >> Chris has been a leader in Analytics for 15 years. He specializes in understanding organizational impact and biases affecting data use, customer analytics, marketing effectiveness, and building easy-to-use analytical tools that enable better business decision making and outcomes.

Why we love Chris >> Although he may be working in San Francisco for one of the most popular social channels in the world, the QLD blood runs through Chris. His Doctorate is from The University of Southern Queensland (Go QLDer) and his undergrad from UQ.
Davey Gibian
Founding team - Strategy & Growth Cofounder
Calypso AI

About Davey >> As an executive at Calypso AI and a former White House Presidential Innovation Fellow for AI and National Security, Davey as worn many hats, including being a founder, humanitarian, and senior national security/military adviser. Davey has worked on Wall Street, at the White House, in Silicon Valley, the Pentagon and active war zones.  

Why we love Davey >> Davey is a white knight in a sometimes dark digital world. Rather than shying away from the tough digital battles, Davey faces them head on. 
Fiona Tan
Global Head of Customer and Supplier Technology 
About Fiona >>
Fiona drives the continued growth of Wayfair’s world-class Engineering organization while setting the vision and strategy for the development of systems and technologies that shape customer and supplier experiences. 

Why we love Fiona >> Prior to Wayfair, Fiona served as senior vice president of U.S. Technology at Walmart where she was responsible for innovation and engineering execution spanning its site, mobile app and all associate and merchant-facing technology across its e-commerce and stores business in the U.S.
Juan Ortiz Freuler
Berkman Klein Center

About Juan >> an Juan is an affiliate at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society and a PhD candidate at the Annenberg School of Communication (USC). He aims to understand the social impacts of the web and advocate for policies to ensure these are positive.

Why we love Juan >> Juan believes the web has yet to achieve its full potential.
Whilst working at the Web Foundation Juan worked on the Contract for the Web and provided technical and operational support to Sir Tim Berners-Lee.
Mazzy Cameron
Global Director - People & Organizational Development
eBay and Stubhub

About Mazzy >> Mazzy is passionate about people and possibilities, obsessed with creative pursuits and spends much of her time innovating around culture and helping organizations cultivate environments where people can thrive.

Why we love Mazzy >> Over the past 7 years she has been based in San Francisco, CA as a Global Director of Talent and Organizational Development at eBay and Stubhub. She loves ‘hacking’ everything around people, culture and building high performance in teams. Right now she is hanging out in Sydney to ride out the Covid wave in the States and optimize spending time with family (and Aussie summer!)

Local + Interstate Legends

Ally Tutkaluk
Digital Marketing Specialist Leukaemia Foundation 
About Ally >>  As the Digital Manager at the Leukaemia Foundation, Ally ensures online resources and touch points are relevant, engaging, and valuable for the 110,000+ people currently living with blood cancer in Australia. 

Why we love Ally >> She believes the future for health services delivery is changing - and that applies to information and support as much as it does to treatment. The digital space offers boundless opportunities to design tailored experiences to support patients no matter where they are at in their diagnosis and treatment.
Andrew Duval
Creative Director
Liquid Interactive
About Andrew >> Andrew is a multi-disciplinary digital design leader, specialising in helping users make high-stakes life decisions. He has over 10 years experience in learning design, communications, internal marketing for corporate, government and SME, plus another 5 years in what you'd loosely call the film and TV industry.

Why we love Andrew >> He is a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grantee and one year he was the second most popular speaker at Think With Google, after the guy who designed Google Cardboard. 
Andrew Kolb
Strategy Director
About Andrew >> Andrew is an award-winning Strategy Director with broad experience working with top tier clients across brand strategy, brand positioning, brand identity, communications strategy, digital strategy and business strategy. 

Why we love Andrew >> 
He has developed and implemented brand and communication strategies for clients including: FMCG (Coca-Cola, Lion), Automotive (Lexus, AP Eagers) and Travel (Tourism and Events Queensland, Air Asia). 
Anne Kovachevich
Australasian Foresight & Innovation Leader 
About Anne >> Anne is the Foresight and Innovation Leader for Arup Australasia and is inspired by helping companies understand current trends and what they can do to be at the forefront of their industries. Anne works with Arup teams internally to understand the future of the business and how they need to adapt to meet future needs and be resilient to disruption.

Why we love Anne >> At Something Digital Anne will be sharing her thoughts on a post pandemic world including ideas presented in the latest foresight publication which can be found here.
Anthony Murfett
Deputy Head
Australian Space Agency 

About Anthony >> Anthony is Deputy Head of the Australian Space Agency, where he has oversight of strategy, policy and day-to-day operations.  Anthony ensures the Agency delivers on its purpose to transform and grow a globally respected Australian space industry that contributes to productivity and employment across the Australian economy.

Why we love Anthony >> 
Dedicated to purpose, Anthony brings an entrepreneurial spirit to the Agency, valuing partnerships while drawing strength from diversity and pushing the boundaries of our knowledge. 
Antonia Mercorella
About Antonia >> Antonia is the powerhouse CEO of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ). Antonia is committed to raising professionalism in the real estate sector and improving consumer perceptions of real estate practitioners. For her efforts, Antonia was recognised as one of the top ten most influential people in QLD real estate. 

