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The simplicity of data weaponisation.  

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Data is one of the biggest threats to our generation. The democratisation of technology is enabling bad actors to manipulate data and corrupt individuals, from politicians (think Trump) to foreign fighters (think ISIS). Advances in data science and AI will certainly save lives and cure diseases, but the same technology can easily be used for darker purposes.

We’re not immune, nor are we helpless in this battle. We have a responsibility to understand how our data and actions are playing a part in creating vulnerabilities which can be exploited.

During this event Davey will discuss his experiences with government, security forces and activists to protect our technology, AI in particular, from weaponisation. Join us to learn how:

>> Data has flipped from a powerful business tool into a threat to our safety and way of life
>> Everyone within the digital ecosystem is responsible for taking an active role to protect the data entrusted to us
>> The data powering our artificial intelligence, robotics and automation processes is vulnerable to the simplest of hacks
>> All organisations are impacted by data misuse
>> The complexity of modern threats renders cyber security a lost battle

⚡️Keen for a sneak peek? Check out our Q&A with Davey on all things data weaponisation; data security; and WHY we need new language to discuss cybersecurity in a AI-enabled age … and then join us on March 26 to hear from him in person!⚡️
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Date: Tuesday March 26
Time: 5.45pm to 7.45pm (Registration + drinks from 5.45pm. Session starts at 6.30pm)

Where: Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse

International Speaker: Davey Gibian
White House Presidential Innovation Fellow, Presidential Innovation Fellow at The Pentagon and Founder, 
Calypso AI
Davey Gibian is a geoeconomic operator and technologist. He specialises in building technologies and systems that enable governments, security forces, and activists react in complex environments.

Davey is a Founder of Calypso AI, an AI security company building ethical and safe AI that spun out of the US military. Davey also serves as a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow, working on change management within government, including managing artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, and robotics portfolios. He currently works directly with the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx), the Pentagon's cutting-edge military technology unit.

Previously, Davey is best known for founding Office:MG, an applied data laboratory that worked in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other global conflict and crisis areas 
Moderator: Cat Matson
Brisbane's Chief Digital Officer + General Manager Innovation, Brisbane Marketing
Cat Matson is Brisbane’s Chief Digital Officer and the General Manager of Innovation for the city’s economic development board, Brisbane Marketing.

As Chief Digital Officer she is charged with the digital transformation of the city and driving Brisbane’s city-wide digital strategy.
Cat's strength and love of the digital sector led her to taking a lead on key innovation projects in Brisbane. From educating children on coding to supporting local budding entrepreneurs, as GM of Innovation she oversees Brisbane Innovate, an annual innovation event guided by design thinking to generate solutions for citywide challenges.

Cat is a passionate advocate for human-centric ‘smart cities’, recognising that digital is an enabler, not an outcome in its own right. She endeavours to discern trend from fad in the digital space and determine how businesses can leverage new technologies to reach their full potential.
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