International Keynote: How everything you know about artificial intelligence is about to change

It is easy to get distracted by the futuristic hype around artificial intelligence. From autonomous cars to Go-playing algorithms, AI can sometimes feel distant, particularly as it relies on huge amounts of computational power, large datasets and hard-to-find experts. This is all about to change.

A number of emerging trends will alter the competitive landscape around artificial intelligence, putting the technology in the hands of the many and not the few. That includes you.

Tim will help you wade through algorithms, bias, ethics, deepfakes, policy and machine learning to unleash the potential of AI within your organisation.


Presented by:

Tim Hwang, Former Director, Harvard-MIT Ethics & Governance of AI Initiative

Tim Hwang is a lawyer, writer, and researcher working at the intersection of emerging technologies and society. He was formerly Director of the Harvard-MIT Ethics and Governance of AI Initiative, a philanthropic project working to ensure that machine learning and autonomous technologies are researched, developed, and deployed in the public interest. Previously, he served as Google’s global public policy lead on artificial intelligence, leading outreach to government and civil society on issues surrounding the social impact of the technology. Dubbed “The Busiest Man on the Internet” by Forbes Magazine, his current research focuses on the geopolitical aspects of computational power and machine learning hardware.

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