Why we love Antonia >> 
As the REIQ’s first female CEO, and its youngest, Antonia has transformed the 100 year old Institute into the one of most progressive and high profile real estate industry organisations in Australia.
Audrey Courty
Lecturer, School of Humanities, Languages & Social Sciences
Griffith University

About Audrey >> Audrey is a PhD candidate in the School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. Her research work concentrates on the relationship between social media and political movements.

Whey we Love Audrey >> Audrey's doctoral thesis investigates the role of social media in the mediation of right-wing populism. In particular, she is studying the co-construction of populist discourses between political actors and citizens on Facebook.
Ben Bradford
Head of Animation
About Ben >> 
Ben is a digital animator with over 10 years’ experience in graphic design, animation, photography, and film. His creativity and keen eye for detail ensures every project he works on is of the highest standard. 

Why we love Ben >> He loves bringing stories to life and delivering engaging content that reflects the client's needs. 
Ben Crothers
Principal Facilitator
Bright Pilots
About Ben >> 
Ben is a design strategist, facilitator, visualiser, team coach, and author. Most of his recent work has been more about designing with people rather than pixels: he helps teams with better ways of working (both physically and digitally), and is one of the minds behind the Atlassian Team Playbook. 

Why we love Ben >> 
He’s been in the digital industry from when putting ‘Under Construction’ banners on websites was seen as the responsible thing to do. 
Ben Johnston

About Ben >> Ben has spent more than a decade developing businesses, consulting on digital strategy, identifying market gaps and future trends. He’s founded many successful companies including Josephmark, Breeder, Gilimbaa and We Are Hunted.

Why we love Ben >> Ben is (literally) a giant in Brisbane's digital ecosystem. He is a  key driver behind some of Brisbane's greatest  digital innovations and  is well known for his fearlessness in pushing the envelope.
Brad Parsons
CEO & Founder
Bio Coming Shortly.

"Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet."
Jean-Jacques Rousseau      
Brooke Jamieson
Experience Lead
About Brooke >> Booke combines her formal mathematics training with professional experience in UX, Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Behavioural Economics, Web Optimisation and Persuasive Communication to help people get the most out of data generated by their smart buildings.

Why we love Brooke >> She specialises in researching & developing technically robust UX that helps “non-data people” harness the power of data, and communicate this effectively.
Brett Dale
Group Chief Executive
Motor Trades Association of Queensland
About Brett >>  Brett was appointed as the Group Chief Executive for the Motor Trades Association of Queensland in May 2016. Brett has held senior leadership roles for the past 15 years, commencing as Managing Director of the MTA Institute, which is the leading automotive provider for training and apprenticeship delivery in Queensland. He is an accomplished intrapreneur developing many new commercial opportunities for the MTA Group.

Why we love Brett >> In 2017, he was instrumental in the development of Australia’s first automotive innovation hub (MTAiQ). The MTAiQ provides an eco-system that supports innovation in the motor trades
Cat Matson
Digital Legend
About Cat >> Cat is one of QLD’s most popular MCs, known for her straight-talking style. She is the founder of Impactful Presenters, an online program that teaches change-makers and professionals how to present with confidence. As Brisbane’s former Chief Digital Officer, Cat has a strong reputation in Australia’s innovation ecosystems and was recognised in 2018 at the IDC Digital Transformation Awards as Australia’s Digital Experience (DX) Leader. 

Why we love Cat >> Cat has led the way in open innovation programs for civic improvement with the design and development of Brisbane Innovate, believed to be one of the largest open innovation programs in the world.
Conor Hagan
About Conor >> 
Conor is the co-founder of Explorate, a company that has a vision to change the way freight moves around the world. 

Why we love Conor >> 
Conor's reputation is built on thinking outside the box when it comes to supply chains and for the last three years has built Explorate into one of Australia's leading digital freight companies. 
Cori Stewart
About Cori >> Cori Stewart is CEO of the ARM (Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing) Hub, a world-leading technology centre in robotics and design-led manufacturing that accelerates industry’s digital transformation. The Hub draws together the best scientists, technical specialists, designers and engineers working side by side to develop commercial robotic solutions.

Why we love Cori >> Cori is a recognised leader in developing large-scale partnerships between industry, research institutions, governments and the community, where she has successfully developed new approaches to pressing challenges in industry and society.
Daniel Leeman
Senior Experience Designer
Telstra Purple

About Daniel >> Daniel is a Senior Experience Designer at Telstra Purple and a current MBA candidate with a demonstrated history of working in a wide variety of industries. His skills span the entire spectrum of design roles from research to implementation.

Why we love Daniel >> He is a practitioner of the double diamond process which sees him comfortably engage with businesses to uncover issues, develop strategies and work hand in hand with engineers to implement and test solutions.
David Burson
General Manager / Head of Product & Growth

About David >> David is the GM for Canva Pro at Canva, where he has built and led product & revenue growth teams for the past three years, helping Canva to recently becoming a $6.2billion USD company.

Why we love David >> Well for a starter he works as Head of Growth in one of Australia’s few Unicorns - talk about the worlds’ best job! Plus he does so whilst working on focusing on people empowerment, remote working and scaling teams!
David Douglas 
 Postdoctoral Fellow (Responsible Innovation in Robotics and AI)

About David >> David's research explores the ethical issues raised by robotic technology and artificial intelligence. His work applies theories of moral philosophy and distributive justice to examine how new technologies challenge our existing moral and political commitments.

