Conducting Consumer Research for Your Digital Product Start-up

Presented by Business Station
New digital product & service design requires deep knowledge of Market and Buyer psychology & circumstances otherwise achieving market-fit becomes impossible.

In this session, we look at some of the digital software tools (i.e. Typeform) we can use to expedite & deepen our understanding of consumer/buyer/stakeholder psychology to the point we have a fighting chance of achieving market-fit.

This knowledge can also be used to assist with improving customer service. Tristan will reflect on the changes that he has needed to make to digital products and services in order to get to the holy grail of:
Market-fit; and

Whether you are a pure tech start-up or any type of small business undergoing some form of digital transformation, this is a session not to be missed!

Event at a Glance

Date: Thursday 21 October
Time: 11am to 12.30pm
Location: Brisbane Business Hub, Level 2, 155 Queen Street, Brisbane

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