Night Nomads.

The Night Nomads exist to facilitate bold, daring and sometimes uncomfortable conversations around the way in which digital technology is changing our lives... for better or for worse.

Each event brings together a lineup of outstanding digital legends who have a free license to engage, provoke and challenge us to think differently about our digital futures.

Straying from a normal business event format, the Night Nomads are a rare opportunity to tackle three modern digital dilemmas and their impact on society. How do we consciously design a positive digital future for us and our kids? 

Past Night Nomads Series

2019: Rising above the darker side of digital
The darker side of digital is here, whether we like it or not. Something Digital’s inaugural Night Nomad series facilitated three frank and confronting conversations around the way in which digital technology is interfering with our lives. From data weaponisation to intimacy and our new robot servants, we asked tough questions found answers in all the dark places.
2020: The internet and its humanity
The internet is a reflection of our humanity. It magnifies our ability to do good, to build communities, to create, to save lives; along with our dark side, the hate, fear, anger & frustrations of being human. The 2020 Night Nomad Series celebrated the internet whilst exploring the relationship between our real selves and our online personas.
2021: From a dystopian reality to a utopian digital future 
There are plenty of stories based on the unintended consequences of the omnipresent technology we are creating. However, with every potential dystopian future there is an equally powerful utopian scenario. The 2021 edition of the Night Nomads used wit, trepidation, complexity and intelligence to tackle three modern digital dilemmas - online hate, digital addiction and an ad-free internet - to truly design a better future for us and future generations.