Why we love David >> Before joining CSIRO, David spent two years in the Netherlands as an ethics advisor for computing researchers at the University of Twente.
Denis Bauer
Head of Cloud Computing Bioinformatics
About Denis >>  Denis is CSIRO’s Principal Research Scientist in transformational bioinformatics and an internationally recognised expert in machine learning and cloud-based genomics. 

Why we love Denis >> Her achievements include developing open-source machine-learning bioinformatics software used by 10,000 researchers annually and contributing to Australia’s COVID-19 response
Ella Shellshear
Diversity and Inclusion Expert
Metro South Health
About Ella >> 
With over 15 years of international and Australian experience, Ella is a successful organisational performance manager and Diversity and Inclusion specialist, who is always working closely with boards, executives and senior leaders.  

Why we love Ella >> 
She is a big promoter of structured interventions that are first and foremost data driven and specific to organisation’s context as opposed to being based on assumptions and ad hoc activities. She has a wealth of practical unconscious bias preventative tools, best practices and a network of D&I experts.
Elliot Duff
Principal Robotics Research Consultant
About Elliot >>  For more than 20 years Elliot has been involved in the area of field robotics and in particular the development of sensing systems that allow machines to operate autonomously outdoors in hostile and unstructured environments. 

Why we love Elliot >> Recently Elliot found himself managing the Autonomous Systems Program with interests in field robotics, sensor networks and cognitive systems. Today he oversees a number of emerging market portfolios: including Spatial Intelligence and the Industrial Internet.
Elliot Smith
Maxwell Plus
About Elliot >>  Dr. Elliot Smith is one of the leading voices of Artificial Intelligence for healthcare in the world. After completing his PhD at the University of Queensland - Elliot founded Maxwell Plus after seeing huge issues with the rates of early and accurate detection. 

Why we love Elliot >> He has published numerous papers across the use of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare and nurturing the next generation of AI professionals by supervising a number of PhD students studying Artificial Intelligence applications to imaging of the brain and body.
Evan Shellshear
Head of Analytics
About Evan >> Evan is a certified Analytics Practitioner with a Ph.D. in Game Theory from the Nobel Prize winning University of Bielefeld (in Germany). He has many years of international experience in the development and design of AI tools for a variety of industries from manufacturing to retail. 

Why we love Evan >>
 Not only is Evan an analytical wizz, but he has also authored a number of books including the best selling book on Amazon, Innovation Tools.
Erin Musk
Manager Digital, Integrated Gas
About Erin >> I lead Origin Energy's Integrated Gas Digital team; their mission is to unlock value with data and technology by creating data driven solutions for our business. 

Why we love Erin >>  
Her journey to Digital started in environmental engineering, project delivery via innovation and organisational transformation.
Fiona Armstrong
Customer Experience Director
Liquid Interactive
About Fiona >> Fiona’s passion for delivering better social outcomes has seen her lead major human centred digital transformation across federal, state and local governments in the UK and Australia.

Why we love Fiona >> An intrepid Scot and multi-award winning industry leader, Fiona led the transformation of public services for the Queensland Government, where her team delivered new digital services, capabilities and improved customer experiences. 
Fiona Kerr
Founder & CEO
The NeuroTech Institute

About Fiona >> Fiona is a prominent thought leader and consults globally in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, complex systems dynamics, human connectivity and the impacts of technologisation.

Why we love Fiona >> 
Fiona consults globally on areas including how leaders build better brains and businesses; collaborative complex problem solving; the neurophysiological impact of humans interfacing with each other and technologies and the use of Artificial Intelligence.
Geoff Fabila
Acknowledgement of Country
Bio Coming Shortly.

"Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet."
Jean-Jacques Rousseau      
Georgina Ibarra
Product & Design Lead 
CSIRO's Data61
About Georgina >> 
Georgina leads the Product and Design group at Data61 | CSIRO, where she supports a team of talented user experience designers and product managers whose mission is to translate science and research outcomes into impact-driven platforms and products.  

Why we love Georgina >> 
During her time at Data61 she was also User Experience Lead for the tele-health platform Coviu, driving the design of a product that resonated with its users right from its initial creation through to launching as a successful startup. 
Hayden Delaney
Partner +
 Head of IP
& Technology Team


About Hayden >> Hayden is highly experienced in the information, communications and technology sector, as well as intellectual property law. Hayden advises his clients on practical solutions for protecting and managing information assets and complying with their privacy obligations.

Why we love Hayden >> Hayden is recognised as a Leading Technology, Media and Telecommunications Lawyer and a Leading Intellectual Property Lawyer by Doyle’s Guide, 2018 and 2019. 
Isaac Coonan
Senior Industry Development Manager, Technology
Brisbane EDA
About Isaac >> Isaac has been developing Brisbane Innovation ecosystem since 2015, through coworking spaces, accelerators, events and other community building activities.

Why we love Isaac >> With a strength and passion for Proptech, Isaac now sits as the Senior Industry Development Manager at Brisbane’s Economic Development Agency. 
James Pateras
Managing Director
Modular Farms Australia

About James >> As director of Modular Farms Australia, James oversees the design and manufacturing of the Modular Farms brand in the Oceanic region. Modular Farms Australia, supplies built-in- Brisbane Modular Farms to farmers and businesses across the Oceanic Region, in particular to the many isolated, rural communities of Australia.

