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The Something Digital program has been carefully created to build digital capability within the entire digital ecosystem.

From startups and small businesses to mature and traditional businesses - we have worked closely with our content curation committee to ensure that there's something digital for everyone. 
08.30 Registration + morning caffeine
09.00 Welcome to Something Digital.
Cat Matson, Chief Digital Officer, City of Brisbane
Marek Kowalkiewicz, Chair in Digital Economy, QUT
09.25 Keynote Speaker Introduction
Paul Harapin, Vice President and General Manager Asia Pacific Japan, Domo
09.30 International Keynote: Tech without boundaries. Building responsible Artificial Intelligence.
Adam Bonnifield, VP Artificial Intelligence, Airbus
We have the power and ability to design technologies which will significantly alter the course of humanity. Robotics, autonomous systems, artificial intelligence and quantum technology and already leaving their mark. But what does this mean for you?
As a technologist, Adam will share his experience from Airbus, the Obama White House and two startups to highlight:
>> The opportunities AI is creating from a social, political and business perspective
>> The art of responsible design
>> How you can leverage AI for digital transformation
>> And the facets of artificial intelligence we are not quite talking about yet!
10.00 International Keynote: How blockchain technology will save lives and make the world a better place.
Mariana Dahan, Founder and CEO, World Identity Network
Distributed ledger technologies, like blockchain, are instrumental in creating a future which will benefit everyone. At the core of these innovations, self-sovereign identity, will allow individuals (like yourself), to prove who they are and to control who can access their identity data.
Through World Identity Network and partnerships with some of the worlds largest organisations Mariana is leveraging the power of blockchain for good, by giving invisible children their identity back, to reduce exploitation and trafficking.
Join us to hear her inspirational story and to understand how we can leverage tech, not only for good but to create a better future.
10:30 Morning break: Time to play and collaborate
Breakthrough technology The digital mindset
11.00 MC updates.
Cat Matson, Chief Digital Officer, City of Brisbane
MC updates.
Marek Kowalkiewicz, Chair in Digital Economy, QUT
11.10 Welcome to the capital of Robotics.
Sue Keay, Chief Operating Officer, Australian Centre for Robotic Vision
Mining, agriculture, health, mobility and food production are just a few areas in which robotics is prospering. We turn to the Australian Centre for Robotic vision to learn more about:

>> The world-leading innovations happening in our backyard
>> How business is leveraging robotics for efficiency, automation and optimisation
>> The potential opportunities outlined in the Australian robotics roadmap
Preparing for your disruptive future.
Anne Kovachevich, Australasian Foresight and Innovation Leader, Arup
Future ready organisations are pushing the boundaries to embed new technology and new thinking in all aspects of their business.
From high tech to data integration and cultural evolutions, this session will outline the key ways to keep innovating now and in the future, to develop a digital mindset across all levels of an organisation. Join us to take your digital transformation to a new level
11.35 Ushering a new era of digitisation. How 5G will transform the way we connect people, spaces and things.
Deon Liebenberg, Vice President Innovation & Strategy, Optus Business
As the final piece of the industrialisation puzzle, 5G will enable us to connect to each other and machines at superfast speeds, unlocking our capacity to do more.
>> What sets 5G apart?
>> The opportunity to bring higher-quality products to market faster
>> Instantaneous feedback mechanisms in health care scenarios
>> The mobility revolution
>> Timelines and rollout
Actionable ways to foster authentic digital thought leadership.
Edda Hamar, Co-Founder & CEO, Lána
Ben Johnston, Co-Founder, Josephmark
Moderated by:Llew Jury, Executive Chair and Director,  Advancer 
Thought leaders aren’t self proclaimed – they are built through trust, hard world, success, reputation and strong communities.
Edda & Ben will share their experience and learnings around how to:
>> Leverage digital communities to get your message across
>> Recognise the genuine
>> Build relevant skills on a personal level
>> Nurture thought leadership within others
12.00 Unlocking the potential of an AI-Blockchain relationship.
Katrina Donaghy, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Civic Ledger
Tracey Kay, Co-Founder, Axalon
Moderated by: Cat Matson, Chief Digital Officer, City of Brisbane
As the breakthrough technologies of 2018, Blockchain and artificial intelligence often leave businesses with more questions rather than answers. That ends today!
Join us for a conversation focused on:
>> Myth busting – diving into the REAL blockchain and AI potential
>> How the two technologies with together
>> Examples of how organisations are leveraging this relationship to improve processes or create products
>> The key implementation questions you need to be asking yourself
Culture and innovation: Two sides of the same coin.
Melissa Witheriff, Head of Digital Innovation, CUA
The inevitability of change is constantly challenged in a business environment where fear of disruption often impacts innovation.
Irrespective of the size or industry of your organisation, this session will help you to:
>> Create real cultural change, that lasts
>> Encourage others to engage in positive transformation
>> Build a strong innovation program that delivers
12.30 International Keynote: What’s in a word? Language, algorithmic bias and data.
Caroline Sinders, Digital Anthropologist, Machine Learning Researcher and Artist, Convocation Design
If people cannot agree on what words really mean, how can we expect to teach machines to communicate and take decisions based on our assumptions?
As participants and consumers in the digital economy we have a responsibility to understand how language is impacting our conversations online; how words become data sets and are then turned into decisions through algorithms and how ethical bias, unsupervised learning and endless differences play a part in this digital conundrum.
As a digital anthropologist and artist, Caroline will look at the wider contexts of language, emotion and data to help alter our perspective on how we interact with each other and machines!
13.00 Lunch 
The customer experience
Harnessing digital opportunities
14.00 MC updates.
Cat Matson, Chief Digital Officer, City of Brisbane
MC updates.
Marek Kowalkiewicz, Chair in Digital Economy, QUT
14.10 Customer first. Ways to create a frictionless experience.
Michael Gillespie, Group Chief Digital  and Technology Officer, Domino’s
Throughout the years, Domino’s has built an impressive, immersive digital experience that rivals many, particularly around the customer journey.
By supporting seamless, real-time, multichannel experiences and leveraging a customer-focusssed technology portfolio, Domino’s has taken digital transformation to the next level.
Join us to tap into the insights, learnings and strategies that continually drive the Domino’s CX and their journey to become the leaders in the internet of food in every neighbourhood.
Enhancing organisational outcomes through mixed realities
Chris Beaumont, Service Design + Implementation Partner, Endeavour Foundation
Stewart Koplick, Service Delivery Learning Leader, Endeavour Foundation
Jannah Baker, Innovation & Research Program Officer, Queensland Urban Utilities

