Made in the Now.

Presented by Business Models Inc. & Josephmark
At Made in the Now, you will gain insight into our own three cutting-edge ventures: LEO, AVVA and the yet-to-be-revealed Project ARIS, that is making waves in the world of today.

At Made in the Now, we re-think value creation, believing that you should design for the world of today, without having to wait for the technologies of tomorrow. That's why we're showcasing three high-impact and high-tech ventures created by Made in the Now: LEO, Avva and Project ARIS. 

LEO is an intelligent 3D algorithm used to generate clusters of inferred and implicit relationships between people - bringing otherwise invisible connections to the foreground. This allows organisations, events, and education groups to maps complex communities and networks of humans in order to find meaningful ways to identify hidden value within that network.

AVVA helps ventures make better, more informed decisions. It is a complex algorithmic validation engine that converts subjective human opinion into a validated outline of a project's overall health and brings hidden strengths an weaknesses to the surface. It helps you know exactly what aspect of your projects needs attention and when; giving you better, faster and more informed decisions.

And Project ARIS ... well as we said, you'll just have to come and see ...
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Date: October 25th, 2019
Time: 2.00pm-3.00pm
Location: 110 Arthur Street, Fortitude Valley
Cost: FREE
Questions: Contact Chelsea on
About Made in the Now.
Why make for the future, when you can make for the now. 

Made in the Now are venture builders by design. We do things differently - we create value that's meaningful to the world. From helping companies in disruption-ripe industries lead their next chapter from the front, to providing stable, high-growth portfolio option for investors looking for deal-flow without the guesswork. 

Made in the Now rethinks value creation. We are a joint venture by Business Models Inc. and Josephmark.