Why we love James >> Having personally dealt with the impacts of the drought, James wanted to find ways to integrate technology and create a place for himself in the future of farming. As a 3rd generation farmer, he felt that doing what we have done for the past 100 years will not suffice for the next 100 years. Even more so in a post Covid19 world.
Jane Hunter
About Jane >> Jane was appointed as CEO in March 2020, after joining Brisbane-based technology company Tritium in 2019 as Chief Operating Officer and Deputy CEO. Tritium is widely described as the global technology leader in the design and manufacture of DC fast-charging solutions for electric vehicles.

Why we love Jane >>  
Prior to her appointment at Tritium, Jane was the Chief Operating Officer for Boeing’s international advanced technology arm, responsible for developing the Loyal Wingman, the first Australian designed and built aircraft in fifty years. 
Jase Clamp
Senior Product Manager
About Jase >> Jase builds communities of product leaders and has been working in the product management field with SaaS platforms. He's currently Product Managing with a Brisbane based video editing platform called ClipChamp as well as coordinating a product community of over 30,000 members across 30 APAC cities. ProductTank's free events provide inspiring content and supportive community for people defining and design product globally.

Why we love Jase >> He dreams to see an Australian owned digital company be amongst the top ten global market cap companies in the next ten years and he believes good Product Management can unlock this.
Jason Titman
Advisory Board Member
Neto E-Commerce Solutions
About Jason >> Jason has had a Portfolio career, dominated by building successful companies & exiting them at strategic points in time. Over the past 20 years he has proved his skills across both B2B & B2C. Jason has been a key driver in companies and property projects that have created over $300+ million in value and exits for business partners, shareholders & founders

Why we love Jason >> 
Jason is well known as a person who "just gets things done"! Experienced "Growth Hacker" & where necessary "Cost Cutter" but also someone who understands the importance of good governance as companies grow.
Jeremy Hastings
Bio Coming Shortly.

"Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet."
Jean-Jacques Rousseau      
Julie-Ann Lambourne
Senior Consultant

Tagai Management  
About Julie ann >> Julie-ann Lambourne, is a Torres Strait Islander woman of Mabuiag and Darnley Island descent. She is a Senior Consultant with Tagai Management Consultants (TMC), a management consultancy specialising in procurement, supply chain, stakeholder engagement, business advisory and innovation and technology.

Why we love Julie ann >>
She was a founding member and CEO of enVizion, an Indigenous owned and operated charitable organisation, which has been assisting disadvantaged people see beyond limitations to reach their full potential since 2013. 
Juliette Murphy
CEO & Co-Founder
About Juliette >> Juliette is a professional water resources engineer turned entrepreneur who co-founded her business FloodMapp in 2017. FloodMapp offers rapid and real-time flood forecasting products and predictive flood inundation mapping, providing greater warning time that can potentially save lives and reduce damage.

Why we love Juliette >> 
 FloodMapp combines traditional hydrology and hydraulics approaches with emerging technologies including big data, analytics and machine learning. Its core customers are insurers, utilities, mining, energy, and government agencies both locally and globally
Justine Lacey
Director, Responsible Innovation Future Science Platform
About Justine >> Justine leads CSIRO’s Responsible Innovation Future Science Platform; a research program that assesses the potential risks, benefits and uncertainties of future science and technology and ensures socially responsible science and technology is designed and delivered for all Australians.

Why we love Justine >> Part of Justine's role includes examining significant policy, regulatory and ethical challenges presented by novel and disruptive innovations and technologies.
Karen Sanders
General Manager Real Serious Games & Lead, XR Hub

About Karen >> Forging her vision for emerging tech and extensive experience in civil engineering and construction, Karen Co-founded Real Serious Games in 2009 with a small team and shoestring budget.

Why we love Karen >> The new Extended Realities (XR) Hub will help to develop local immersive technologies talent, and support increased use of XR in Queensland priority industries.
Karishma Mendiratta
Head of Customer Experience & Digital

Bio Coming Shortly.

"Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet."
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Kate Devitt
Social & Ethical Robotics Researcher
Defence Science & Technology

About Kate >> Kate is a Social & Ethical Robotics Researcher at Defence Science & Technology Group, Chief Scientist of the Trusted Autonomous Systems Defence CRC, and Research Fellow with the Co-Innovation Research Group, School of ITEE, University of Queensland.

Why we love Kate >>  Kate uses expertise in cognitive science, epistemology and ethics to interrogate how robotic and autonomous systems should be designed within the large sociotechnical systems within which they are built and deployed.
Kieran Shirey
Managing Director
LOGiT Australia

About Kieran >> Kieran Shirey is a proud Biripi man and Managing Director of LOGiT Australia, a tech startup to the Asset Management industry, which he cofounded in 2016. LOGiT Australia are the first Indigenous business to develop software used in the management of large portfolios of Infrastructure. 

Why we love Kieran >> I
n 2018, Kieren became the first Indigenous Australian to become a Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA) for the international standard ISO 55001. 
Kirsty Robinson
Head of Experience - Brisbane

About Kirsty >> Kirsty is an award-winning Design Strategist who uses human centred design to work with organisations to help navigate how digital will impact their customer experience, their employee experience, and the workplace itself.

