Taking instant decisions through real time analytics

Easy and quick decision making is a required for a tailored customer journey. Whether automated or not, your ability to respond to your customers’ tastes is imperative.

>> The basics: Real time vs read later data
>> The front end: Creating a seamless on demand customer experience through real time responses
>> The back end: Designing workflow to support easy decision making
>> The tools: Leveraging AI & simple data driven dashboards

And if you have been to Kshira’s session before you know that speed is not only a trait of his real time analytics!


Presented by:

Kshira Saagar, Director of Data Science and Analytics, Global Fashion Group

Kshira Saagar (Shee-Ruh Sa-Ga) has been with the Analytics/Decision Sciences industry for almost a decade now having worked across Americas, Asia, Europe and more importantly Australia. The bulk of his work has been focussed on developing solutions for the Analytics problem spaces of the Retail, Telecom and Insurance marketing departments at some of the leading Fortune 100 clients.

In his current role at The Iconic, as the Head of Analytics and Data Sciences, he’s responsible for understanding and enabling data driven decision making. Previously at Datalicious & prior to that at Fairfax, he was responsible for institutionalising data-driven analytics across the company’s core competencies and building new-age analytical products for the organisation.