Panel: Improving urban life by putting people first

Smart cities is a tired term. It invokes images of an automated city that is more focused on the tech than its people.

Over the next decade, our urban life will be designed by individuals, communities and businesses; shifting the role of government from a funder to an enabler and providing industry with the opportunity to innovate and profit from the urban fabric.

A truly connected city will only be possible through initiatives and projects created by its people. What will that look like?

>> How is industry creating change around mobility, sustainability & connectedness?
>> What are some of the unintended consequences of disrupting our ecosystems and how can we avoid them?
>> How can communities and organisations directly shape our future neighbourhoods?



Matthew Tobin, Co-Founder and Managing Director, UAP

Matthew Tobin is co-Founder and Managing Director of UAP. He and his brother Daniel established the company in 1993, as a studio and workshop in which to collaborate with artists and create artwork for the public realm. These days Matthew oversees all operations of the company, spending his time in the Brisbane, Shanghai and New York studios. Matthew’s primary focus is strategic business growth, and UAP’s engagement with advanced manufacturing techniques and Industry 4.0.

Melissa Wiscicki, Regional Digital Practice Leader, Aurecon

Melissa has over 25 years’ experience driving technology solutions and digital transformation working closely with Government, Local Government, and Utility organisations. Melissa is part of a global digital team at Aurecon who inquisitively challenge emerging technology like virtual and mixed reality, UAVs, real time visualisation and data insights, machine learning and collaborative design platforms. Through innovative solutions she evangelises better ways of working to drive efficient, leaner business, by analysing how humans interact with their community and beyond 24×7.

Sarah Leach, Principal Coordinator – Smart Connected Brisbane Office, Brisbane City Council

Sarah began her career with Council in 2013, following time spent working in corporate communication and stakeholder management in London, and across state government and private agencies in Brisbane. As Principal Coordinator, Sarah works across the organisation to lead and facilitate the delivery of Council’s human-centric, smart city vision and explore ways to use data, technology and innovation to deliver a more liveable, prosperous and sustainable Brisbane for residents, businesses and visitors.

Moderated by: Cat Matson, Brisbane’s Chief Digital Officer + GM Innovation, Brisbane Marketing

Cat Matson is Brisbane’s Chief Digital Officer and the General Manager of Innovation for the city’s economic development board, Brisbane Marketing. As Chief Digital Officer she is charged with the digital transformation of the city and driving Brisbane’s city-wide digital strategy. Her love of the digital sector led her to taking a lead on key innovation projects in Brisbane.

Cat  endeavours to discern trend from fad in the digital space and determine how businesses can leverage new technologies to reach their full potential.

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