Why we love Kirsty >> With over 20 years’ experience in digital, Kirsty has worked both in thoroughbred digital agencies and top tier management consultancies; designing customer and employee experience strategies for clients.
Kris Stewart
Artistic Director
Brisbane Powerhouse
Bio Coming Shortly.

"Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet."
Jean-Jacques Rousseau      
Kshira Saagar
Chief Data Officer
Latitude Financial 

About Kshira >> Kshira Saagar (the K is silent like in a Knight) is currently the Chief Data Officer of Latitude Financial Services and has spent 21.3% of his life helping key decision-makers and CxOs make smarter decisions using data, and strongly believes that every organisation can become truly data-driven.

Why we love Kshira >> He is the fastest speaker we have ever met and has been consecutively recognised among the Top 10 Analytics Leaders in Australia, for 2019 and 2020. 
Kurt Sanders
Director of Strategy
The Content Division 

About Kurt >> Kurt has more than 10 years experience as a journalist, trainer, content marketing strategist and public speaker, and has worked with brands across a huge range of industries including sales training, health, economic development and tourism.

Why we love Kurt >> Together with his team at The Content Division, they love to create moments that matter for their clients' customers!
Lauren Duffy
Marketing Solutions Architect

Jumbo Interactive 
About Lauren >> 
Lauren has over 10 years Marketing experience. Starting out in Customer Insights, Lauren worked with non-profit organisations in the Arts & Culture sector in Scotland helping them to understand their audiences.

Why we love Lauren >> More recently, Lauren has spent the last 4 years at Jumbo Interactive. Currently, she is working in the SaaS space - 'Powered by Jumbo' is a lottery platform designed to enable charities across Australia and worldwide to build and run their lotteries.  
Leah Emery
Artist | Public Programs Officer

Bio Coming Shortly.

"Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet."
Jean-Jacques Rousseau      
Leanne Kemp
Founder & CEO
About Leanne >> Leanne Kemp is Founder and CEO of Everledger and Queensland Chief Entrepreneur. She is a prominent figure in the technology sector and recognised internationally as an innovator and leader. Her company Everledger uses Blockchain technology to track high-value assets such as diamonds, art and wine.

Why we love Leanne >> As QLDs Chief Entrepreneur, Leanne is undeniably passionate about helping startups and scale-ups to grow and flourish in an increasingly competitive landscape. 
Leesa Watego
Managing Director
Iscariot Media
About Leesa >> Leesa is the Managing Director of IscariotMedia, a creative agency that works with small businesses, institutions and organisations, and governments on creative and digital projects. Leesa's passion for digital media started back in 2007 when she realised the power of social media to bring together non-mainstream voices to build and strengthen communities.

Why we love Leesa >> Leesa created Deadly Bloggers, the first directory of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander bloggers, and has been working in the space of advocating for the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples online ever since.
Lisa Renneisen
Something Digital
About Lisa >> For almost 20 years, Lisa’s marketing + project management career has seen her work in various roles across Europe and Australia.  With a passion for facilitating an environment where humans can build genuine connections, Lisa brings to Something Digital strong digital marketing, project management and customer experience skills. 

Why we love Lisa >> Her superpower is creating outstanding journey’s and experiences for clients, partners, attendees and stakeholders - particularly through the adoption of new digital tools and channels
Lisa Summer-Hayes
Head of Marketing
Queensland Ballet
About Lisa >> Lisa is a dynamic leader with 15 years’ marketing experience leading teams to deliver organisational growth and customer value. 

Why we love Lisa >> With extensive experience in the education and not-for-profit sectors, Lisa’s strength is navigating large, complex organisations and start-ups - operationalising strategic priorities and purpose with a whole-of-business marketing lens.
Liz Minchin
Executive Editor
The Conversation Australia & New Zealand
About Liz >> Liz Minchin is a Walkley award-winning journalist and author, with two decades of experience in newspapers, radio and online. As Executive Editor, Liz is currently overseeing The Conversation’s expansion in New Zealand, a role that includes being involved in the team’s 2020 coronavirus and election coverage, as well as developing new audience and partnership strategies.

Why we love Liz >> Liz is a multi-award winning journalist. In 2010, Liz co-authored a book with a scientist on how Australia could get serious about tackling climate change (the book was called 'Screw Light Bulbs'). 
Louise Mercer
Chief Experience Officer

About Louise >> Louise is the Chief Customer Experience Officer for Everledger. She has been fundamental in shaping Everledger’s business and technology development globally. Louise enjoys engaging with business partners and industry leaders to address challenges they  face in supply chain transparency, reducing the risk of counterfeits and finding ways to create new sources of value for all parties in a network.

Why we love Louise >> 
She is a pattern finder, lateral thinker, relationship builder, facilitator and explorer of the interactions between technology, society and business.
Llew Jury
Founder + Managing Director
Sprint Ventures
About Llew >> Llew is an experienced digital business and marketing leader that's founded, managed and exited global digital marketing and consulting businesses over the past two decades. He is the Founder & Managing Director at Sprint Ventures - growing, mentoring and investing in the very best early-stage ideas and most importantly, their founders.

Why we love Llew >> Llew is a one of Brisbane's most well known digital heroes, having founded Reload Business Group, one of Australia's leading digital marketing groups.
Marek Kowalkiewicz
Founding Director
QUT Centre for the Digital Economy 

About Marek >> With a passion for exploring bleeding edge technologies and using them to create opportunities and solve problems, Marek has extensive industry based innovation implementation experience together with a strong academic background. 

