Nomad 2:  The disintegration of the digital/physical divide.
Welcome to the hybrid life! Part online, part physical, technology is steadily blurring the lines between our realities.

Gaming, Second Life, XR are already mainstream and have been for a long time. We are always on the internet through our phones and devices. And implants, bionics and neurotechnology are used to improve lives.

The digital/physical divide is already blurred. But what happens when that tips? When most of our lives are lived online rather than in real life?

What will our lives look like when we are always ‘on’ communicating, two ways, with the internet? When we are plugged into a virtual world, amplifying our abilities through cyborg modifications, or using micro chips embedded into our arms for tracking & convenience?

We might think of this as a dystopian science fiction story however, there are plenty of organisations (like Facebook, Neuralink, Kernel) already working on advancing human capabilities.

What questions should we be answering to prepare us for this reality? And more importantly where will the answers come from? 
Event at a glance.
Date: Tuesday March 3
Time: 6pm to 7.45pm (Registration and drinks from 6pm. Session starts at 6.30pm)

Where: Josephmark, 110 Arthur Street, Fortitude Valley

Note: This event has now sold out. 
Our panel of experts.
Moderator: Ben Johnston

About Ben >> Ben has spent more than a decade developing businesses, consulting on digital strategy, identifying market gaps and future trends. He’s founded many successful companies including Josephmark, Breeder, Gilimbaa and We Are Hunted.

Why we love Ben >> Ben is (literally) a giant in Brisbane's digital ecosystem. He is a  key driver behind some of Brisbane's greatest  digital innovations and  is well known for his fearlessness in pushing the envelope.
Dimity Dornan
Executive Director & Founder
Hear and Say / Bionics Queensland

About Dimity >> Dr Dimity Dornan AO is an entrepreneur, speech pathologist, researcher, Chair of Bionics Queensland and a Fellow of Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering. Her current work aims to take outcomes similar to the majority of bionic ear recipients to other new spinoff devices

Why we love Dimity >> Through the use of tech, Dimity’s charity, Hear and Say works to give children with hearing loss the gift of learning to hear, listen and speak, through early intervention, hearing technology including the bionic ear, and specialised auditory-verbal therapy.
David Douglas
Postdoctoral Fellow (Responsible Innovation in Robotics and AI)

About David >> David's research explores the ethical issues raised by robotic technology and artificial intelligence. His work applies theories of moral philosophy and distributive justice to examine how new technologies challenge our existing moral and political commitments.

Why we love David >> David helps us to make sense of some of technologies toughest questions... Who is really responsible?
Fiona Kerr
Founder and CEO
The NeuroTech Institute

About Fiona >> Fiona is a prominent thought leader in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, complex systems dynamics, human connectivity and the impacts of technologisation. As founder of The NeuroTech Institute, she works at the intersection of neuroscience, emerging tech & ethical practice.

Why we love Fiona >> Fiona consults globally on topics such as how leaders build better brains and businesses; collaborative complex problem solving; the neurophysiological impact of humans interfacing with each other and technologies and the use of Artificial Intelligence.
Benjamin Richards
Executive Producer
Apothecary Films

About Benjamin >> Ben likes to play at the intersection of art, science and technology. Driven by what’s coming next, and the narratives new technology enables, he’s lived and worked across the globe, with many world leading technology and creative companies.

Why we love Benjamin >> Ben is an international award winning creative technologist and executive producer, with his current research exploring how the tools of the 4th Industrial Revolution will change the way we live, work and play, with a strong focus on AR and VR.