Open Studios FAQs.
We've answered the most frequently asked questions about Open Studios below, however if there is anything specific you would like to clarify you can drop us a line on 
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When are the Open Studios running?

All Open Studio events will be running on October 25th (the day after Something Digital's main event).
What are Open Studios?

Open Studios are free events which give the people in Brisbane's digital ecosystem (even those who didn't attend the main event) the opportunity to meet local digital organisations, in their own environment.

Throughout the course of the day, participants will be able to visit one or two offices and to attend various short, free events.

As an Open Studio Host, you have the opportunity to be able to invite members of your community, and other participants into your space to show-off your products, services and digital knowledge.
What type of Open Studio can I host? 

Open Studios can be whatever you want them to be! Think: 

> Meet ups
> Information/Education Session
> Training Session
> Demo Session
> Networking Event
> Breakfast Club
> Collaboration Opportunities
> Speed Mentoring/Dating

Take your pick (or create your own) and make it epic for both your attendees AND your Organisation.
Once I am confirmed a host, when do I need to provide details about my event?

To ensure maximum exposure of your event to potential attendees through our Something Digital channels, we will be publishing individual event listings from September 1st.

The deadline to apply and submit all of your details is September 27th.
What types of people do you expect to attend Open Studios?

We will promote your Open Studio to our Something Digital audience, which includes a mix of our event attendees and non-event attendees from Brisbane's digital ecosystem.

We highly recommend that you also promote your Open Studio to your own community and the wider Brisbane public!
How many people can we expect to attend the Open Studios?

Numbers for each different open studio will vary and will be influenced by factors such as the type of event you are running or how extensively you promote the event. 

You will be able to cap the number of attendees to what suits you. Our best recommendation is to have a registration form so you know how many people to expect at your Open Studio.
Do I have to run my Open Studio at a particular time?

We are asking that all Open Studios run within one of the following three time slots. Although your Open Studio does not need to run for the full two hours (one hour would probably be more suitable for most), by sticking to the time slots we will enable attendees to attend multiple events throughout the day. 
>> 8am - 10am
>> 11am - 1pm
>> 2pm - 4pm
How long should my Open Studio be?

Open Sudios can be a maximum of 2 hours, but one hour would probably be more suitable for most.
Can I charge for my event?

All Open Studios should run as free events. This is so we can ensure everyone in the Brisbane ecosystem can participate without any limits! 
I have more questions!

Awesome! We'd love to answer them! You can email the team on 
How much does it cost to register an Open Studio?

Registration for the Something Digital Open Studios costs $199.
We recommend you read our full Terms and Conditions here, prior to applying to host. 
What does the open studio price include? 

>> Listing your Open Studio on the Something Digital website including a page dedicated to your event
>> Promotion of Open Studios to the Something Digital community via email, social channels and partners
>> Promotion of Open Studios to Something Digital's attendees via the official attendee app
>> Permission to use the Something Digital logo in the promotion of your event
>> Ready to go social and online copy and images to help you to promote your Open Studio
Who is eligible to host an open studio?

Anyone may host an Open Studio as long as they have ...

>> At least one person within the organisation who has purchased a ticket to Something Digital
>> A space to run the Open Studio
>> The capacity to organise and run the Open Studio
I have more questions!

Awesome! We'd love to answer them! You can email the team on 
Will you be helping me host my Open Studio? 

We're flattered that you want our help, but we want to leave this day pretty much up to you! The key support we will be offering you is digital promotion in the lead up to the day.

Once you're confirmed as a host we'll be sending you a bunch of digital goodies including, social media templates and our Something Digital logo to use when you market your event.

What actually happens at your Open Studio is entirely up to you. Every host will have their own ideas, budget and capacity to put on an event. Go all out or keep it elegantly simple ... the choice is yours.
Can you help me come up with an Open Studio topic?

Of course. We're here to offer a lending hand at any stage of your Open Studio hosting process. Simply drop us a line on with your rough ideas and we will brainstorm with you!
How will people be able to find out about my Open Studio? 

We'll be doing a number of promotional activities on Open Studios in the lead-up to October 25th, 

In addition to this, each Open Studio will be listed on our website including a dedicated event details page. This is where attendees will be able to find out about all the open studios being run.

We will be publishing individual event listings from September 1 and we encourage you to share your Open Studio event with your clients, community, fans, friends - even your mum! 
I have more questions!

Awesome! We'd love to answer them! You can email the team on