Why we love Marek >> He is probably the most digital person we know. He lives with a hierarchy of robots, is crazy smart and tends to begin most sentences with "but have you considered ..."
Marisa Verman
Fine Artist

Bio Coming Shortly.

"Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet."
Jean-Jacques Rousseau      
Martijn Mooij
Senior User Experience Designer 
CSIRO's Data61

Bio Coming Shortly.

"Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet."
Jean-Jacques Rousseau      
Mehdi Khalili
Head of Software Development
Telstra Purple 

About Mehdi >> Mehdi is a disruptive leader with 20 years of experience in the software and technology industry. He is the Head of Software Development for Telstra Purple where he devises and drives the future direction for Telstra Purple’s software development and IoT capabilities internationally.

Why we love Mehdi >> 
He has a wide range of experience he is able to draw on inc technical leadership, solution architecture, cyber security, consultation, digital transformation and executive leadership. 
Melissa Witheriff
Head of Digital Innovation

About Melissa >> Melissa is focused on addressing problems worth solving working with the startup community accelerating ideas into value generating opportunities. She has extensive experience in the commercial, government and NFP sectors. 

Why we love Melissa >>  Melissa has a unique ability to balance the intrigue and possibility of new tech with the practical business applications ... all for the benefit of both customers (members) and employees.
Mervin Chiang
Head of Market Development
About Mervin >> As Procensol’s Head of Market Development, Mervin brings more than a decade of experience in strategic thinking, software, systems and process-centric design for business transformation to the operations of the organisation.  

Why we love Mervin >> Mervin has a knack for leveraging digital transformation in times of uncertainty merging strategic and innovative thinking to challenge the status quo. A necessity in today’s environment!
Mic Black
Mic's Labs
Bio Coming Shortly.

"Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet."
Jean-Jacques Rousseau      
Michael Burke
Managing Director
Liquid Interactive
About Michael >> Originally an Ipswich boy who first studied music and composition at QUT, Michael went on to co-found and build one of Australia’s most consistently successful digital design practices.

Whey we love Michael >> 
Michael is one of Brisbane's genuine digital legends. As a 20 year industry veteran, business leader and mentor, Michael is passionate about creating a workplace that empowers the digital leaders of the future and work that can change people’s lives. 
Michael Bye
 Senior Design Consultant
Telstra Purple
About Michael >> Michael is Design innovation specialist and management consultant at Telstra Purple, specialising in research, facilitation, problem framing, strategy, service design, experience design and product design.

Why we love Michael >> As a designer, he knows how important the little things are and how they contribute to the bigger picture. As a business strategist, he knows the realities and challenges of driving innovation and delivering transformation in large organisations. 
Michael Dezuanni
Associate Director, Digital Media Research Centre QUT

About Michael >> Michael Dezuanni undertakes research about digital media, literacies and learning in home, school and community contexts. He is the Associate Director of QUT’s Digital Media Research Centre.

Why we love Michael >> He has been a chief investigator on five ARC Linkage projects with a focus on digital literacy and learning at school, the use of digital games in the classroom, digital inclusion in regional and rural Australia, and the use of screen content in formal and informal learning.
Michael Gillespie
Group Chief Digital and Technology Officer
Domino's Pizza Enterprises Limited

About Michael >> With more than 20 years’ experience in online marketing and digital strategy, he is responsible for overseeing the Digital and Information Technology teams across DPE’s nine markets. 

Why we love Michael >> 
Michael and his team are committed to constant innovation and has achieved a number of world firsts inc. autonomous delivery vehicles, drone delivery, virtual assistants and online ordering with augmented reality.
Michael Metcalfe

About Michael >> Michael is the Founder of Kynd, the simple way to find and book disability and NDIS support. For far too long, disability support has been costly, complex and offered little control, so Kynd created a platform that empowers people to connect, save money and get personalised help, because the right support changes everything.  

Why we love Michael >> 
Prior to Kynd, he founded ‘Snotels’ in 2010 with the world's first 'alpine only' hotel brand with 30 sites across Europe. 
Michael Webb
Director Design

About Michael >> Michael is a nationally recognised urban designer who specialises in the master planning of new communities and urban residential redevelopment. He has a clear passion for design, advocating on behalf of the property industry and regularly presenting emerging trends to deliver housing choice to our communities. 

Why we love Michael >> 
As a proud Gen Y professional, Michael is excited by the "design and data dance" that awaits the property industry.
Nadine Zrinzo
Something Digital
About Nadine >> Nadine has been bringing experiences to life for almost 20 years across Australia, Asia, Europe and the US. At Bright Humans, Nadine takes on the role of a lead project manager + chief content curator. With a penchant for “leave no detail spared”, she brings to our events + experiences strong research, business production and project management skills.

Why we love Nadine >>
As Something Digital's Chief Content Curator, Nadine is fiercely passionate about bringing together some of the greatest digital minds to push boundaries and inspire our ecosystem.
Nathan Bush
About Nathan >> Nathan is a retail optimist who thrives on activating strategy for eCommerce and omnichannel retailers. He was previously Group Digital Manager at Super Retail Group and was placed in the Top 50 People in E-commerce four years in a row. 

