Nomad 2: RIP online advertising. Overhauling the internet’s business model.  

Welcome to an ad-free internet, one which reflects the ideals that created the internet in the first place. 
Now, how do we sell stuff? Who is paying for the internet and what happened to that company we once called Google? 

The internet is a perfect example of a utopian ideal gone wrong. Built for scientific communication in the 1970s, our World Wide Web is now at the mercy of organisations like Google and Facebook who are either selling your data or your attention. 

By 2022 advertising in digital media is poised to grow to $427.3 billion. The business model of the internet is advertising. And you are the product. 

Think of the repercussions! Platforms would collapse; revenue on news sites would disappear; thousands of jobs built around online ads would be redundant and all sorts of businesses would feel the pain. The internet as we know it would cease to exist. 

Though perhaps this would also signal the end of data misuse and privacy concerns; the democratisation of the internet would increase and a potentially murky marketing practice would revert to old school methods. 

Are we willing to sustain an ad-free internet? What if we have no choice?  

Event at a glance

  • Date: Wednesday 10th March
  • Time: 5.30pm to 7pm (Registration and drinks from 5.30pm. Session starts at 6pm)

  • Where: The Prince Consort, 230 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley

Our panel of experts

Rob Hudson
Managing Director
About Rob 
 combines commercial and brand rigour, human understanding and multidisciplinary thinking to help businesses seize the right opportunity, 
find their direction and truly perform 
in the categories they operate within. 

Why we love Rob >>
He has 26 years specialising in business transformation strategy through branding, communications, marketing, all with a layer of digital and creative innovation. 
Virtual Thought Provoker
Justin Hendrix
CEO and Editor
Tech Policy Press

About Justin >>  Justin is cofounder and CEO of Tech Policy Press, a new nonprofit media venture concerned with the intersection of technology and democracy.

Why we love Justin >> Apart from the fact that he joined us as an international keynote at the inaugural Something Digital in 2018, he also 
spent over a decade at The Economist in roles including Vice President, Business Development & Innovation
Kate Cook
Director + Forensic Marketing Consultant
SPT Agency Pty. Ltd

About Kate >>  Kate Cook is the puzzle-loving data geek with a decade of experience collecting scout badges across search, social media, content marketing, email automation and sales funnels. 

Why we love Kate >> 
Kate uses her cross-channel experience to help organisations navigate marketing attribution, bringing visibility to the effectiveness of channel strategies and recommending the right investment split to achieve the desired outcome.
Philip Green
Privacy Commissioner 
Office of the Information Commissioner 

About Philip >>  Philip has an extensive career in the private and public sectors. He has extensive central and agency experience in criminal justice, legal and economic policy at the Department of the Premier and Cabinet in Queensland and a stint in the PM's Strategy Unit in the UK.

Why we love Philip >> He has a keen interest in innovation and technology law, and was instrumental in establishing Queensland’s first administrative privacy regime. Since then he has been a keen advocate for privacy law reform to place Queensland in a leadership role in the Asia Pacific region.
Simone Vrabac
Director | Digital Platforms Branch

About Simone >>  Simone is a commercial lawyer with almost a decade of experience working in senior roles in the tech sector. She currently a Director with the ACCC’s Digital Platforms Branch.
Why we love Simone >> 
Simone has worked in private practice, in house and for government in Australia and Europe and has broad experience advising tech companies on commercial, regulatory and privacy issues across a number of jurisdictions.
Sue Johnson
Marketing Director
Spicers Retreats
About Sue >> Sue has over 15 years experience as a marketer, mostly in travel and more recently in hospitality, both in Australia and in the UK.

Why we love Sue >> She’s also mum to two fiercely independent young women and her key COVID achievement was perfecting sourdough.


Some Covid-Safe Notes

  • All Something Digital Night Nomads events will be run to an industry approved Covid-Safe plan.
  • This will include mandatory contact tracing and abiding by any other government restrictions in place at the time of the event.
  • We ask that you stay at home if you are unwell, have a cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue, shortness of breath, or have been in contact with a positive COVID-19 case.
  • In the lead up to the event, all registered attendees will receive communication about restrictions they may need to comply with (masks, vertical consumption etc).
  • It goes without saying that you should always do what feels right for you. Feel better wearing a mask, do that. Want to maintain a bit of extra distance whilst chatting, that's okay too. We are all in this together and encourage you to embrace the awkward.