Whilst immersive technologies have formed part of the gaming industry for a while, the adoption from a business perspective is only starting to stand out. Through two short case studies we will hear how you can:
>> Use mixed realities to increase operational efficiencies
>> Solve real world problems for communities
>> Easily embed VR or AR in your current strategies
14.35 Strengthen your CX through data driven decisions.
Kshira Saagar, Head of Analytics and Data Science, The Iconic

Data provides the opportunity to wow your customers at every corner. From personalisation to seamless processes, your key metrics can boost the experience you deliver for every one of your customers (including internal ones).
Get your foundations right, leverage artificial intelligence, improve your performance and make smarter decisions for an all round CX winner.
Panel: Under the hood – Leveraging digital opportunities to scale and grow sustainably.
Alexander Dreiling , CEO, Clipchamp
Rick Wingfield, General Manager, Innovation, Australia Post
Josephine Marsh, Director Government Recordkeeping, Queensland State Archives

Moderated by: Marek Kowalkiewicz, Chair in Digital Economy, QUT
Whilst digital opportunities are a dime a dozen, only a few will enable you to scale up and create critical impact.
Through this panel discussion we will look at how to:

>> Identify the right opportunities that suit your required outcomes
>> Actually harness and amplify the digital strategy
>> Create significant growth or efficiencies with minimal resources
15.00 Marketing IRL. Put the human back in your brand
Vanessa Brennan, Chief Brand & Customer Officer, Michael Hill
Alexandra Sloane, Head of Marketing – ANZ, Facebook
Moderated by:Llew Jury, Executive Chair and Director,  Advancer 
As we reach our peak of discussions around robotics, mixed realities, machine intelligence, hover boards and aliens we turn back the clock to a simpler age – when only people mattered.
Join for a challenging conversation about marketing IN REAL LIFE i.e.
>> Ways to humanise your brand
>> Inject the personal along with the automated
>> Deliver the unexpected through real experiences
Case study: Using big data to deliver insights and automation in the mining industry
Gavin Wood, Chief Information & Digital Officer, Newcrest Mining
The Newcrest digital transformation journey centres around a data rich business that leverages insights for safety and operational efficiencies..
Join us to hear how value is unlocked through data science coupled with AI, IoT, visualisations and dashboards to strengthen business decisions.
15.25 Afternoon break: Time to play and collaborate
15.50 Power panel: From local to global. Traits of successful leadership, culture and growth
Leanne Kemp, CEO & Founder, Everledger
Chris Macauly, Co-Founder & CEO, Advvy
Holly Cardew, Founder, Pixc
Moderated by: Cat Matson, Chief Digital Officer, City of Brisbane
Australia has a strong legacy of successful businesses, one which is getting stronger thanks to the growing number of fearless founders who face uncertainty every day, to grow an idea into a beautiful organisation.
However the traits of entrepreneurship aren’t solely for startups or founders. Learn how our local to global legends are able to:
>> Nurture leadership on a personal, team and community level
>> Foster a growth mindset to overcome challenges
>> Create a thriving culture which impacts results
16.20 International Keynote: 2030 Vision: The decade ahead in media & technology
Justin Hendrix, Executive Director, NYC Media Labs
In the past three decades, technology has radically changed media and with it business, culture and politics. From the PC to the web to mobile devices, advances in human-computer interaction have altered how we engage with information, with entertainment and with one another.
But a new decade looms – one that will see arguably more dramatic change as technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality reach maturity. What trends will dominate media and technology by 2030 and how will they impact our lives, our families as well as the global economy and politics?
16.50 Close
17.00 After Party


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