Why we love Nathan >> Nathan's methodology involves customer experience audits, 90-day action plans and frequent iteration. The result is an evolving growth strategy which keeps retailers relevant and profitable. 
Paula Guino
About Paula >> Paula’s passion for innovation has taken her on an interesting journey of 15+ years’ experience driving and delivering end-to-end strategy and innovation projects across industries. 

Why we love Paula >> 
Throughout her international career she has led cross functional, results driven and agile teams across geographies.
Pauline Fetaui
General Manager
River City Labs
About Pauline >> Pauline Fetaui is General Manager of River City Labs who joined in October 2019 to continue to pursue her passion of helping People create and live their purpose, whilst growing innovative technologies for the advancement of society. 

Why we love Pauline >> 
Pauline’s own contribution to helping people, includes; CheeHoo a Personal assistant and Organiser app she launched in 2019 and her other role as co-host of a Splash of Colour Podcast where authentic conversations about being human come to life.
Peta Ellis
Entrepreneur in Residence
About Peta >> Peta is a Human Transformation Architect, an ecosystem, builder, startup community leader, innovation strategist, public speaker and facilitator, and diversity evangelist. As an entrepreneur, Peta founded 4 companies before 30, and has a 20 year background in communications, PR, marketing and media relations.  

Why we love Peta >> 
In addition to creating and delivering Entrepreneurship Programs at QUT as Entrepreneur in Residence, she is busy growing Tribe Global and Peak Persona as a cofounder. Tribe Global works at the intersection of people, culture, change and innovation. 
Peter Laurie
About Peter >> Peter is the founder of Junta through which he participates heavily in the innovation ecosystem. A major role that he performs is interfacing between corporates and new ventures. He has coached and advised 800+ startups and new ventures on how to innovate, implement, and deliver to both consumers and businesses.

Why we love Peter >> 
He has been the Mentor in Residence at River City Labs for over seven years. An Entrepreneur in Residence on six different programs over the last two years (UQ, QUT, RCLAccelerator) and also mentor on 15+ startup programs nationally.
Philip Green
Privacy Commissioner 
Office of the Information Commissioner 

About Philip >>  Philip has an extensive career in the private and public sectors. He has extensive central and agency experience in criminal justice, legal and economic policy at the Department of the Premier and Cabinet in Queensland and a stint in the PM's Strategy Unit in the UK.

Why we love Philip >> He has a keen interest in innovation and technology law, and was instrumental in establishing Queensland’s first administrative privacy regime. Since then he has been a keen advocate for privacy law reform to place Queensland in a leadership role in the Asia Pacific region.
Renee Davidson
General Manager Marketing & Digital
About Renee >> Renee Davidson is the General Manager of Marketing and Digital at RACQ. In this role, Renee is responsible for brand, acquisition and retention marketing, digital strategy and execution. Renee has over 2 decades marketing experience leading teams to deliver brand and organisational growth.

Why we love Renee >> 
Renee is digital marketing legend. She is Queensland Patron of AMI (Australian Marketing Institute), leads the Queensland AMI Marketing Team of the Year and has been recognised in the CMO Top50 2019 list.
Rob Hudson
Managing Director
Spout Logic
About Rob 
 combines commercial and brand rigour, human understanding and multidisciplinary thinking to help businesses seize the right opportunity, 
find their direction and truly perform 
in the categories they operate within. 

Why we love Rob >>
He has 25 years specialising in business transformation strategy through branding, communications, marketing, all with a layer of digital and creative innovation. 
Rob Ryan
Head of Marketing
About Rob >> Rob has been working in marketing and communications for over 30 years and is passionate about engagement and storytelling. 

Why we love Rob >> 
Having worked in agencies and with large corporates and small businesses Rob brings a unique perspective to using animation to engage with your audience. 
Russ Vine
Executive Director for Marketing & Communications
Cross River Rail Delivery Authority

About Russ >> Currently a member of the Delivery Authority’s Executive Leadership Team, Russ is passionate about telling the Cross River Rail story and in particular, using digital technology to ensure that people have every opportunity to better understand why Cross River Rail is being built, what it entails and what it means for the future of transport in South East Queensland

Why we love Russ >> 
Russ is a legend on Brisbane's digital scene with over 20 years’ experience developing marketing and communications for some of the world’s largest brands.
Sally Shrapnel
Research Fellow
University of Queensland
About Sally >> Sally is an interdisciplinary scientist working at the interface of causality and machine learning. She has studied biomedical science, medicine, surgery, biomedical engineering and has been a registered and practicing medical practitioner for over 20 years.She has also studied quantum physics and machine learning— her PhD topic was quantum causal learning.

Why we love Sally >> 
Her research goal is to infer causal relationships from different types of data, and build models that are robust with respect to interventional distributional shifts. 
Scott Millar
Chief Trouble Maker
BOP Industries

About Scott >> Scott is a young entrepreneur taking the world by storm. Having turned a year nine school project into a thriving business, Scott has deferred university to run BOP Industries full time, now with a growing presence across the world. BOP Industries is a Brisbane based technology and education startup creating holograms for the event industry and running workshops to teach students about technology with a focus on creativity. 

