Human checksums and automation. How to increase efficiency with a human-machine approach

Improved customer experiences; operational efficiencies; a stronger workforce; higher ROIs are all outcomes of highly automated organisations. So what makes for a successful automated campaign or process? Join us to hear two speakers run through:

>> Which process elements are right for automation
>> Their take on when human checks are critical
>> How to build a successful human-machine process
>> Their most unusual learnings around automation


Presented by:

Thuy Lam, Founder and CEO,

Thuy is the cofounder of a Automation and AI consulting company. was founded in 2017 and now employs over 75 people across Brisbane Sydney and Melbourne, being the largest privately held Australian owned Automation and AI Company. Thuy has a passion in employing and developing local talent that is drawn from the community. He believes that to grow a smart city or country you have to stop shipping jobs and development overseas and trust in your community to uptake this technology. Since then he has started 2 more companies giving opportunities for his staff to be entrepreneurs. Peak.AI a engineering based AI company and Redbot.AI a robotics company.


Jenny Zou, Head of Business Improvement, Super Retail Group

Jenny is an experienced business improvement and transformation professional with demonstrated capability and track record of success to develop and implement strategic initiatives that aligns with the organisation’s strategy & vision for over 10 years.

She started her career with PwC Consulting across UK, China and Australia where she has led and delivered lots of performance improvement initiatives to a broad business functions from different client engagement across various industries, including Retail, FMCG, Mining and Education, etc.

Jenny joined Super Retail Group (SRG) in 2014, and has been leading the process centre of excellence to support the organisation delivering initiatives that aligns with the strategy ever since.

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