Creating Powerful Customer Communities Online

Presented by Social Mediology
The future of digital marketing is the hyper-personalisation of content and using that content to bring people together about the things they care most about. Growing and activating customer communities online is something every business and organisation needs to build into their marketing and customer service/support strategies.

This 90min workshop will cover: 
  • Who is it you are communicating with and what exactly do they want from you online?
  • How to create hyper-personalised content that strengthens and deepens your customer relationships.
  • What kind of online community is best suited to your customers, clients or members?
  • 4 stages to launching a customer community.
  • Tips and strategies to inspire your community to take action with your business.

Event at a Glance

Date: Thursday 21 October
Time: 9am to 10.30am
Location: Brisbane Business Hub, Level 2, 155 Queen Street, Brisbane

About Social Mediology

Social Mediology is a boutique consulting firm specialising in social media marketing, coaching and training. Using the latest connection strategies, we connect you to your ideal customer through social media. We specialise in building thriving communities (or teaching you how to) that support your customers and actively enhance your overall business strategy.

Our social media specialists understand the needs of business, social enterprise and the not-for-profit sector, across many industries.