"What now?" - A cybersecurity awareness game.

Presented by KJR
You know cybersecurity is important. You know there is legislation that could bite you. You know that a data breach could have a dire effect on your brand. This game seeks to educate players on the repercussions organisations might encounter when considering cybersecurity options.

It's time to know what you don't know. Join KJR on Game Day where you'll don the hat of a cybersecurity consultant and work with a team to make the best decisions for your client's cybersecurity program. 

Be one of the very first to play "What now?" and immerse yourself in the process of assessing cyber risks, by prioritising purchases and adjusting your strategy when unexpected consequences occur.

This game is designed for anyone who might come up against cybersecurity as a business imperative and needs some clarity of what the options are when you act, or equally, do not act. We're looking at you - marketing, finance, and of course, IT. 

The format "What now?" is a tabletop role-play game played amongst teams who will be grouped on the day. Think Dungeons & Dragons, but real life. You'll receive a briefing at the start of Game Day and have an hour to access and action an annual cybersecurity strategy. While there are no winners as such, there will be a post-game briefing to help you understand the consequences of your decisions.
Event at a glance.
Date: October 25th, 2019
Time: From 8.30am-10.00am
Location: Industry House, 375 Wickham Tce Brisbane 4000
Questions: Contact Meg on info@kjr.com.au
About KJR.
Founded on the Gold Coast in 1997, KJR offers organisations advisory and assurance services for their digital transformation projects, and specialises in devops and cybersecurity for ASX-listed companies, government departments and the start-up eco-system alike.