Night Nomads.
Over three evenings in March, Something Digital’s Night Nomads will facilitate three bold, daring and sometimes uncomfortable conversations around the way in which digital technology is changing our lives. For better and for worse.
>> The internet and its humanity.
‘When you grow up you have to accept responsibility’ says the father of the internet, Tim Berners-Lee.

As a fully fledged 30 year old, the internet has grown bigger and faster, however it hasn’t matured or evolved as much as its years would indicate.

In one corner we often hear about how the internet is broken, with challenges around privacy breaches, data exploitation, threats to democracy, bad actors.

On the other hand we are hopeful about the possibilities which lie before us - the internet of everything, collaboration and community, increased affordability & availability of technology...

… likely a digital future we yet unable to comprehend.

The internet is a reflection of our humanity. It magnifies our ability to do good, to build communities, to create, to save lives; along with our dark side, the hate, fear, anger & frustrations of being human.

The 2020 Night Nomad Series will celebrate the internet and explore the relationship between our real selves and our online personas. We will examine the good, the bad and the ugly that has inadvertently altered the course of humanity.

Full details about the series will be available in January 2020. To be the first to know about the latest event happenings, sign up to our eNews

What our past attendees had to say.
The entire concept of diving into the unspoken dark corners of the digital world is inspired. Event one was challenging and fascinating in equal measures, the panel answered a mass of questions and created so many more. I can't wait for event two Well done.

- Rob Hudson
The Simplicity of Data Weaponization for Night Nomads was fantastic. It was such a refreshing level of big picture content that left my mind mulling it over long after the event was finished. Davey was an exceptionally engaging speaker. Well done on a cracking event!

- Amy Cook
With a panel of absolute cybernetic superstars in dialog with a fully engaged audience of the best and brightest, this event was the highlight of my tech-event year so far.

- Christopher Briggs