2019 Program + Speakers.
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2018 Program.
Something Digital 2018 featured four international keynote sessions. Delivered by world class experts, these sessions were designed to focus on big digital ideas, push boundaries and challenge your thinking!  

These sessions questioned more than answered by pushing us to take the general concept of what is possible through technology and extrapolate that to our digital habits, online conversations, politics, unintended consequences, and the endless opportunities that the next decade will provide!

Between these keynotes were 2 stages of sessions and conversations delivered by local legends, designed to strengthen digital capabilities through the four themes outlined below.

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>> 2018 Themes.
One >>
Breakthrough technologies

Whilst there is no digital without the tech to support it, our focus is on ensuring that you can leverage new technologies to reach outcomes within in your organisations. We will be talking Blockchain, AI, autonomous systems, robotics, mixed realities + the ethics, responsibility  and trust that comes with tech in 2018.
Two >>
The digital mindset

Digital today is as much about the thought leadership as it is the technology. A truly digital organisation is one that fosters a culture of innovation; nurtures its thought leaders and is constantly digitising its operations, products and customer experiences.
Three >>
Harnessing digital opportunities

Learn how Australian businesses are harnessing digital opportunities to scale and grow sustainably whether it is through business intelligence, content development, data management, collaboration opportunities or trialling new technologies.
Four >>
The customer experience 

If data is king than the customer is the queen and country! Irrespective of where you sit in your organisation your focus is on designing customer experiences that impact. From data-driven decisions to automation and marketing, our speakers will help to strengthen your CX for everyone’s benefit!
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