The future of connectedness: Unlocking the power of IoT, analytics and machine learning

With an estimated 75bn connected devices by 2025, we are rapidly become accustomed to the conveniences of constant connectedness. However, up in the cloud and amongst the myriad of data lies a world of opportunity we can’t yet see.

The next two speakers will bridge the gap between data in the digital world to capabilities in the physical realm – giving us tangible examples of how the future of connectedness will open up opportunities for enterprise and startups and what you can do about it, today.



Andrew Hertsch, Digital Services Partner, Telstra

Andrew Hertsch has over twenty years of experience in the technology industry, within organisations in Australia and internationally. Andrew’s knowledge and experience continually evolved throughout his career; from a foundation in infrastructure, to leading agile development, and now innovating with organisations as a Digital Services Partner at Telstra Purple. A problem-solver at heart, Andrew’s approach is business-centric and strives to find the right solution to solve a business problem, rather than leading with technology first.

Randall Fernando, Specialist Data Scientist | Advance Queensland Digital Champion, BHP Maintenance And Engineering Centre of Excellence

I am a Specialist Data Scientist working in BHP’s Maintenance and Engineering Centre of Excellence, part of a multi-disciplinary team helping to provide data-driven insights. Prior to working at BHP, I was a member of the Suncorp Innovation Lab where I worked on cutting edge technologies such as facial recognition, blockchain, and IoT. I am also an Advance Queensland Digital Community Champion and have won a number of awards including from the Australian Government, NASA, Data 61, Advance Queensland, DSITI, CSIRO, Hitachi, River City Labs, ODIQ, Climathon KIC, ESRI, UQCS and the Brisbane City Council.