Double fireside: Hyper-personalisation: Fad or trend? Hype or hope?

We live in an attention economy where we are not only busy but very use to spreading our focus across multiple screens and tasks. When traditional brand loyalty is hard to hold onto, is hyper-personalisation the only way to satisfy the needs of the on-demand customer?

>> Or is it a fictitious state, impractical, expensive and very tough to deliver on?
>> Should we be personalising our products, the delivery process, the experience or everything?
>> Do we know what consumers really want? If yes, how? If no, should we make assumptions?
>> When should digital step aside to leave room for authentic human connections?



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Moderated by: Ben Johnston, CEO, Josephmark

Ben’s spent more than a decade developing businesses, consulting on digital strategy, identifying market gaps and future trends. He’s founded many successful companies, including design studio and venture lab Josephmark, motion design company Breeder, indigenous creative agency Gilimbaa and trending music platform We Are Hunted, which was acquired by Twitter in 2012. As JM’s CEO, Ben leads a team who consistently create and launch innovative digital products like Australian startup chart Vest, catch-up news platform Hash and social music discovery site Undrtone. He’s become an influential figure within Australia’s creative and business communities, and his fearlessness in pushing the envelope has culminated in the truly entrepreneurial business that Josephmark is known for.

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