Nomad 1: The end of truth. Life in a post-truth era.
Between digital humans, manipulated media, general misinformation, deep fakes and advances in machine learning - the truth is no longer out there!

Or perhaps it is and we need to learn how to distinguish what is true and what is not. After all, lies and deception have always been part of the human condition. What makes them different now?

Is it the speed of dispersion, the amount of misinformation, its impact on individuals & communities or our inability to tell a lie from the truth? If millions of people say something is true, then is it?

What are the repercussions of the end of truth on trust, democracy, free speech and the way we engage with our ecosystems? Are disruptive technologies to blame?

Join us as we merge philosophy with digital innovation and explore life in the post truth era!
Event at a glance.
Date: Tuesday February 25
Time: 6pm to 7.45pm (Registration and drinks from 6pm. Session starts at 6.30pm)

Where: VMLY&R, Stanley Street Plaza, South Bank, South Brisbane

Note: This event has now sold out.
Our panel of experts.
Prof Marek Kowalkiewicz

Founding Director
QUT Centre for the Digital Economy

About Marek >> With a passion for exploring bleeding edge technologies and using them to create opportunities and solve problems, Marek has extensive industry based innovation implementation experience together with a strong academic background. 

Why we love Marek >> He is probably the most digital person we know. He lives with a hierarchy of robots, is crazy smart and tends to begin most sentences with "but have you considered ..."
Danielle Cronin 
Brisbane Times

About Danielle >> As an award-winning journalist and editor of the Brisbane Times, Danielle has worked in regional, metropolitan, and overseas newsrooms, including spending seven years in the Canberra Press Gallery. She is a 2019-2020 Google News Initiative-Columbia Journalism School Newsroom Leadership Fellow.

Why we love Danielle >> As the editor of one of Brisbane's major news outlets, Danielle offers a unique perspective on how the public perceive 'truth' in 2020.
Hayden Delaney
Partner +
 Head of IP
& Technology Team

About Hayden >> Hayden is highly experienced in the information, communications and technology sector, as well as intellectual property law. Hayden advises his clients on practical solutions for protecting and managing information assets and complying with their privacy obligations.

Why we love Hayden >> Hayden blew our minds when he sat on the privacy panel at Something Digital 2019. he particularly knows how to prod and ask all the questions that matter. 
Susan Forde
Director, Centre for Social & Cultural Research
Griffith University  

About Susan >> Susan Forde is Professor of Journalism at Griffith University, Brisbane. She is Director of the Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research, and Dean (Academic) for the Arts, Education & Law Group. 

Why we love Susan >> 
She has authored more than 50 journal articles and book chapters on media and journalism. She is Founding Editor with Professor Chris Atton of the Journal of Alternative and Community Media and is on the Editorial Board of The Conversation.
Kirsty Robinson
Head of Experience - Brisbane

About Kirsty >> Kirsty is an award-winning Design Strategist who uses human centred design to work with organisations to help navigate how digital will impact their customer experience, their employee experience, and the workplace itself.

Why we love Kirsty >> With over 20 years’ experience in digital, Kirsty has worked both in thoroughbred digital agencies and top tier management consultancies; designing customer and employee experience strategies.