Rapid Fire: Building brand intimacy through one key customer strategy – emotion

The on-demand customer has many needs. Speed and personalisation being key.

However, for a brand to create real fans, ready to purchase and engage (over and over again), the missing ingredient is emotion. Emotion isn’t created through automation or tech, it is built through a unique, human, and personal interaction.

So how can brands leverage emotion to amplify their experiences, particularly in an on-demand, algorithmic happy landscape?

Join us to hear two short stories to help fuel the fire that will capture the hearts of your biggest fans!


Presented by:

Angela Stengel, Head – Content Ideas Lab, ABC

Angela Stengel is the Head of the ABC’s Content Ideas Lab, a team responsible for exploring fresh content ideas that connect with new audiences. Applying human-centred design techniques to content projects has been part of Angela’s work at ABC for some years, a highlight being using a “Jobs To Be Done” approach to set up ABC’s first digital only podcast commissioning which led to 3 top rating podcasts. Angela joined the ABC in 2008 working for ABC Innovation and ABC Radio. Angela has worked in editorial and digital roles in arts, media and education.


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