Why we love Scott >> Scott and his team are on a mission to inspire the next generation of digital creators and encourages students to think ‘entrepreneur’ when it comes to their future.
Shae Quabba
Design Anthropologist & Manager
Digital Innovation
About Shae >> Shae is a rare combination in Australia of a Design Anthropologist and Executive leader with expertise delivering company strategy, transformational change and curated customer experiences through design-led innovation. 

Why we love Shae >> Shae is curious about human interaction with objects and technology, and the influence of culture, context and an individual’s values on experiences. She is an advocate of trialling innovative design practice techniques, speaking with others in the community about the benefits of Design Anthropology in business and placing people at the centre of innovation design.

Sheryl Batchelor
Founder & Director
Yiliyapinya Indigenous Corporation 

About Sheryl >> Sheryl is the Founder and Director at Yiliyapinya Indigenous Corporation, a not-for profit corporation using scientifically validated neuroplasticity programs to help vulnerable children, youth, adults and seniors to improve their lives. She has extensive experience in education at Early Years Centres, Primary, Middle, Secondary Schools in a variety of different positions.

Why we love Sheryl >> Yiliyapinya Indigenous Corporation's mission is to train, coach and educate people to improve their memory, attention, brain speed and social skills.
Simon Fielke
Research Scientist
About Simon >> Simon conducts applied human geographical research into the implications of the digitalisation of agricultural innovation systems. The domain of digital agtech is also helping us build on conceptualisations of 'Responsible Innovation' and what they mean for the practice of research and development into the future.

Why we love Simon >> Simon's work has always focused on the future of agricultural land use, particularly in regard to the governance of agri-food systems, within Australasia and more broadly.
Stephen Bergin 
Head Producer
About Stephen >> Stephen has comprehensive experience in location and studio producing as well as directing, writing, editing and camera.

Why we love Stephen >> During his 19 years in broadcast, he was the series producer of 3 national television programs. Stephen is the consummate storyteller who absolutely loves working with clients to deliver powerful web video solutions that help grow their businesses.
Sue Isbell
HOD eLearning
Kelvin Grove State College
About Sue >> Sue is an experienced Head of Department of over 20 years at Kelvin Grove State College. Her diverse and constantly evolving role includes a cross-curriculum focus on digital pedagogy, professional learning and digital tools.

Why we love Sue >>  With the implementation of new Digital Technologies national curriculum and QLD Senior curriculum including VET, Sue focusses on seeking opportunities for greater industry engagement, active participation in industry partnerships and programs, and building talent pipelines into the ICT and related industries rather than through traditional pathways. 
Stephen Bornstein
Cyborg Dynamics Engineering

About Stephen >> Stephen is the founder and CEO of Cyborg Dynamics Engineering. Stephen has over 10 years professional experience having worked on the Nulka Active Missile Decoy upgrade program (Australia's largest defence export), the electron launch vehicle at Rocket lab during it's early years as a senior test engineer, and on MRH90 entry into Special Forces at Airbus.

Why we love Stephen >> 
Outside of his employment Stephen developed a drone to counter rhino poaching in Africa, lead the design of a cockpit simulator for the Royal Flying Doctors Service education program.
Sue Keay
Queensland AI Hub
About Sue >> Sue is the CEO of Queensland AI Hub, after being Research Director for Cyber-Physical Systems at CSIRO’s Data61. With a focus on disruptive technologies, Sue set-up the world’s first robotic vision research centre and led the development of Australia’s first Robotics roadmap, outlining how robotics and automation will impact on every sector of the Australian economy.

Why we love Sue >>  She loves the challenge of building communities across distributed sites. She also chairs the Board of Robotics Australia Group and serves on the Board of Women in Robotics International.
Susan Forde
Director, Griffith Centre for Social & Cultural Research
Griffith University
About Susan >> Susan Forde is Professor of Journalism at Griffith University, Brisbane. She is Director of the Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research. She has authored or co-authored three books and more than 50 journal articles and book chapters on media and journalism. She is Founding Editor with Professor Chris Atton of the Journal of Alternative and Community Media.

Why we love Susan >>  In 2018 she was a Visiting Scholar with the Membership Puzzle Project at New York University, examining issues of public trust, transparency and the media.
Victor Vicario
CEO Arc Hardware Incubator/Accelerator  

Bio Coming Shortly.

"Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet."
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Verity Stone
Senior Associate - Intellectual Property and Technology
About Verity >> Verity is a Senior Associate in our Intellectual Property and Technology practice focusing on the intellectual property, information, communications and technology sectors and commercial law.

Why we love Verity >> Her intellectual property experience includes advising on all matters of ownership, protection, commercialisation, licensing and enforcement of intellectual property rights. Verity routinely prepares and negotiates agreements for domestic and cross-jurisdictional licensing arrangements, commercialisation of intellectual property and technology procurement.
Waveney Yasso
Acknowledgement of Country
Bio Coming Shortly.

"Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet." Jean-Jacques Rousseau . 

Wendie Lee
Chief Information Officer
Morgans Financial  

About Wendie >> Wendie has over 25 years’ experience leading change through technology. Including digital transformation and complex change programs, operational and service leadership and establishing strategic direction for technology within a range of organisations.

Why we love Wendie >> She is known for her energy and change leadership with a passion for making a difference and motivating teams. She leverages her experience as a Senior Technology leader in Retail, Financial Services, Travel, Public service, FMCG and the IT services industry to facilitate the adoption of technology to increase business performance.