Who should attend.
The Something Digital content is curated to challenge attendees to re-think digital concepts whilst strengthening their personal and organisational digital capabilities.

Digital is not confined to one department any more. Success will come from an organisation-wide approach, which is why the Something Digital program is created for those who design or deliver digital strategies particularly in leadership, marketing/CX and tech positions.

Some of our past attendees include ...
Leadership + Strategy
>> CEO
>> Chief Digital Officer
>> Chief Information Officer
>> Managing Director
>> Founder
>> Partner
Marketing and Cx
>> Chief Customer and Brand Officer
>> Head of Marketing
>> Marketing Manager
>> Communication Manager
>> Digital Marketing Specialist
>> Head of Digital - Technology
>> Principal Business Analyst
>> Senior Software Developer
>> Senior UX/UI Designer
Why you need to be there.
We asked the ever epic Cat Matson, Brisbane's Chief Digital Officer, why she thought Something Digital was an event the digital people of Brisbane should attend. Her answer was so good we are sharing it word for word.  

"When you're thinking about the investment to attend an event like this, it's often tempting to look at the tangibles - what will I be able tododifferently tomorrow as a result. Something Digital is different.

It's not just about what you're going to DO differently tomorrow ... it's about how you're going to THINK differently as you leave the room. It's about how you're going to THINK INTO your business - tomorrow, next week and next month. It's about raising the consciousness of yourself and those around you.

Because THAT is what true leadership is. Thinking differently, deeply and with perspective about the impact that we and our businesses have on the present and the future.

In this age of global connection and digital enablement, we've discovered the hard way that just because we can, doesn't mean that we should.

And hopefully we're learning that it's up to us to lead the change and create the future we want ... because we're all in this together and we're all learning as we go.

We must never forget that it is us, the business leaders, that actually have the deepest understanding of the consequences (intended and otherwise) of the tech we're embracing. So it's up to us to frame the ethics, the governance, the processes ... and if in fact we should be doing something at all."

Cat Matson
GM Innovation + Brisbane's Chief Digital Officer
Brisbane Marketing
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