International Keynote: Trust. The next tech horizon

We grow up being told not to talk to strangers, not to trust what we cannot see, to ask for proof. Yet our current digital economy is entirely built on trust. On algorithms we don’t understand, on hidden data, on people we don’t know (or like), who may not have good intentions in mind.

From blockchain to AI, robotics, space to warfare – how do we build digital trust?

Join Davey as he shows us what the risk surface of the future looks like; how we can amplify the good by mitigating the bad and how we can create a trusted tech future for the benefit of humankind.


Presented by:

Davey Gibian, Founding team at Calypso AI + White House Presidential Innovation Fellow for AI and National Security

Davey Gibian is a geoeconomic operator and technologist. He specializes in building technologies and systems that enable governments, security forces, and activists react in complex environments. He is also an early-stage investor and a growth economics and investment advisor specializing in frontier and post-conflict markets.

Davey currently serves as a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow, having been selected under Obama’s last term. Here he works on change management within government, including managing artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, and robotics portfolios. He currently works directly with the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx), the Pentagon’s cutting-edge military technology unit.

Previously, Davey is best known for founding Office:MG, an applied data laboratory that worked in Syra, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other global conflict and crisis areas. As a humanitarian, Davey is a Director at Atlas Humanitarian Rescue and was a cofounder of the Heraion Foundation; both organizations focused on combating human trafficking. Since selling Office:MG, has been a C-level executive at multiple start-ups and is an avid growth and investment adviser to start-ups, new technologies, restaurants, and new brands.

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